What is a Niche Product & Which Comes First?


what is a niche product

What is a Niche Product (Your Target Market?)  

In the very simplest explanation, a Niche is a group of people looking for what You have to offer.


What is a Niche Product then?  What the heck do they have to do with Affiliate Marketing?  Technically speaking, an affiliate program is an agreement between a website owner and a merchant. The website owner is compensated for the traffic they bring to the merchant website to make a purchase.  This is done online and the affiliate does not have to purchase or carry any products.

We can safely agree with the question, what is a niche product, is that they are the same.  Your niche is often the products you are sharing with others.  Giving your own personal review of the product or you have done the research so you can share and compare.

When I first started in affiliate marketing I had no idea about a niche and so I was one that was asking others what is a niche product.  I saw so many different versions.  I chose the one above that I shared as it makes the most sense and is the simplest to understand.  I hope it helps clear that for you as well.

digital, amazon, appliances are all niche products


 The Internet Today

Can even begin to imagine everyday life without the Internet?  We have become reliant on having fast and secure Internet access anytime, anywhere.   We pay bills online, shop, communicate, engage in entertainment activities. It goes without saying that the Internet has a huge impact on how we shop, look for items and compare prices and  Social Media is proof of this.

One thing we are often told in not just the marketing world, but in any business venture, is to follow your passions and the money will come. Do what you love and love what you do and it will happen. There are many ways to word this but in truth, this actually can and often does happen whether it is in the real world or cyberspace.  This is, in fact, niche marketing!

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best no cost to you ways to earn a living online from your own niche. Products you use or have used and are sharing.  Affiliate marketing is fast becoming the #1 home business today.

Some programs will suggest that you should find your target market first by brainstorming what is trending, or what people are looking for.  Some say, finding a profitable niche for your affiliate marketing business is more than you satisfying your own passions and interests if making money is your intention.


funny face                   find your niche audience first

Well, what about the other way around?

Like knowing what it is you are passionate about and what you have credible knowledge about so you can, in fact, help those people in your niche market. Doesn’t that go back to my first statement above about following your passion?  You only have a few questions to ask yourself when you are passionate about something and that comes down to:

1.  how can you be of service?

2.  what problem can you solve?

3.  does that particular market meet your financial goals?

If Money is high on your priority list, or you do not like blogging, then the first scenario is fine. You will want to consider setting up what is called Mini-Niche Sites to spotlight the products you already have knowledge about. If you enjoy your writing time knowing you are helping others, then setting up a content website with a blog is the way to go.  This is an awesome perk alongside the financial gain for both of you.

Either way, if you do not know the ‘how to’ or if you are clueless when it comes to marketing, then may I strongly advise you to get the knowledge first.  You will save yourself from frustration and mistakes a lot faster.  Oh, yes, you will still make mistakes and you will probably be frustrated enough to want to throw your computer or laptop out the door!  But here is the truth.  You will still be learning and there is a good chance you can earn while you learn!



Watch for this & Don’t Be Too Impersonal

Let me ask you a question.  When you are looking for a product or perhaps you want to learn something, what makes you feel more comfortable?  The flashy fancy website that talks only about what they have for you, or the site that is actually sharing something personal about whatever it is you are hoping to find?

Don’t we see enough of that on the Internet? Isn’t that how people looking to work from home get ‘stung’ because of the clever lead and capture pages and high priced ‘knowledge’ they tell you-you need or even to have it all automated for you!  EXPENSIVE!!  Yes, and yes everywhere you turn you read that it costs money to make money.  But it is not always the high priced programs that offer the best.  Sometimes the least is best.

Yes, and yes everywhere you turn you read that it costs money to make money.  But it is not always the high-priced programs or products that offer the best value.  Sometimes the less costly way is best.

Sure, expensive lead pages and using a copywriter in your posts etc. is the quick buck, maybe, but more and more people just like you and I are looking to other people like you or me to help them honestly. To share some Real knowledge and feedback that comes from our own experiences. It is my goal or intention to help others as much as possible to find their way and to:

  • leverage the internet
  • create wealth through a marketing education platform that is directed at Affiliate Marketing.
  • help you learn and connect with like-minded internet entrepreneurs, whatever your age, experience or financial situation
  • find a platform that is FREE for as long as you need or you can up-grade one time only!
  • No extras that you Have to Purchase.  The choice is always yours
  • A community and leaders that care about helping you.
  • One weekly training event, two different training platforms and so much more.
  • Having it All Under One Umbrella, or in one place.



I like Simple. How about You?  

Simplicity is Key in any type of Niche Marketing

Not everyone learns the same way or at the same pace and not everyone finds one program to be the perfect fit for them.  makes sense, right?  Well, that is why I have chosen to share with you the Affiliate Training website ( below) that I found after making countless mistakes joining the wrong programs.  Not all were bad.  They just didn’t fit me very well and boy were they expensive!!

It is quite funny, because I knew what I wanted to do, or thought I did but didn’t know what to call it. Until that is, I found this.  And yes, it does say FREE and yes it is FREE.  No CC to start learning how you can put all this together.  I can also say with all honesty that I have never seen another platform or training where the help is real.  The community reaches out to help with no hidden agenda!  They do not make a commission from helping you nor can they advertise any product or program this way.  If you have been in other programs you know what I am talking about and if not, you will appreciate this.

The community reaches out to help with no hidden agenda!  They do not make a commission from helping you nor can they advertise any product or program this way.  If you have been in other programs you know what I am talking about and if not, you will appreciate this.

I encourage you to have a look, try the training.  What have you got to lose?  Right.  My point exactly.  See, I knew you were smart!  Go have a look see and I will find you on the other side and give you a big shout-out!



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