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Keyword research goes far beyond just a “regular” search. Not only is this tool the most efficient anywhere in the world at producing “data that matters”, it will instantly be an asset to your online business and lead to the revealing of keywords, niches, and domains that are high value, with next to no competition.  Regardless of the nature of your business, if it has a presence online, you NEED Jaaxy for any keyword search.

Yes, there is Google and Bing but that truly is the long route to take.   Even if you are not ready to commit due to anything that is standing in your way, you should at least take advantage of Jaaxy’s free search trial.  There is only one other I use and that is found within Wealthy Affiliate.  My #1 Shout Out Ever!

The more time you spend on research, the less time you have for the actual “creation” of your websites, your campaigns, or business deals…which as we know are the “money making” components of your business. Keyword Competition is Only available with Jaaxy.


Understanding Exact Keyword Competition

When you have access to keyword competition you are able to tell whether or not a keyword will be easy to rank in Google. What if you could uncover competition of 30 keywords INSTANTLY, a task that would take 30 minutes with other tools, in a matter of seconds? One simple search and boom, a bunch of awesome low competition keywords with every search. If you are seeking first page Google rankings, then this feature is going to be your “go to”.


So exactly What Can This Jaaxy Do?

1.Domain Flipping – Real Case Study
2.Lightening Fast Niche Research
3.Comprehensive Keyword Research
Plus other advanced options.

Here’s the thing.  You have to try Jaaxy for Free before you can buy. This way you only pay if you like what Jaaxy Offers!   So how do you do this exactly?
Use this link and go to Jaaxy for your 30 free searches.

Now, type in Clothing affiliate program or high ticket affiliate program or maybe even real estate affiliate program. With any one of these short phrases you put in you will generate a number of new phrases you can use.
Next, scan thru the phrases and look for any that have a low QSR ( below 300) Lower is better. I also look at the article power and PPC power. I have found the higher the scores here the better the QSR.
As an example, I used from above “Clothing Affiliate Program” and came back with several others key phrases to choose from. For clothing affiliate program the QSR I got was 207. Under that was ‘clothing affiliate PROGRAMS’ with a QSR of 130. Both of these are great numbers. When you turn that around just the slightest bit with affiliate clothing programs the QSR is an outstanding 8.

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Getting Ahead of The Game

Here’s the thing. We put phrases into google all the time and often come up empty. When you know the ‘wording’ and how it is being used….in what context……you are ahead of the game Big Time! You have the option to save your searches for later or even print them out so you have them handy as you write your content.  Here is another review for Jaaxy and keywords.
It is one of the best ways I know of to help with getting the right keywords done. Your headline is Huge for a keyword and so is your first heading. Know which ones get the most traffic is a good thing. Knowing that your competition is LOW is an even better thing.
I always write down a keyword or if I see a word being used somewhere and it is something I could use well, I will write it down then save and print.   Our actual keyword(s) is affiliate program. You add one or two words to your core keywords, add them into your keyword search tool and see what happens.
Let’s try another example:  affiliate programs Australia. The results came back with approximately 19 keyword phrases to use. I am going to choose affiliate programs. The search for these words was much higher than most of the others coming in at 3690 with traffic at 628 QSR View Result is 374 with article power of 7.3 and PPC at 6.1.

The point here is you shouldn’t be fooled by the high traffic or high searches. The QSR is the most powerful so watch it. A few others came in at 142 and lower so that is goodAnything below 200 is good and lower than 100 is even better!

legitStop The Struggle

When you don’t use a good keyword search tool such as Jaaxy you will find yourself struggling to come up with clever words. Remember too that your keywords are important not just scattered in your content but in your Title and First Headline.  Search engines love this.

Since finding out about keywords and the obvious role they play in our success online things have been much smoother for me. I was able to go back and change a few things in some of my blogs for better search engine exposure.
With Jaaxy, unless you do your free stint, you can not upgrade.  So, what are you waiting for?  I tell you what.  If nothing else you are going to learn the how, what, and why of using keywords and that is just in your free trial!!  I did.

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And here are the costs should you want to continue:

jaaxy table review comparison     keyword pic for jaaxy
Hope you enjoyed reading this post and most importantly that it gave you some insight into keywords and how it all works. Would love to hear from you or maybe even share some love with a friend or two on FaceBook or Twitter. Made it real easy for you……just click on one of the logos or both and share away! Thanks and have an awesome day.   





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