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Work at home Marketing has many identities.  An affiliate marketer is just one of the many ways to make money online…1000’s of ways in fact!  The problem is that people often get distracted by the “latest and greatest” and they are never able to build a successful (and revenue generating) business.  I think we need to learn to Get Out of Our Own Way!!  We need to Slow Down to Go Fast!  Marketing online should NEVER have to be fast or pressured or aggressive.  We need to learn what really works, why it is working and who it is working for.  No one likes to see those sleazy type predators laughing at our mistakes.


Where Do You Find Yourself?

In other words, do what is best for you and not what your friend of a friend or your friend talk you into!  STOP falling for all the Splash & Hype Marketing pages of promises of grandeur so you can work at home.  It might just be time for you to shake it off and look at what could be the simplest most empowering way for you to create an income at home.  A real legitimate way to be marketing to go forward.  Ask yourself some key questions before jumping in.  Give yourself an idea of what you would be best suited for.  Direct Sales?  M.L.M., affiliate marketing, relationship marketing, or Passive Sales?  These are all classed under marketing, just the terminology is different.

Today I am going to show you one of the most fundamental, if not THE most, powerful process of  generating revenue online, so you can work at home, that I have found.  A proven technique, and is one that I use, and one that 10,000’s of others use.  It is also the ultimate “making money” process that worked 5 years ago and it is going to work 5 years from now and will present as much opportunity in the massive online world as you like.  It is climbing the ranks rather quickly and getting noticed by the ‘guru’ types.

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So totally different from anything most of you may have seen.  It certainly was for me and I had searched and tried a lot of different methods.  Sometimes we get ahead of ourselves and find we are in a program that we are just not cut out for.  Sometimes we find we can’t afford the high monthly costs associated with being active in a particular business.  And sometimes we just need to get out of our own way!!

Where do you find yourself?

Neither is a bad thing, actually, it is a good thing if you take the action necessary for work at home offers. Find out what is going to be a good ‘fit for you’ and your budget before Losing time and money.  Whether you have the budget or funds are tight, it is only a smart business decision to find out everything you can ahead of time.  You wouldn’t buy a ‘Molly Maid’ Franchise before finding out everything there was to know, would you?  So, why would you consider just any kind of  work at home  program without first doing the same?

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Another very important point I like to make is if you cannot try it for free and get a taste of what this is all about……whether it is affiliate marketing, direct sales or multi-level marketing, use caution and common sense.  Ask questions of the person introducing you to the concept.  Know upfront what your costs will be monthly.

ask questions about the work at home program

  • Will you have products to purchase?
  • What about a website?
  • Do you have to recruit to make any money?
  • Time frame before the average person sees some form of income?
  • Is this a party plan?
  • Do I have to attend meetings?
  • Can I do this on my own?

And any other questions you can think of.  Write them down.

Who Do You Trust with Marketing Honesty?

The person speaking to you about this work at home marketing opportunity should have your answers and if not will get them for you.  You must NEVER feel pressured to make a commitment before you are ready.  This is your time and your dollar we are talking about so be sure to do your part too.  Be responsible.

Wealthy Affiliate University is my choice for learning and growing an online business.  It is actually my #1 shout out for any marketing.  You can do this as in FREE if you chose to click on the FREE and for as long as free is what is best for you.  With only one upgrade your decisions are easy.  We do offer a special discount if you do choose to upgrade within a certain amount of time and then one more if you choose to pay annual instead of monthly.  Still the same upgrade, just at a higher discount.   What a great way to find out if this fit is the one for you.

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Passion in Marketing Is a Plus

I have a couple of passions which before now I was not able to incorporate under one roof and one training module until now.  Helping others better their lives financially is something I have always loved.  Sharing my knowledge in the realms of Beauty, ReDesign and Organization is a passion.  Sometimes it is not always about the money.  Sometimes it needs to be fun as well.  When you get to do the marketing and have fun at the same time that gets a *10 from me.

Do you have something you love to share with others?  Are you passionate about Pets and their accessory’s?  Perhaps you have found a distinct way of teaching the piano that does not require your student to be present in your studio or home for classes?  And maybe you have a love for food and recipes.  I can imagine how much fun that would be.  Yum, Yes!


Now, if you have no idea what you could or would love to share or monetize into a business that’s okay too.  A lot of people do affiliate products related to marketing, blogging, partnering with another affiliated group.  Knowledge related gems for the upcoming home business person.  The world is now your oyster.  All you need to do is uncover those secrets and share it so others can benefit as well.

                                                                            MY SHOUT OUT!!

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Okay, be a Doll and share some Love...

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