What Is Shopify Marketing For Affiliate Markets

What is Shopify

      What Is Shopify to Your Affiliate Success 


What is Shopify marketing and is getting started in your own Home business today much simpler than ever before?  Actually, using Shopify marketing could be a lot simpler than even You thought possible.  The trick, if there is one, is to find the best place/program where you can learn how to do this first and to start growing an audience.   I noticed this question, what is Shopify comes up often When learning to be an affiliate in marketing or looking at Dropshipping!  (Neither of which will bankrupt you anytime soon. )

Shopify marketing also offers training to all store owners whether you are in affiliate marketing or have your own products, or use the Dropshipping vendors.  On the other side, Wealthy Affiliate trains you in all aspects of Affiliate Marketing, setting up your own site and how to do a drop shipping site as well.  You don’t have to ask what is Shopify when you are at Wealthy Affiliate.

I had tried several programs in my search to find a business I could do from the comfort of ‘Home’ and it was a learning experience in what I didn’t want to be doing or spending!  This is why you need to be:


  •  aware of what the program is offering
  • costs. (Do you have enough to keep going for a year with a ‘barely there’ income being generated?)
  • what is your goal?  (What do you want to accomplish as an Affiliate Marketer and what is your Shopify goal for home)
  • is there training to guide you?

What is Shopify


My I Do Not Want To Do This!!

I knew what I wanted, but I didn’t know how to articulate exactly what it was I was looking for. As it turns out it was affiliate marketing and it was nothing like I had pre-conceived!  If you want to be generating a passive income then affiliate marketing will work beautifully within your Shopify Marketing Store.  Or Perhaps, you are still asking what is Shopify and do I need that as an affiliate marketer.  If you are interested in one step beyond affiliate marketing, perhaps Drop shipping is something you should look at. 

When I say passive, I am referring to you building YOU and YOUR Business for yourself, by yourself.  No Hustle, No Bustle!  Teams need not apply.  This is one store that does not need employees.  Unless you are Ginormous!!  

I cannot stress enough how important knowing what you REALLY want to do is.  Perhaps the list should be what you don’t want rather than dangling that sparkly Carrot in front of your nose. Perhaps something like this:

shopify marketing works for affiliate marketers
⦁ I don’t want to recruit and build a team
⦁ I Do not want to do Direct Sales or Multi-Level Marketing.
⦁  No Have high monthly costs EX: using and purchasing the product monthly
⦁  Having to Attend meetings every week or hold meetings in my home
⦁ To do selling via the party plan


  Did you see your ‘NOT WHAT I WANT’ to do there?


Do you have a product you make yourself but don’t know how to make it visible other than the traditional flea markets and larger than life garage sales?   Or an idea?  Do you have something you are passionate about sharing?  If this is you, what I am about to share is something you should have.


What & Who Can do Shopify Marketing?

One more time, what is Shopify?  Are you familiar with Shopify Marketing?  What Can Shopify Do for You? Good Questions.  Another is what is Oberlo and how is it connected to Shopify?  Good stuff!  OBERLO is a petty awesome platform that connects you with vendors for dropshipping  AND gives you all the training you need to get started.  You can join for Free and as Wealthy Affiliate, you can stay free or do an upgrade for more goodies that you will want if you are serious.

Most importantly, we should begin with what you can offer on Shopify.  Generally, in the event that it’s a physical item, drop ship item, advanced item or administration that isn’t illicit to offer on the web, you can offer it on Shopify.  This means if you do affiliate marketing, you qualify to do Shopify marketing.  

Merchants like perhaps YOU, use Shopify marketing as their e-commerce solution because they provide merchants everything they need to sell anywhere.  Shopify merchants can sell online, in-store (POS) and even on Facebook or Pinterest.   With plans starting at just $29 per month!

shopify breakdown
If you are an ETSY seller you will love Shopify marketing and what it does.  Can You see your own personal store displaying YOUR products.?  Getting all this to help You & your products stand out is a bonus!  Imagine the extra exposure and what that could mean.  What if you could sell right from this kind of site?  E-commerce.

Big Box Stores are not like shopify marketing
⦁ Shopify storefront themes
⦁ Try Shopify for Free for 30 days
⦁ Create your online store in just 60 seconds
⦁ Shopify is everything you need to sell anywhere
⦁ Sell on Pinterest with Shopify
⦁ Sell on Facebook with Shopify


Why Shopify? &

What is ShopifyIf you are an Affiliate Marketer or Blogger looking for that something More to offer, here is where you can suggest to your visitors a few reasons why they might want to consider Shopify marketing as one of their tools.

Affiliate Program Highlights:
⦁ 200% commissions (100% paid for 2 months)
⦁ 30-day cookie
⦁ Blog post bonuses and sample content Inspiration
⦁ Contests and giveaways
⦁ Responsive affiliate team
⦁ International banners and landing pages (just ask!)


Where do you find your products?

As an Affiliate Marketer, you can become affiliated with Amazon or Shareasale or Linkshare and if you are not, this is where you go to apply to become an affiliate of the products their merchants carry.  This is a good starting point.  Free to join and easy to use.


When I first looked at Shopify I was impressed with how professional and classy the stores look. You do not have to sell any of your own products.  It intrigued me immensely and I knew this could be the perfect fit for my Affiliate Home Biz.  I love it when the solution for so many of us becomes a reality.  Remember, it is not Just about Your Product. It is about how people perceive it and You to be.   Appearance and presentation are important!!  Shopify marketing will put you out in front.


My Super Shout Out Today Goes To……...

I want to offer ideas that work for affiliate marketing and those that are the best creative solutions for you and your business.  I found what works 95% of the time.  If you are determined to find what can work for you and you are willing to put in the effort you will see success.

At Wealthy Affiliate, people are seeing this kind of success. They are learning how to do it the right way from the start.  This kind of training is beyond excellent.  Here is where you will find FREE to be really free, for as long as you need it to be.  And yes, one upgrade if you want to advance your training.  They are Super trustworthy, helping hands waiting to help you.  Go here and see for yourself.

affiliates use shopify marketing

Over To You:

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