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Marketing does not require that you have some fancy dancey ‘Automated Traffic Machine’ to trick your leads into anything. You don’t need some hot shot ‘funneled system’ that takes your contacts for a real spin then spits them out.  You don’t need to spend MORE money than you can afford.  Marketing is a whole lot more than that.  More is not always better.  Bigger is not always better.  I know.  Been there, done that, not ever again.

You don’t need to spend MORE money than you can afford.  Marketing is a whole lot more than that.  More is not always better.  Bigger is not always better.  I know.  Been there, done that, not ever again.  Not on your sweet pattuta!  U Can Simplify your dream of marketing online today.

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What you do need is Honesty in your marketing and Traffic, but it does not have to be complicated or automated when you first start…….maybe not ever. That depends on your budget! You do need some type of Strategy but we can simplify that here and now.


Strategy Part A. (Who)
1. WHO Are you Marketing to or who do you want to attract to YOU

2. Identify their Needs and how you can address these

3. How you will Be Mr.or Mrs. FIX IT to offer a solution to #2
Strategy Part B. (Where do I find People)
1. Use Keyword research phrases similar to what you offer.

2. Google, Ubersuggest, and Jaaxy are free. Jaaxy has 30 searches for free then upgrade.

3. Find and Use 10 of the best search phrases and do a post that relates.

4. Try Strong Headlines with this amazing free tool……..

And Your target market will find You!

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When writing your posts and marketing, do not use keywords just anywhere. Make sure they fit into your post in the proper place. Your keywords are really important in your Title or Heading and in your first and final paragraph according to SEO advice. You can use other key words throughout your post that will relate as well. Also, use any external links sparingly.*

Linking to Other Sites Without being Spammy!

Linking to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or Pinterest can do a lot for sharing USEFUL INFORMATION and bringing people back to your site.

You want to catch the attention of your reader and keep it throughout your post so find some good images that relate  to your article.  Also, do not use too many links to your own affiliate site if you are promoting one.  As an example, my choice for marketing information and training is Wealthy Affiliate so I would put a link perhaps in the middle of my content and another at the end. If you crowd your page with too many links and banners it is going to look pretty spammy and your marketing efforts will be lost.

As much as we are led to believe that we need a high converting ‘LEAD CAPTURE PAGE’ it is not always necessary. That is just mostly Flash to capture a potential lead. You would be paying for these types of pages, which are separate from your actual website or blog and then you need a contact form and an auto-responder asap. This is all extra $$ and not entirely necessary as you get up and running. You will need these, don’t misunderstand me, just not right away. One step at a time on this one.

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Scratch the Sparkle & Splash

Concentrate more on who your marketing audience is and your content to capture their interest rather than their email.  Often as affiliates, if your content is good those visitors will leave a comment for you and you can get back to them right away.  Adding a personal touch is always better than an automated SYSTEM!
You can think of all those things once you have enough followers & money to handle that plus all the candy you can eat. In the meantime, if you are serious and fed up being led off in different directions that aren’t all that and a bag of chips, may I suggest you have a look at mine.

It is FREE to get going and you can take your time. No time limit like most having the FREE End in 7 or 9 days. You even get two free websites. Pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself. I am pretty happy to be there……….Actually, a lot happy!!  This is what I would call an excellent marketing choice for anyone at any age.

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One step I am SOOOOOOOOOO Happy I took!  No more Non-Sense and something I can share with pride.  Something I know everyone can afford.  You can afford free, right?

I appreciate your stopping by today.  If you would like to share some love please feel to like us on facebook or twitter or leave a comment for me here on my site.  I love feedback and will get back to you ASAP.  Once again, thanks for stopping by…..have an awesome day.



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