Have You Asked Yourself What Is The Perfect Job for Me Lately?

what is the perfect job for me

        What Is The Perfect Job for Me?

At some point in our lives, we have all asked ourselves this question, what is the perfect job for me.   Usually asked just prior to or when finishing College or University.  And something that is very noteworthy, is it isn’t always what we have just finished our schooling for.   Interesting, isn’t it?   What do you consider possible or plausible as the perfect job for me? ( you)

I have recently seen an influx of people with some pretty big credentials leaving their structured high paying in some cases corporate jobs.  Even our trained professionals like Doctors, Nurses, and Dentists are re-thinking their career choices.  Are you one of these people looking for a more passive schedule so you can spend time with family, travels or just in much need of downtime.


Going Out On A Limb


I am going to go out on a limb here and say that this question, what is the perfect job for me, is really starting to nag at you.  The other is if you are reading an article like this, which is aimed at finding the best online home business, you are not really looking at what is the perfect job, but instead the perfect home business where you get to be your own boss!

Okay……..but you are thinking that you don’t have a clue about what kind of home business you could even do, never mind on your computer!  And yes, I get this next one too, because I am not one the corporate clan or a professional.  I am just the person who is tired of working so hard and having nothing at the end of the pay period except a deficiency!  Is this you too?

 Where Do I Go From Here?

what is the perfect job for me


The perfect question that really is the perfect side-kick to what is the perfect job for me.  Listen carefully because I can feel the wheels turning in your mind right now.  If a retiree of 83 yrs. can muster up the courage to learn how to be his own boss, do you think you might be able to do that too?  I thought so.

What I really want to share with you is something I found taking the ‘long way around’ and finding myself broke, frustrated and feeling like maybe this was not going to fit that what is the perfect job for me, question.  It seemed that every corner I turned, or every new program I found they all made lavish claims of making large sums from the comfort of home in record time.

Trust me on this one, please.  Not every one of the platforms I saw was a scam.  A few were just way over my pay grade if you know what I mean. And some just had some rather dubious practices that I didn’t feel comfortable with.  I like to treat my readers the same way I would like to be treated, and that means telling the truth.  So games, no hidden costs and no pumping up the volume so you just want in at any cost!!

Is A Home Business Possible for Beginners?

There are a few types of Home Business you can start and for relatively 0 to under $1:00 a day out of pocket costs!  Today I want to address my favorite.  Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate Marketing can work for Beginners to the Novice on the computer. The biggest drawback is finding the Right Program that will honestly guide you, teach you, and not cost you a boatload of cash.  You can find free, but let’s be honest and open like a book here shall we.

Nothing, Nothing is ever totally 100% free.  No one is going to be put the hours of time and training and the start-up costs to stay free so we can enjoy the fruits of their labor.  Everyone has to make a living, somehow, somewhere.

Now that we have that cleared up, my biggest pet Peeve, I guess because I’ve been involved in both types of marketing so I know how they work is the initial outlay of cash that so many ask for.  It just does not have to be this way and if you have run into one or two, please don’t be discouraged. There are GoodGuys on the Horizon!!

My experience with MLM wasn’t a GO as I had a hard time recruiting people, and mostly “bothered” my friends, colleagues, family members and people I found on Facebook to sell my high-end product too.  Looked like this was not the perfect job for me.  It reached a point where people started avoiding me or giving me excuses. There is nothing bigger than ‘Silence’ to let you know where you stand. I started to feel like a complete loser. Not Fun!!

Then, when I was at a low I did a google search looking for a passive legitimate way to work from home.  When I found affiliate marketing, then the Wealthy Affiliates training platform and an FREE program I was getting pretty excited.  A few days in I realized that this is where I should have been all along. I was so excited!!

I found where and what is the perfect job for me



It was easy to get started, and starting the training was easy to follow and all under one umbrella.  That meant no jumping around from one place of learning something to another.  It was all there.  And as cliche’ as this is going to sound, the community was the most caring and giving group of people with no underlying intentions.

There is a rule in this platform that you may not advertise or promote your own ‘agenda’ to any members.  And here is the real kicker.  People are helping each other and they didn’t even introduce you so no compensation is being paid.  This is a #1 trust Issue if there ever was one.  Who does that?  People who are genuine, people who care, and people like you who have been fooled a few times.

How many programs have you been a part of or a home business where when you were no longer making anyone any money they stopped reaching out to help you?  If MLM sounds familiar, it is because you see this happen a lot in those programs.

Affiliate Marketing and Blogging

If there is a downside to affiliate marketing it would be:
⦁ you do need some patience to begin making some money
⦁ you do need to do some work (at the least 10 hrs a week)
⦁ you need to follow instructions

Now, the upside that I found for affiliate marketing:
⦁ No upfront costs to get started and learn the ‘how to’s’
⦁ No website to build from scratch….Wordpress has free themes you can choose from
⦁ Anyone can do this. Anyone! Old or Young and both are succeeding.
⦁ Perfect if You can have health issues which keep you from working a Job-job
⦁ No recruiting, no cold calling, no ‘nada’ necessary to earn an income
⦁ In affiliate marketing, you’re in control of every aspect of your business.

For anyone who is a beginner in affiliate marketing and needs a free program to get started, Wealthy Affiliate takes a beginner step-by-step to building an online business. If you follow thru on the training that is provided, and you keep working at it every day or at the very least 10 hrs in the week, you could start to see income within 3-6 months. It is happening to others, so why not you?  Why Not?

Beginners to a novice, MLM marketers or Bloggers looking for a new way, Affiliate Marketing Programs are available for you. Do your homework and you will see there is a difference and there is a way in affiliate marketing for beginners and for those MLM’ers that want out.  Here is my #1 choice all the way to the bank and back!  Click here to see with your own eyes.

learning is key in online sales sites and choosing what is the best job for me

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