Do Work from Home Job Opportunities Exist?

work from home job

Perfect Work From Home J.o.b.’s

A work from home job can often depend on what you know and who you know.  Perhaps the company you work for has a work share program in place which allows you to work from home and at the office. Or it is a part of a job-sharing strategy already in place.  Larger companies are offering these kinds of choices today.  Very helpful if you are a new Mom or winding down your career.

However, here is where you really need to be able to define what that perfect work from home job looks and feels like to you.  Are you looking for an opportunity to work for yourself or to be an employee?  Do you know the difference?  Employee=j.o.b.  While an opportunity=being the boss!

I find that this is something that is misconstrued.  We have opportunities to work from home every day and be your own boss.  Most require a fee to get started and to purchase the product on a regular basis. This is known as MLM or Network Marketing.  Some even refer to it as Relationship Marketing.

There is one other form of working from home and that is Affiliate Marketing.  This can be broken down into tiny little niche sites or blogging about products you love.  Affiliate Marketing does not require you to pay to join or to purchase any product.

Knowledge Is your Best Guide to Succeed

hard to find a work from home job







I am just so done with people taking advantage of honest people who looking to better their circumstances and provide more for their families.  Sometimes we just don’t know the ‘terms’ to use when looking for an opportunity.  The perfect example is a work at home job.  A phrase that says so little but at the same time so much.

The last time I searched for any type of assignment or work from home job offers online, mostly nonsense came up.  After you have searched a few times you catch on pretty quick to what is good, bad and just plain ugly!  But that is still not enough to stop you from being lured into the wrong work from home job opportunity.

Devious people are waiting for you!   Caution is advised.

I see people making ridiculous claims of making outrageous amounts of money just for taking surveys or posting ads.  I always wondered why, if they were doing so well and making all that money, why are they posting ads for others to join them?  Why are they making such outrageous claims?  Why are they doing their damnedest to recruit others?

The truth is, most legitimate ‘endeavors’ are not posted on Facebook or in chat rooms either.  Those my friends are not JOBS!  The ‘Ugly’ is you are probably required to pay a fee to use their service or order the ‘information’ you need to stuff those envelopes with.  That isn’t even marketing or doing your own home business.  It is just nonsense with a capital S!

Don’t feel too bad if you have fallen for any of the attempts for the daily grind that you see posted.  Heck, anyone could and so many do.  When you are in need of income when you are broke with nowhere to go, you are usually willing to go where most wouldn’t.  Please know that employment opportunities are not usually posted in this manner.  People that post this nonsense are hoping that your own crisis is so big and that you are so desperate you will overlook it and trust them.


Stop Looking in all the Wrong Places


What happens when you look for love in all the wrong places?  Exactly!  So why would you look for a way to increase your income, and work from home in the wrong places?

Perhaps you are not sure of what it is you want to do or you are fearful because you don’t have any extra money or knowledge?  Don’t buy into that anymore!  My intention today is to guide you to what I know anyone can do.  don't let your own voice hold you from finding that work from home job

But, before I go there, there is something I need to clear up.  It is how we perceive things to be that can stop us in our tracks.  When we have been scammed or led down the wrong road in the past doesn’t mean something good is not out there for you!

I despise those kinds of people who have led you and me and so many others who just wanted to find a way to earn a living working from home in a direction that led to nothing but loss.  A loss I know none of us could afford.

Work From Home Job You Can Do

Before we can go to the right places, we have to decide if we want the salt mines or an opportunity to do our own business.

What if I told you there is something available that everyone, no, anyone can afford?  Would you believe me?  And if I told you there is a FREE version, how would you feel?  I am about to tell you there is both.

I searched for this after many attempts at M.L.M. and other programs that I honestly couldn’t afford and didn’t feel good inside about sharing with you.

Okay, it doesn’t get more in your face than me sharing my link so you can really see, maybe for the first time, that truth and honesty does still exist.  I don’t even have to ‘sell’ you on anything because once you ‘see and try’ there will be no doubt left that I am telling you the truth.

How will You Know it is not a Scam

You will know because for one you have been on that slippery highway before and the other is, and maybe I shouldn’t share this but what the heck, when you meet people who are a community of helpers, who show up when you need help and who motivate you in the right direction with no hidden agenda you know!

That is one of the first things that really stood out for me.  I met thousands of people and so many helped me.  They were not making any commission or getting a payback and that my friends told me I was in the right place.  A place where people wanted to help you succeed just because they could.

How many times were you promised you would know everything you needed to make 10K a month in just a few months?  Did you?  I know I sure didn’t and I also know that does not exist without some very high costs.  Promises of grandeur and a lot of money just for pushing buttons does not happen.

Drum Roll Please

Before you can walk you need to learn to crawl, correct?  It is the same for anything in life.  We have to learn first.  How, When, Where & Why come to mind.  You have to ‘Slow Down to go Fast’ and stop thinking about THE MONEY FIRST!  Yup, we all did that…..and then we found out there is a better way.

I am talking about the Wealthy Affiliate University.  THE only place on the internet where you can get the help and encouragement for as little as zero dollars.  Yes, and that is the sure fire way to know when it is not a scam!  You have nothing to lose.  Heck, you can even get two free websites while you are learning.  And yes, they would be live and functioning sites that could earn you $.


Will this be entirely free?  In Affiliate Marketing two things happen.  One it is always free.  Two, you always have an option to upgrade if one is offered.  Here at Wealthy Affiliate is where you will see both Free and an upgrade option.

free is not free in any work from home job


Remember, It is an Option Only!  You Do Not Need to Pay to learn how or to become an affiliate marketer for any company.  Your CC will not be required to join and try it out at Wealthy Affiliate.

However, what you do need to know is that there is NEVER going to be anything that is 100% free unless it is just a job.  There are costs involved in any business.  The advantage to working online and from home for yourself is those costs are very low.  Eventually, there will be costs.  How much and how many is entirely up to you and your business choices.


In conclusion

Please remember that this is not just an opportunity for you to learn to have your own home business or ‘job’, but it is an opportunity you can be proud to be a part of.  There was a program I was trying to learn from but my heart did not feel good when it came time to share and help others learn.  Why?  Because it was bordering on being deceiving when it came to costs.  I couldn’t do that.

From this one platform, you will learn how to be an affiliate marketer, set up your own website and blog and how to find your niche, where to find the products and how to build on it.  I have personally met a few members who make more than 5K a month and that my friend is none too shabby.


Thank you for being here and I sincerely hope you found a path you can follow today.  Now, go be a sweetheart and leave me a comment or share & like via one of the social icons here.  And then, Go Have an awesome rest of your day!

you can find the truth to work from home jobs


Okay, be a Doll and share some Love...

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