What are Niche Websites & How to Market?

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Exactly what is a niche?  find your niche audience first

What are Niche Websites

What is a niche?  It is an audience. As simple as that. When choosing a niche that fits you, you should be choosing something that is an interest, a passion, a hobby, a problem, a need or a want. Something you love to know more about and can share with others. The more you enjoy doing something the less it feels like a job and more like fun.  So, what are niche websites and how do I go about building one?

This is important whether you are an affiliate marketer or Internet Marketing with an MLM product or Direct Sales marketing.  You need to find that audience that is interested in what you have to sell!  How is the term what are niche websites related to me and the products I sell?   You want or need your audience to see YOU as the expert first.

The person they can relate to who has knowledge about the products they are looking for.  That really is the definition of ‘niche’ short and sweet.  People looking for what you are offering or selling.  This is also where and why you need to know what are niche websites and why do I need to make one.

Trust me, not everyone wants or needs your product!  That is a fact.  It is up to you to share everything you know that is true about your niche product.  You will share that on your niche websites.  Now you know the answer to what is a niche and how to relate to the term or question, what are niche websites.

Your next step is to make it personal.  Be YOU first.  Your product is important, yes, but not as important as you are when it comes to creating relationships in your marketing efforts.



 What Are Niche Websites?   Let’s Break that Down


The first part is breaking down the Niche into more specific groups. Does this make sense?  What are niche websites when it comes to M.L.M or Direct Sales or any marketing?   You want to expand your reach and know who your audience is.   What better way to find them than thru a niche related website. The place where you share information on your chosen product.  How it works and why it is the best.

Who is that group of people looking for what are niche websites?  Where do you find them?  Crucial information.

a group o fpeople looking at what are niche websites


If you are in M.L.M or Direct Sales and need some help I have a resource that is free to get the training you need and even a free website to test the waters further for your product/niche.  With so much out there costing more than you already pay out…….and I know you do because I had a product and yes it was M.L.M so I know free is really helpful.

You really need to be Branding you first, not your company website.  You need your own site.  Facebook is awesome if you have a business page, but still not enough.  You need that niche related website.

〈By the way, the training is totally awesome too 〉 and I took a boatload of it, the training that is, before finding Wealthy Affiliate!!  Some of them were okay, don’t get me wrong BUT it was when you had to keep buying MORE to finish putting the puzzle together that I was draining my wallet.  You will not see that here.  Guaranteed.

Do you need something like this to succeed?  No, not always, but if you are not computer savvy or things have not been working the way you had hoped, then maybe it will help.  Only you know that for sure.


And for those of you trying to go the Social Media route………this can be linked right in from your own niche websites to your social media platforms. You can share a lot more about your product from this aspect, and think how much more professional you will appear.   The idea of just posting a one liner and a picture or 4 or shares from another marketer may not be your best either.  Your friends find this tedious and even a bit spammy.  They would probably enjoy reading more in depth story’s and testimony’s that will give them a deeper insight into what you have. Make sense?

And besides all that, you do not want to end up in Facebook Jail!                 what-are-niche-websites

If you want to be successful, I suggest you look at learning marketing and branding You and how you can incorporate the products you already represent.  It doesn’t take up a lot of time.  You will be surprised at how fast you will be learning new things, and setting up your website.  From which, if you are in M.L.M. or Direct Sales, you can direct your visitors to your company website, share your product knowledge and more.


Same Old Same Old Ways

If your struggles still go on and you don’t have that large WARM market and have had to turn to the Internet the smartest thing you could do is set up your own blog or website on WordPress and become the expert on your product.

Most company’s offer a ton of information or just do some research and find ways to be that expert.  It is easier than you think.  Do I believe in M.L.M?  Yes, I do actually.  I just prefer the passive nature of affiliate marketing and what I am doing now.

The thing is there are many ways to do M.L.M or Direct Sales other than just hosting a party for friends.  Aren’t you getting a little tired of chasing everyone to try your product?  OR, finding yourself sharing only to yourself on Facebook because your friends are tired of seeing your posts?  It happens but there is a way to get around this and not for the kind of money people tell you!

Aren’t you getting a little tired of chasing everyone to try your product?  OR, finding yourself sharing only to yourself on facebook because your friends are tired of seeing your posts?  It happens but there is a way to get around this and not for the kind of money people would have you believe.


Time To Get You Graduated



So, what do you say?  Shall we get you out of this slump and into graduation mode so you can feel totally in control of what you are doing and know you are doing something just a little different than others?  You are the CEO of your life.  Do you want to be the exception?

I think you should too.  Let’s get you over to WA and you can join for FREE and see if it might be what you need to get you to the next level in your company, or successful in whatever you are doing.   Click on the picture below and it will take you on over to WA.  You do not need a CC or anything and be sure to say Hello and I will connect with you and show you around and introduce you to the community…..who by the way is AWESOME!


No, I cannot guarantee your success.  No one but you can do that.  Well, unless you are paying someone to make it happen for you.  What I can guarantee is you will learn what you need to know to have your business be that success you want it to be.  And NO!  Flat out NO.  It is not easy nor is it the overnight sensation that they portray on the internet.  Just because we move at the speed of sound on this highway, does not mean success in your business ventures does the same thing.

On the other side of the coin, wouldn’t it be cool if you could just live your dream?  


I am going to hand the keyboard over to you now.  Would that be cool?  I really do appreciate the time you spent here today and would more than send love and hugs if you were to share this post, leave a comment or ask a question.  Heck, you could do all 3 if you like!!  Will you be the exception?  I hope so.

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