How You Can Work from Home and Make Money

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                                                      Make Money!  Let Me Help With That!

You Can Work From Home

you can learn and earn once set up and make work from home

Yes, and you can make money as you work from home!  Just not at the speed of sound like they tell you. But, still, on the upside, you will make money if you put the effort in.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but it is true.  YOU, yes You, the one reading this, will have to do the time if you want to work from home and be successful.

What I mean by doing the time is setting up your website.  Whether you want to go with a one-page site, a blog, or mini niche sites it does take some time to set up.  If you haven’t got a clue where to start and you don’t have the money, or you just don’t want to hire a pro to do it for you, there are other ways!!  A few and the list is short.  I short listed because anything else I have seen and tried as I stumbled thru is either:

  1. Too Expensive ( starting from $69.00 USD per month to $150.00 USD per month)
  2. Free means you don’t own your own site……….they do!  Simple as that.

I said I would help you work from home and earn money

I am a woman of my word and I will help or at least guide you to how and where you can get started for the least amount of money possible.  The where is almost as important as the How in today’s market. One too many peddlers online today are not being totally honest with you.

Take charge and learn first how to work from home

      No thank you!

I had this happen one time too many.  Mostly I thought it was my fault for being so naive but then I saw countless others having the same issue.  We can’t all be naive fools, can we?  There are actually two ways this could go.  You first need to say No to what seems dubious, but do not stop looking!  I say that because you may not know exactly what it is you are wanting to do to work from home and make money, but you will know it when you see it!

Let’s Get this Partee’ Started Shall We

We are essentially looking for Free or low-cost methods to do this.  Correct me if I am wrong, please.

‘A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ – Chinese proverb.

go at your own speed, find what works for you to work from home

Whenever you think you shouldn’t or couldn’t or can’t ⇑ remember this ⇑.  It says it way better than I can!  What I want to do more than anything today is give you some insight into what is actually out there for you to make money from home with. Below is a list of what you can do and use Free to Paid.  At a minimum, you need A website.

  • Affiliate Marketing ( selling someone else’s products)
  • Online Consulting, Freelance copywriting, personal training
  • Selling products that you have created
  • M.L.M. or Direct Sales

What is it? How do I do this?  Where can I do this?

Affiliate Marketing is You sharing other peoples products online, on your website or Blog thru content and reviews you have written about the products you have chosen.  Affiliate marketing does not cost you any money to promote a product.

You can do this thru Affiliate programs online such as ShareASale, LinkShare, click Bank, Amazon or private company’s who offer an affiliate program.  Two that I am familiar with are Stella & Dot and Sephora which are more for the ladies.  If you want to find out if a company you think has awesome products, scroll to the end of their page and look in the footer for two words ‘affiliate program’.  Click on that and you will be taken to  A.  Their website to join or B. to an affiliate program like Link Share.

Where you choose to do your site is entirely up to you and your talents or techie kind of knowledge.  I have none of those when it comes to building a website so I found ( after a few fumbled attempts and lost $$) the best online learning program Ever!

Here you can learn where and how to do everything.  All the stuff that is behind the scenes that pretty much anyone teaching you how to get started online forgets to tell you or inadvertently leaves out of the mix because they know it would scare you to death!!

Time to Get Real

If you want to work from home, and for sure if you want to make money doing so, then you really want to know, no let me say that again…….You Really NEED to know what it is you want to do.  What products do you want to earn from or what do you want to share that can help others?  What is your Passion?  Are you trained in a particular field?  Is there something you love love LOVE doing?  Good. Then there you go.  That is what you should be choosing.

Your own products that you have created or your own training program or perhaps you have a book you wrote.  You need to brand you and get creative in your marketing.

If you love the fast pace, high-pressure sales and meeting new people and showing them how they too can do just what you are doing, then you might want to consider MLM or Direct Sales.  And it is pure nonsense that M.L.M. is a scam!  Shaped like a pyramid, you betcha.  Isn’t everything?  Think about it for a minute.  Is Amazon a scam?  Facebook?  Not since the last time I checked anyway.  How about you?

Everything I have spoken about above is doable and you can set all of it up using one platform if you choose OR if you have some of the smarts we discussed, you could go direct to WordPress and set up your site ASAP.  Or Blogger if you want to feel the water blogging about ‘stuff’.  I tried both and nobody knew who I was.  I didn’t even have one visitor or one comment on my blog!  

I knew there was a better way otherwise how did all those people  I saw online make the money they were making?  There was, and it was the first thing I mentioned.  A site called Wealthy Affiliate.  Here is where I learned how to set up a site and a blog the right way.  I learned what SEO is and what the heck Keywords are and why they are crucial.  Heck, I even learned how to find and apply for those affiliate programs I spoke about.  It would have taken me days and days of frustration without this help.

Here is your Best Route

Yeah, I get it.  I might not believe me either, except I know it is true along with a thousand ( in the 10’s) others.  I stumbled on it when I did a search and saw several blogs on this Wealthy Affiliate University so I clicked and here we are.  It will sound really tacky and sucky for me to say I knew within a few days I had found the best, so I won’t say that at all. Instead, I will share a review with you.

Another awesome route to take is on Facebook and their Shopify Stores.  If you have your own product this is a really cool idea and many have found more success this way than to have just a website or blog.  If you are not familiar with Shopify, they do offer a free trial and there are course specific to this available.  One is Oberle if you are looking into e-commerce or drop shipping.

It has been really awesome sharing more ‘stuff’ with you today.  If you would like more information about anything mentioned in this post today, please just leave a comment and I will get back to you.  If not a comment, we have our ‘Awesome You’ club and that happens if you click and share on one of the social sites floating around here somewhere.  Okay, you’ve been great.  The keyboard is now all yours!


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