Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Are Biased

Wealthy Affiliate Review……….Yes, Mine is Biased………  Here is why!

Wealthy affiliate is a platform I am very passionate about using and sharing how to market online and work from home.   And by keeping costs to a Minimum, sharing this with you is fun.  With so much strife and poverty, finding other ways to supplement your income so your family will not suffer, is front and center for me.


Too many are robbed on the Internet today because they just didn’t know where to turn first or who they could trust. You will see a lot of reviews with the pretense that what they are reviewing is a scam, but really, it is their own program they are reviewing and sharing that with you.   If that is the case, I might just as well come clean right out of the gate!   This will guide you in the right direction or at least provoke some serious thinking.

no mistake at wealthy affiliate

I have seen and tried so many programs offered along with the training aspects of learning how to do it and too many are beyond the financial scope of many.   Can you even imagine paying more than $150.00 a month then more costs on top of that?

The process and all the tools/websites/hosting you need are included within WA, even within the Starter program which is completely free.  I suggest you head over to the WA website and create yourself a free account and get rolling from there.   You will find the most honest and realistic feedback and help offered which allows you to make the decisions that are right for you and your circumstances.



Personal Thoughts

That is Kyle and Carson above.  They are the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate University and they have done one awesome job.  You will find them on the weekly training call quite often and in the chat rooms answering questions and giving you  even more help.

As for Me, I can only give an honest comparison of where I have been before and what I actually considered before joining Wealthy Affiliate.  And guess what?  Yes, you may have been here before and lost so much money to these cons that have just the right way of convincing us it is ‘them’ we need!


Back to Wealthy Affiliate to further compare:

Who benefits from this product?

It is an excellent  program for beginners, intermediate, or advanced.  Pretty much anyone who wants to learn the REAL way this is done.
⦁ affiliate/internet marketers
⦁ local companies/business
⦁ local marketers
⦁ affiliate programs/networks
⦁ online merchants
⦁ people that are retired
⦁ students
⦁ Pretty much anyone looking to work from home and wanting to supplement their income


wrench and hammer

We have people from all walks and all countries.  Some are retired, some are nurses and teachers and some are professors or computer techs.  It is working for each and every one of us.  We are there to help each other and we do just that.
The training is very informative and helpful. Everything is fully explained to you. You have videos and step by step lessons and courses. I found all the courses to be very easy to comprehend and follow and I started at a novice level. The training is offered in different formats.  Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to all the tools that are needed to build a successful online business.

Tools for School

⦁ You get live classes that are available every week.
⦁ You will see different levels of courses and lessons that allow you to fully get everything explained to you in a step by step process.
⦁ Within each course are task-based lessons where you get a chance to have hands-on experience with each lesson.
⦁ In each lesson, there is an interactive discussion available so that you can talk to your peers as well as others that have the experience and the knowledge to help you advance.
⦁ There are classrooms available for individualized topics that you can utilize that gives you in depth knowledge to build successful sites.
⦁ The training is formatted in video and tutorial formats, so everything is very easy to follow.



The quality of support is amazing at Wealthy Affiliate.   Not only from the community but from the owners, Kyle and Carson who are there with you the whole way. If you feel lost it is never for long. There is always someone there to guide you. It is one of the most responsive communities I have seen.  Help is a click away.

the extra mile

If you’ve tried and failed at marketing in the past, know you are not alone!  It is a road well traveled.   The Internet these days, has gurus and vultures at every corner looking to take advantage of unsuspecting people like you and I.  I have seen 100s of the gurus (actors) videos & scam artists out there and  even got fooled by a few.  So, Do as I say and not as I did and Avoid buying into their big Secrets and promises of Greater things.  It doesn’t happen that way!  They are waiting to pluck you from the crowd so eyes open!                                     stand out and join wealthy Affiliate

What are the Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate?

Is Wealthy Affiliate good?


  • One of the main benefits that I see from getting started at Wealthy Affiliate is the amount of instant and positive support.  The support that comes from real people offering real help for the new members when needed.
  • Support from Kyle and Carson the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate.
  • The other thing I liked so much is what you see is what you get!!  No surprise costs you weren’t expecting.
  • Free is free and the upgrade is a one-time only upgrade under $50.00!  If you have been searching for awhile for something that is Real and Legit with no surprises you will know immediately that Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to be.  One of my passions has always been to help others find their way to supplement their income or work from home and knowing that I have something that is honest, no tricks etc. is really an awesome feeling.  I couldn’t do that with the other costly programs I had tried.

Here are the CONS

I may be a little biased but I haven’t found many.           all good at Wealthy Affiliate

1. Starting an online business is not the easiest.  If you see an Ad stating that you can make $5k in one day online, then you are more than likely getting scammed.  If you see a program directed at Affiliates telling you they will do it all for you, caution is advised.

It takes time and effort and action to do any business.  Wealthy Affiliate gives you the training. It is a process and if you apply yourself, you will have a week or month where you are making $5k.   Once again, it won’t happen overnight and you will have to invest time and effort but you can certainly do it!
2. Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of information and you may feel overwhelmed.  Don’t let that get you down because you can always take a break and get right back in the game. This is not a race and you can set your own pace when you join the Wealthy Affiliate community.  Just slow down as it works much better that way.  Slow Down to go Fast.

wealthy Affiliate marketing training is slow









If you get stuck, there is a community and myself there to support you and give you all the answers to whatever questions you may have. I can speak from my own personal experience that having that kind of support keeps you motivated.

Follow the Training

Follow the first training, finish it, and then take the other training and you will be out of the starting gate in record time.  Within Wealthy Affiliate you have all the tools and training to get a website up and running.  Access to two free sites and more if you are a paid member.

Training on how to set up your niche and a website  and how to become an affiliate for any company that offers this.  When you find your own Niche or something you are entirely passionate about, you will learn how to set that up and find partners to monetize your site.

you can at WEalthy Affiliate

At Wealthy Affiliate, you are taught ways to create a business online. The key is understanding the fundamentals of online business First.  It is all going to start with your niche specific website.  If you can help people within any niche online, you can create a full-time business from it.  No trickery, no slight of hand, nothing else required and that is what Wealthy Affiliate Excels at.  Go Ahead, try it for free.

Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100
Price: 0 to $47.00

Final Opinion/Verdict

Online Mastering of Your Biz Efforts is time-consuming especially if you are without direction or guidance. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you are floundering like a fish out of the water!  You never stop learning in this industry and that is a good thing.

I found Wealthy Affiliate to be one of the best I have seen. The ease of accessing the training, your own sites and the community all under one roof is time saving + less overwhelming than most.  Some of the best Marketers are sharing their knowledge with you so you can master your online biz efforts and have some fun with it for a change.

You want to be sure the FREE offer is long enough that you have time to make the right decision for YOU.   7 days or 10 days, in my opinion, is not enough time.  You feel pressured to make a decision and that takes precedent over what you are really there to do.
*Wealthy Affiliate gets a thumbs Up and a 5 out of 5 from me.♥♥♥♥♥

Here It Comes!

You may even find yourself relating to some of the experiences shared.  I hope so and I also hope you will feel free to leave any comments or questions you have.

Before you do that, however, I have an offer for you!  Okay, so you are familiar with how this works so how about a BRIBE!  Well,  :):)  it is a good one……………….does that help?

Join the starter, it’s $0. If you don’t see the value, come back and shake a mean fist at me at me if you think I am wrong!! (seriously). OH, did I mention it was free? When you join, I will make sure to get in touch with you right away, and If you promise that you will set-up your account,( it’s really easy) I have a bonus offer for you!!  The BRIBE!  drum roll, please……


Decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days and I will have a 59% discount to offer you!  Your first month at $19.00!!! I took advantage of this awesome offer and I never regretted one minute! Not a one!
……Join for $0 today! Stay that way or take advantage of my bonus offer within 7 days……

looking to compare?   

If you click above you can see a good comparison which might help you.  Are you ready to join me?   Click here  and sign up with your free registration so you can get on board and have some fun with the rest of us.  My second  video is here as well, so hopefully it gives you a slight chuckle or smile.  See you inside soon.


Here is where it helps me to give back more and to guide you and others who visit.  I will have more reviews coming shortly…..so stop back often and make my day…………leave a message, share a thought, ask a question…..keyboard is now in your hands!  OR,  Share using our social icons.   All’s good.

Okay, be a Doll and share some Love...

2 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Are Biased

  1. Geoff says:

    Hello Merry. I’m can’t figure out whether your Wealthy Affiliate review is biased or not. Searching through tons of other reviews about it brings up almost nothing but positive feedback. I did see a couple people upset about billing, but doesn’t Wealthy Affiliate have hundreds of thousands of members? That seems pretty small if that’s the only negative I can find.

    Do you feel that Wealthy Affiliate is really that good? It’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s just strange to find a service that big that doesn’t have more complaints. Thanks for your help and honest opinion. Geoff.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Yes, Geoff, I do believe that Wealthy Affiliate is that good. Actually, I know it is. I have tried others before I knew about WA and the costs were like $150.00 a month but you are not told this ahead at all. It felt like I was not telling the real truth and that is just not what I am about. I was blown away with excitement to see everything offered at WA and I knew within days I had found the real meal deal. Guess that is why I thought perhaps I was being a bit biased. 🙂

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