Using A WordPress Blog or Website for Home Business

See your dream in action using a WordPress blog or website

Using WordPress website or blog the Easy Way

Using WordPress as a blog or website is fairly common now.  When you hear the word WEBSITE what is your first thought?  Yes, mine too.   ‘Store or a Place to purchase a product or sign up for something.’ The place you see advertised.  Did I get that right?  Now more use a WordPress-blog or website for a home business or blogging and branding a service.wordpress-blog-or-website

How you can use A WordPress Blog or Website

My thoughts go to story-telling or sharing thoughts about things that might interest you and others.  What about You?   Who would benefit from using a WordPress blog or website?

Good question. Pretty much everyone who is looking for a better way to supplement their income.  All you need is a computer or laptop, time, energy and the willingness to learn.  Do you have some of that?  Anyone in Direct Sales or MLM Marketing using  Social Media as their platform, or relying on their company website needs to re-think that and consider a WordPress Blog or Website!

FREE is an awesome start to any new business venture.  And here is the thing, with training and support available on many different sites you can learn.  I can safely say that using WordPress is what you call smart thinking.  You are on one now and I had absolutely no clue when I started.  And yes, I promise it gets better and easier as you learn.  



Did you know that WordPress is the  #1 place for blogging?   Yup!  It’s Fact.  WordPress offers thousands of themes for free or you can purchase Pro themes.  A lot of programs that offer services or training are using the WordPress platform in their classes.

  ‘The Hard Sell Hustle’

So, you are in Sales and Marketing.  Could be your own product or  M.L.M. also known as Relationship marketing.  Here are a few reasons to consider this kind of platform for your home business.

  • If you do not know a lot of people ( warm market) to help you get off the ground.
  • You know that list your upline tells you to make.  The 100 names list?
  • Or, you hate cold calling or approaching strangers with your business, or knocking on doors.

What if I took it one step further and told you You could try it for FREE, set up a website, get the initial training you need, For FREE, and learn how to promote For FREE.   All Free.   If I offered you that would you try it?



How It All Works

There was a time when it was REALLY a lot of work and you had to know so much!  Now it is almost, click-and-go!  A lot of work has gone into making it accessible to so many and that is probably why it is the #1 platform used today.  You can use the WordPress platform free direct.  But if you don’t know WordPress, then your best bet is to learn.  You can seriously start FREE using Wealthy Affiliate with only one upgrade offered.  No CC on joining and everything you need to get started is here.

Because of programs that do not tell you up front that it is pretty easy to set up you end up paying to have it done for you. Problem is, all they have done is, confuse the heck out of you and you still have to do the work……….yeah……….they forgot that part too!



There are some who prefer a system that is completely automated for them. Like a plug and play. And that’s okay if money is not an issue.  But they can get pretty expensive, and what if you don’t have that kind of money?

“You just need that one system that gives you a break…...just one break is all you need….. ” Have you ever felt this way?  Please don’t misunderstand.  I am not saying that it should, could or would be handed to anyone on a silver platter. What I am saying is that if you are willing to do the work and you are eager to do so, you are serious about changing your future then You Do Deserve A Break Today! (not talking the Calgon take me away commercial either)


Oh go ahead, give it a look-see!  You have very little to lose…oh right, nothing, It’s FREE and you will gain a lot!!  Access to all the training you need, under one umbrella and connected to WordPress.  Just in case you are eager to learn…… Here you go!

Do a google search first and see what you get.  Other than awesome……like on the first page awesome, you will see that I am sharing the truth.  I think what happens so often, I know I have done it if the page or website or blog entry is not fancy and really professional with all the right colors and the perfect copy is written to sway us, we think it can’t possibly be any good.  But you know what, it can!

A lot of people either do not have the money to put up those kinds of sites (yet) or they are possibly new just like you will be.  My question is, who do you want to get the most honest affordable information from?  Someone like yourself or some guru type guy/gal that belongs to that Internet Guru Club?  Let us Know!  Comments and thoughts are welcome.

Everyone starts somewhere!

A lot of Mentors and Gurus we see teaching and holding seminars on the internet tell some pretty outrageous tales of poverty before they suddenly found this amazing system that a friend shared or they spent their last $50.00 on a training event and never turned back.  Hmm, story-book or the real deal.  Of course, to get there expert advice you will pay thru the nose!  Too bad, so sad if you are on YOUR last $50.00 like they claim they were!  You lose.

going broke paying for offers to do a WordPress blog or website


Then we have the other side of the coin.  This marketer is sharing the truth and some ideas that can really work.  Problem is, they are speaking from the heart with no fancy copywriting being used.  Just being them.  No fancy automated website or capture page to put your information into.  No FREE e-book to give away.   Just some truth with words.

Some facts about how it really goes down.  A place where you can learn for FREE should you want to go that route.  You can pay later if you want but it is all pretty much what you see is what you get.

Are you going to stand out from the crowd and do what is best for you and what it is that is the best fit for you?  Are you willing to take a chance?  Will you be that exception?  I hope so.  It is worth the effort.

not quitting just getting it right


Alright then.  All the serious stuff is over and the Keyboard is now YOURS!  I would love to hear your thoughts on anything that peaked your interest.  Or if you like the click and go idea, my social icons are set up to like or share.  That alone would be awesome.  Ready?  Okay, thanks for reading all the way to the end.  You’re awesome!

Merry C



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