Who Is Telling You The Truth and who is scamming you?

who is scamming you

Who is Telling the Truth and Who is Scamming You?


An Interesting question that keeps repeating itself is ‘Who Is Telling You the Truth Online and who is scamming you? I would hope more people are being upfront but more important is YOU recognizing who these people are who are not telling you the truth online.

Crossed fingers behind your back is lying so you know ho is scamming you





We never seem to want to believe the downright, nitty-gritty truth being told by some guys or gals. Why do you think that is? I think part of it has to do with how things have been done for so many years online.

You know….those fancy websites, the awesome photos, and videos of people making all kinds of cash and telling you-you can too!! So, what do you think happens when Joe or Jane Honest share with you? Right, we have this thing that says well, they are not very encouraging are they. Kind of negative so they must be sour grapes! I am going back to see that other website that Henry Richguy has!!! ( Do you think maybe he is who is scamming you?)

You Can You Tell the Difference 

My hope would be that you would see right thru these kinds of websites offering wayyy more than they can or will ever deliver, but I would probably be wrong. Sorry, but I am telling you the truth. There is one sure fire way to know, and probably the only way for some. 

You will have to experience the ‘Damn why didn’t I listen’ phase or worse yet, that ‘I have been taken to the cleaners’ phase which is the one that really stings. Yes, you can blame those rotten Henry Richguy people, but if I may, I do suggest, you take some of that responsibility too.

If you have never been forwarned about who is scamming you or telling you the truth online, then you get your first free pass. It goes like this. ‘You can fool me once, but fool me twice and you’re the fool?’

I get it! We don’t want to hear that any more than finding out you have just been scammed. Is this going to stop soon? NO. Why? Because Greed far outweighs humble honesty.

Let me ask you this. If you found a box full of money in a ditch off the highway what would you do? Think about this carefully. There is no way to trace the money. You really need this and maybe it is an answer to prayer……….BUT, maybe someone who has nothing else but this money to live on has lost it. What will you do?

It’s A Good Day to Have a Good Day!

everything costs money so find out who is scamming you

I would hope that my heart would be in the right place to find the owner of the lost money. That would be a really good day to have a good day!

The same thing applies as we see so many natural disasters taking everything as we know it away! We are seeing it right now with the devastation in California and San Diego. We saw it in Canada when the same raging fires destroyed lives.

It is happening all over our world and compassion is what each of us needs to share. The greed and the intentional lies being told by the those who are scamming you to take away your dreams can be likened to these disasters. No, not on the same dramatic scale as we see on the news, but still just as critical to your future.

I really do not expect any of the ‘Henry Rich’s’ to do anything different but I do expect us, you and I, to have each other’s back and share when we know it is just not the truth. Say it when you know who is scamming you!


Find Who is telling the truth online?

There are Warrior Forums and Review sites set up especially to call out the scams and keep you in the know. They are not all as they appear so make sure you do enough research, and that should include the person who’s review you are reading.

As people, ordinary people who are looking for ways to supplement our incomes, it is imperative to stop chasing rainbows! There is no pot of gold at the end of it. You probably stand a better chance at the lottery than following all the glamour and glitz they want you to believe is real.

There is a serious virus going around the Internet and it is called ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’! Highly addictive. The good news is there is a cure! You will have to take some pretty strong meds, but it can be done.

We have the cure right here

Before you can proceed with this antidote you will have to open your mind to a new way of thinking. You will also need to be trusting your own instincts. You know that nagging feeling you sometimes get in the pit of your tummy? Yes! You know exactly what I mean.

Don’t be doubtful if you have not experienced this yet. It will come and pretty quick if you are trusting what you are reading right now. Stay determined and reassured in your quest for the truth. Make a decision right now to stop chasing the rainbow and be receptive to something new.

I have written an article recently about some of the best business ideas for 2018 and they are legitimate and training is provided every step of the way. This is especially important if you have been floundering out there on your own and still not seeing any concrete results.

If you would like to have a look, just click right about here…yup, you have it and I hope you enjoy reading it. Let me know in the comments box or feel free to ask questions too.


I Stumbled and Fell but Got back Up! Can you?

stop listening to the wrong people and find out ho is scamming you




The reason I can share the truth with you is that I was one of those people chasing rainbows. In my own defense, I didn’t know anything about the Internet or making money. I just knew a lot of people were doing it and if they could, why not me! Indeed!!

I was tricked by some of the best and you know until recently I thought it was me having sour grapes until I saw an article that had me feeling so vindicated! A program that was very expensive, required you to “Apply” and you had to pay for that little privilege too, was ousted and into Bankruptcy!

No, I didn’t wish that upon him, but it did like I said help me to know I was right when so many were still following and singing his praises. Some still do, but very few. It is this sort of online behavior that may have started out with good intentions but soon went in the wrong direction. I am speaking of, in this instance, David Woods.

A very likable and easy to believe in type of person. His enthusiasm was contagious and I was so fortunate that I had that ‘feeling’ in the pit of my stomach I talked about got out.

This is just one example and there are a lot more. Some of the stories are sad due to the amounts of money lost. It doesn’t mean everyone on this path is rotten to the core. We are actually getting stronger as more truths are brought to light.

you recognized who is scamming you

If I can be of any encouragement, Do Not Quit Your Dream! Be proud of yourself for realizing what you recognized and your decision to take a different path. That is not quitting! That my friends we call determination. Strength and fortitude.

Yes, making a living on the Internet is not Easy nor does it happen overnight while you are sleeping. It is not a business in a box all done for you. You will have to do your part but once you learn who to trust and where to learn, it will honestly get easier.
Be patient with yourself. You are worth it.

Yes, you can and not just by the power of positive thinking know who is scamming you

Thank you for getting this far and I sincerely hope I was able to shed even a little light for you today.  There are many honest and trusted business and training platforms online.  You just first need to find the right person to guide you to them. ⇑ Click on the highlighted ⇑area for more honest feedback.

Would love to hear your thoughts or share your experiences so far online, or just be a doll and share using one of our icons for social media.  Have an Awesome Day and Stay Safe Online.

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2 thoughts on “Who Is Telling You The Truth and who is scamming you?

  1. H Phomrong Maring says:

    This certainly is a good piece of advice not only for people who are just starting out but also who have been scammed online. It has vividly depicted who is telling the truth and who’s lying for selfish gains.

    I urge everyone to analyze the theme of this message which is honest and live up to your dreams with support and guidance when taking up a business online.

    Thank you Merry you have done a great job and wish that your message is carried across the online world.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you and I really appreciate that you recognized this message. The more people we can reach with the honest truth the better place our online world will be. I have always believed to succeed in small business, we must support and help each other.

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