The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs are Not Always on Amazon

affiliate marketing programs

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs Today

stop listeneing to the wrong people in affiliate marketing programs

Knowledge is power and without it, success will not be on the horizon anytime soon.   Yes, many of those guru guys with the fancy sites ( called capture pages) will tell you how easy it is, but they are just looking for your money.  They are not helping you find the best affiliate marketing programs or how to go about learning how or where.  How long have you been trying to do an online business?  How’s that going for you?

Let me ask you this, If you had a place to learn everything you needed about marketing online businesses would you still be where you are today?  Do you know where the best affiliate marketing programs can be found?  I didn’t but now I do.

best affiliate marketing programs

As more and more Big Box stores enter the online marketing trend they offer some of the best programs to people like you and me.  And I am not talking just Amazon anymore.  What do you think is going to happen as this trend continues?  I see a couple of things taking place and some have already made the front page!

Three categories  I have noticed more of or perhaps I should say stood out more than the rest are ‘Online Gaming Anything’ ‘Fashion & Jewelry’ ‘Health & Anti-Aging’.   And digital is also HUGE!

What Is a Niche in Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Those trends above, are called a Niche market.   A niche is a target audience looking for a particular product or service.  An example would be one of the above.  Say, Anti-aging products.  That would be a pretty broad market but you could break it down.   OR you could leave it broad and target more types of products for different needs.  Your niche should also be something you love to share or chat about with others or is just a passion you have and are somewhat knowledgeable in. If not, no fear here as you can do some research and share different products within that Niche Target.   It is a process that can be learned easily with the right guidance.

affilite marketing training

It is really simple and the best explanation I have ever heard was from Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate.  ” A niche is simply a group of people looking for what you have to offer”  Not nearly as difficult as some would have you think.


What is seriously epic and missing in Affiliate Marketing is learning how to do it properly and for the best value, you can get.  I have tried several marketing programs thinking it was what I needed but I was wrong………that is, until I came across one that is seriously solid.

That shout out goes to Wealthy Affiliate!   The costs are 0 to under $50.00 and you can remain Free as long as you need too.  You will still learn all the basics and can have, not just one, but two websites.   Yup, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best online program with everything you need to learn for less than anything I have seen yet.

Not only does the Wealthy Affiliate University teach you everything in a step by step easy to follow training program but they offer you an opportunity to earn some money as an affiliate of their program.  It actually pays one of the higher commissions online.  PLUS an added benefit is, they have two other resources you can be earning from as well.


Where Are the best affiliate marketing programs?

Most people who come online in search of a home business are not familiar with smaller company’s they become associated with and earn decent commissions.  Most think Amazon.  Nothing wrong with that thinking!  Amazon is well known and you can easily get a link to share products.

If there is a downside to Amazon or any other large company, Wayfair is a good example.  You need a lot of traffic for those like Wayfair and even Amazon.  If you have no sales in 90-180 days you will lose your affiliation.  I see this happening a lot more than you would think and that is because you are encouraged to use Amazon over smaller companies.  Makes sense to me…all the advertising is done for you…

I strongly encourage you to do a bit of your own research once you have a product or products you want to market.    See if you can find companies you can become directly affiliated with.   Trust your own instinct and do your own homework rather than just listening to what others tell you to do.

Questions you might be asking are is it a load of Dung, or can I really make the extra money I am looking for?  And if it is the truth ( it is  ) I don’t know how or where to do this, can I make it work?  
What is the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners and who can be an affiliate marketer?  Can I, me, the newbie really make money?

The other thing I see all over the internet and social media sites are those headlines telling you that you can make 10’s of thousands of dollars in affiliate marketing!   You actually can, just not Every Day of Every Week without knowing anything!

I know, everyone claims they are the best thing since sliced bread, they will do it all for you, ……and that you will be making a boatload of cash from your computer in just days.  Not gonna happen!   That is more than a slight over exaggeration!!   Would you believe that I live in an igloo and I have WiFi and T.V.?  Then don’t believe everything you see on the Internet.  Well, with one exception…ME!  You knew that was coming, didn’t you?  I am telling it as it is and even after being informed that I should not tell the truth.  You want to hear that it is easy and you can do this in your sleep.

If you still want to believe them, I have a freezer to sell you for your igloo with WiFi!phone talking to guy
You can make a decent living in affiliate marketing but you are not going to be earning $10,000.00 in a week.  It does not happen that way.  You are not going to be that little unknown person writing blogs who becomes an overnight sensation!   It takes time, learning, and dedication.  Then and only then it can work!  If it was as easy as they tell you it is and you can do this in your sleep don’t you think everyone would be successful?

affiliate marketing training platforms



You could eventually make $10,000 a month. That is reasonable.  It will take focus, patience and a little help from your friends.




The Big Fairytale

The TREND part here is telling the fairy tale! Big Shot Marketers from Prior Big Shot Company’s teaching you to do the same Big Shot kind of Stuff.  Affiliate Marketing is becoming VERY well known, and yes it really works but be very cautious of these bad boy types as they try and jump on the gravy train.   Caution is Advised!

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most real and down to earth ways to make a living online.  Today, more so than ever before we are seeing people who are retiring soon, are retired, or due to health issues cannot work outside of their homes looking for ways to earn some extra money.   I didn’t like being led down the garden path that led to nothing but empty pockets and I sure don’t want that to happen to you or anyone you know!

It is hard enough to come to terms with the fact that there is not enough money in the living longer part due to circumstances or poor planning without having more added on.  You may have had your career snapped out from under you due to unforeseen health issues.  There are a number of circumstances that could be why you are searching for a way to make that money.

I have had a desire to help change that for as many people as possible.  To guide you away from those people that I swear would throw their grandmother under a bus if it meant another dollar in their pocket.

If I sound mad or angry or frustrated it is because I am.  The good news is more of you are seeing the truth and actually making a real living now.  No more chasing dreams.  It is a reality.  Your reality.

I want to say thanks for stopping by today and if you are in a sharing kind of mood I  would love to hear from you.  So how about you make my day better than it already is with a share or a comment.  I can turn the keyboard over to you if you would do that.  I check often and I promise I will get back to you.  Heck, you can even put in your comment you would like to touch base via email with questions if you like.  The comments box is just below and my social icons are somewhere about on my site.  They are usually found off playing somewhere.  Behavior issues you know. 


Have an Awesomely awesome kind of day!





Merry C

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Is Drop Shipping a Good Idea or is Affiliate Marketing Better?

is drop shipping a good idea

Drop Shipping & Affiliate Marketing Ideas

Is Drop shipping a good idea?


Is Drop Shipping a good idea?  What about Affiliate Marketing?  Is there a difference? Shopify or Clickbank and finding which is best and is easy to set up? Are they telling you the truth or is it just what they want you to believe? Each one has there own set of rules, costs, and learning curves.

What is Drop Shipping

The easiest definition is you are the middleman!  You are the person between the wholesaler and the customer.

  1. You set up your Storefront.
  2. add your products you have chosen to sell.
  3. Customers find your store online and decide to make a purchase.
  4. They pay you first at the retail price which is set by you.
  5. You contact, order, and pay the wholesaler the wholesale price.
  6. the wholesaler ships direct to your customer.
  7. the remaining money is your profit.

There are some awesome sights that can help take a lot of the heavy lifting off your shoulders such as Oberle who works directly with the Shopify Store Fronts.  This would be my suggestion if you are new to Drop Shipping and building a website and online presence.

I have looked into Drop Shipping and Affiliate marketing while searching for what would be best suited to me and in the end a profitable outcome.  What I found was a question that was asked a lot and that was Is drop shipping a good idea?  I think it is.

It is becoming increasingly popular because of the profit margins available that you are going to see a lot more webinars and training on this.  Only go with what you can afford.  Unlike Affiliate Marketing there will be a few costs to incur but they do not have to be high to be good.

I hope to shed a bit of light on this for you.  Enough perhaps so you can at least make better decisions before going forward.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is in some respects very close to Drop Shipping.  You do not have to stock or have an inventory of product.  You do not have to purchase products every month.  Your costs can be minimal and anyone can do either business and be successful.

With Affiliate Marketing you earn a commission set by the company that carries the products you are affiliated with.  Your job is to share what you know about the product and do reviews comparing with other similar products so your readers can make an informed purchase.

Is Drop Shipping a good Idea or is Affiliate Marketing Better?

is drop shipping a good idea

The most real, caring people I have come across in any Marketing venture yet was in my search for Affiliate Marketing.  And then on to Drop Shipping.  Oh yes, there are those sneaky guru types with promises of thousands of dollars and software that does it all for you, which is about as good as me selling you a bridge in the desert!!! It just doesn’t happen that way! You need the knowledge so you can do it yourself.

If you have asked the question is drop shipping a good idea, then you need to pay close attention, because you may need to meet this community I am about to introduce as well. 

Please remember those others I spoke of are a different breed of folks entirely from who I met here.

online programs

All truth and no fiction.  What you see is what you get.

Shiny Object Syndrome is Real

Let me back this up just a tiny bit so you can see where I am coming from.  When you start out in any of the many online programs,  whether it is an affiliate marketer, drop shipping or with a Shopify Store, and you have no prior knowledge of how the sam hill to get started, you are a prime target for catching that well-known disease called ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’. 

We all get it at some point and the only antidote known to cure this right now is knowing the truth about the training that is offered in online programs. This is very true about that question earlier….Is drop shipping a good idea.

The best affiliate marketing or drop shipping programs are NOT always the biggest most sparkly sites.  Sometimes to find the best you have to look beyond the surface.  Look at the people in the programs and what they have to say. 

  • Can you try it for free and see first hand if this is for you? 
  • Can they show you everything and answer your questions honestly? 
  • Can you ask questions of others in the community? 
  • Can you ask is drop shipping a good idea without offending anyone?



I found that a much-needed thought adjustment was necessary.  Then and only then could I step up to the plate with fresh eyes.  Here is My attitude Pill that helped me if you need a fresh perspective.  It consists of

  • 1 tbsp of determination
  • 1 tbsp of courage 
  • 2 TBS of trust  
  • A pinch of my own research looking at all online programs
  • then add another pinch of desire and patience.


Members at WA:

My Gal Kate:

“So, here I am. Happy to be a Wealthy Affiliate University student. I have never encountered a more helpful group of individuals, real people willing to help anytime I need it. Even the guys who started this online organization are available on a daily basis so I never feel I’m in this alone. 

Now I can build websites easily for any business idea I have…..drop shipping, click bank or any others (something I thought I would never be able to do) and know how to monetize them to make real money online.

Thank you so much, Kyle and Carson, and everyone at Wealthy Affiliate University. I simply can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done and still do to help me succeed online.”

 Gripping Words from Marc

Marc Parsons
“Life’s sweet when you have the right friends!”                            marc parsons for testimony
My experience leading up to finding Wealthy Affiliate was pretty much the same as most people who are determined to build a successful online business.
I spent years drifting from one ‘get rich scheme’ to the next and I was left with very little to show in return for the mass amounts of effort that I was putting into it.

Then, BOY! my mind was blown!

All of the information that had been fed to me in dribs and drabs over the years AND then, HEAPS MORE in one structured and easy to follow, learn while you apply it program.
No up-sells, no advertising, no hype… Just a community of amazing people all with common goals and EVERYONE eager to help one another!  Wealthy Affiliate University!!

I had done the groundwork, now it was about upkeep and reaping the rewards.
So for anyone reading this who is looking to build an online business, please save yourself the time searching any further.

Cheers, Marc


Can anyone relate so far?  It is a familiar story and one that is close to my heart!


You Go, Girl!!                                                 Missa

I am recently disabled and was desperately looking for something not only to fill my time but something that I could feel accomplished in doing something productive in each day, and lastly something I could make money with while staying at home.

I had tried out a few of the “work from home” scams out there and then became really critical of all of them because of the lack of integrity that some of these websites have. Then I came across Wealthy Affiliates.

I joined free just to take a closer look and before my first week was up I had made my decision to join.  From the training to the community involvement it was amazing.  I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking to create a website and generate income from home.


Short and Sweet from Dominic

DLansing for testimony






I bumped into WA when I was reading a review for Clickbank University.  I was just about to join Clickbank University when a review was mentioned that there is an online program even way better. And it’s freaking Free. Turns out they were referring to Wealthy Affiliate.

So I went and I tried the Free Starter Membership, and on the sixth day of free training, I knew that I’ve found a real deal here with WA. The rest is history I guess.


REAL TRUTH.   Caring, Sharing, & always with you

is drop shipping a good idea


I hope you were able to see clearly what could be one of the best online programs for online marketing and getting the help you need.  It doesn’t matter what you are doing, or what products you sell.  Your own, drop shipping or click bank and Amazon.  You will need a website or storefront to host your ‘wares’.   One of the better known for Drop Shipping is Oberle and Shopify.  But if you are not on there platform you will need to find one that works well.  I can’t say enough good about this one.  The 4 wonderful down to earth people that shared their own words and who are still part of the Wealthy Affiliate University community.

The owners  Kyle and Carson are with us every day.  They offer something that has been missing from the marketing industry for a long time.

Together we are offering a way for you to learn everything from setting up your website to SEO and so much more.  The training is paramount to any of the other online programs I have taken.  Why?  Easy to follow and easy to implement.  

What you really need to do, is check it out.   My link is below where you can try for FREE.  If you see the potential you can upgrade ONCE!  No Up-Sells!  Or if that is not an option at this time, you can stay free and continue to learn.

Take your time and read every word carefully so you are aware of what is being offered to you.  With the USA Thanksgiving soon approaching and the ever famous Black Friday Sales now is the best time for you to position yourself.

I cannot give away the incredible savings you will get, but I can tell you it is worth it many times over!


I look forward to welcoming you to the community and having a Virtual Coffee and chatting with you.  My comment section is below and is open to questions or comments.  I welcome your thoughts on this process.  OR, if you want to join the ‘awsomer’ club of elites, share or like with one of the social icons here.  

My Wealthy Affiliate Link for you   

I am Merry C.

I am Merry C.









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How To Set Up A Blog for Free

Blog and getting and how to set up a blog

 How to Set Up a Blog


Setting Up a Blog is pretty easy today. You can just go on over to WordPress or Blogger, get an account and start writing.   Is this really all there is to how to set up a blog?   Like telling a short story.  It can certainly be that easy if you are doing a personal blog.  The truth is, if you want to monetize your blog as a home business and be successful, then you will have to learn How to set up a blog first.

There is more to setting up a blog as it is not as simple as it looks.   All the back-end ‘stuff’ like SEO, Plugins, Widgets…. How do I set up a blog with all that stuff and so much more?  And where do you go to learn this and how do you know who or where is best?

Personally, I like simplicity, honesty, clarity, and ethics. I like to know what I am purchasing, and that it is I can do.  I found it right here.

setting up a blog at wealthy affiliates training

What does that have to do with how to set up a blog?


Everything if you are looking for how to do it!! Not everyone is going to give you the bread with butter and jam. They might start you with 1/2 slice of bread, then tell you-you to need to pay more for the other half.   Only then can you add the butter and the jam costs extra too.

I want to share with you some common terms you will see often and what they mean. Then I want to clarify what you need to pay extra for if at all and what you Really must have to get off the ground.  Sound fair? Good. Just look for the BOLD lettering.

You will be told you need a lot of ‘extras’ but you don’t, not in the beginning.  To be very honest, they are probably affiliated with most of the programs they suggest you purchase. That is what affiliates do and that is okay. I will do that too and so will you.

But there are different ways to go about this. I have never appreciated being ‘oversold’ or joining a program only to find out I still need to purchase 5 more things before it will work in my favor.


The Steps in the process of setting up a Blog

#1.   knowing what your intentions are. Do you want to sell your own products or are you setting up a more passive platform for other affiliate programs? 

#2.  where will you set up your blog?   WordPress is the most popular and powerful with all the options available to you.

WordPress is easy to set up and offers you hundreds of FREE themes to work with! DO NOT be tricked into thinking you need someone to set up your theme and pay money to have them do this.

#3.  Choose your domain name  ( this is like your street address)  How people will find U.

I personally use Go Daddy for my domain names and found them to be very reasonable and often with some really good deals, but there are others you may prefer. It is also easy to forward or change your domain server within Go Daddy. Hostgator, Name Cheap, are a few others and are all similar.

If you just want to get going on your own, blogging and having some fun, not worrying about making any money right off, just go to WordPress or Blogger and sign up for a free account. Then add your domain name and start adding content and you are blogging!! Play with it, have fun and when you want to make some money or learn how come back and we will get that underway for you.

Story Time:

setting up a blog is a learning process

If you are wanting to monetize your blog with WordPress then you will need a few more things and it can get complicated.  I was in a program that was just that.  I joined the group not realizing that it was very costly AND it was mainly a Lead Capture type platform that is used for M.L.M or Their program.  At 0ver $125 a month and on information overload I started questioning myself and began looking for something different.

I felt so overwhelmed, I knew I didn’t have that kind of money and something inside me kept nagging at my sense of ethics if that is even a real thing.  I  knew I was not comfortable sharing this because I felt it was a lure or even more so I was not telling them the whole truth.  Sure I had free things I could offer, but really they weren’t free in the end.  Funny how that works.  It wasn’t for me.

I mention this because there are a lot of them!!!!! If you are NOT in M.L.M. or Direct Sales you do not need to concentrate on luring leads to you right away. Here are some of the terms used and the extras needed for this type of marketing platform. You also do not need to pay hundreds of dollars for programs or training on getting started. You really don’t.  I can get that for you free.   Remember that.  AND It is not a ‘lure’ it is the real deal.                                                   

Be Aware of the Following Terms used in How to Set Up a Blog

  • Theme Vendors ( purchasing themes) not necessary
  • Plugins (premium) not necessary to purchase
  • lead capture forms ( you can use WP comment forms free)
  • email broadcasts, autoresponders ( service to send emails etc to leads)
  • pop-ups and sliders ( get free in WordPress themes and plugins)
  • lead magnets ( in essence a bribe to get you on their list)
  • funneled systems (funnel them in, mix them up with twists and turns then spit them out)

I am sure I will be ruffling a few feathers with this but what I am saying is true. You do not need all the ‘extras’ to get started!  Not if you have the right help at the right price!!


Let’s Do some Free

How does FREE sound to you?  Oh, don’t listen to those silly dudes telling you free leaves you vulnerable, with no support!!  I don’t have any of those worries!  Funny how that works.  Here is where I chose and it was/is the best decision I could have made.   I encourage you to have a look.  Just click below to get your free membership.

And Yes, I was skeptical too!  I had heard free so many times only to find out the only free thing was the intro Video!  You can be confident nothing like that is about to happen.    Not from my site and not today!

setting up a blog

There is one extra that you will need and use more and more to be successful and I strongly recommend giving it a try.   So many do not use or know about keyword tools.   Keywords are the words or phrases people search for.  I had never heard of anything other than Google until recently when I found Jaaxy.  Pretty cool place and you can get 30 free searches when you sign up!

setting up a blog needs keywords


As you choose your Topic to Share, ask yourself:

  • Do I have the right keywords?
  • How do I find the best ones?
  • Is this topic popular?
  • Can I make money from this?
  • what about competition, where do I find this information?

You need to write about something you enjoy doing and sharing. Cannot stress that enough.  You do not have to be an author to write about it, just be yourself and allow your readers to feel your personality through your words.  After all, it is all about Your visitor.

  • Do Not Make Outrageous Promises
  • Provide Value
  • Solve a Problem
  • Share some Benefits ( be helpful to your readers)

Deliver on your promises and remember to be real and be trustworthy. There are enough of the other kind!   You don’t want to add to that.

Always remember you are Branding You when you are in Affiliate Marketing. It is not About Your products as much as it is about you and your delivery. People want to know they can trust you. Have a really nice professional photo done of yourself and add that to your site so your readers can get a better feel for who you are. It is a known fact that people like to know who they are doing business with when you are NOT a Big Box Store.

Big Box Stores


Would love to hear your thoughts or answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to leave a comment below. I hate Spam too so your info is very safe or you might want to choose sharing using the social icons.  One click will do it.


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Blogging Platforms Allow You To Make Income

  Blogging Platforms Where U Learn to Earn 


Are you kidding me?  A blogging platform where you can learn and earn?  Yes, they exist, but the biggest drawback is finding a Program that will honestly guide you, teach you, and not cost you a boatload of cash and still allow you to earn.  I found more than one blogging platform, but very few gave you the option to learn to earn Free.  

My biggest pet Peeve is the outlay of cash most ask for upfront. Does it have to be this way?  For the majority of any training we see teaching a blogging platform there ARE Good Guys, but only a few and there are even less that do not require an investment upfront.blogging-platforms


I searched and I searched….

My experience with MLM wasn’t a GO as I had a hard time recruiting people.  I mostly “bothered” my friends, colleagues, my family members and people I found on Facebook to sell my high-end products too. It got to a point where people started avoiding me or giving me the famous lame excuses. There is nothing louder than ‘Silence’ to let you know where you stand.  I started to feel like a complete loser.  Not Fun!!  And I was still no closer to finding a blogging platform!

Then, when I was at a low I did a google search looking for a legitimate way to work from home. It was to be my last effort and it needed to cost me very little of the green stuff if any!!  I had my priorities, and I had an idea of what it was I wanted to do.

When I found information on affiliate marketing, then the Wealthy Affiliates training and their FREE blogging platform, I was getting pretty excited.  Oh crap, I was really excited!!

so excited to have found my blogging platform

A few days in I realized that this is where I should have been all along. I was over the moon now!  It was pretty easy to get started, the training was easy to navigate and so far the blogging platform was still free and all under one umbrella.  Could it get better?  Yup!  I could learn and earn at the same time!  Whaat??



This Blogging Platform Just Gets Better!


  1. No registration fees
  2. no products to purchase monthly on auto ship
  3. no stock to carry

I made my decision and affiliate marketing turned out to be the best decision I could have made.   Did I say I was over-the-moon happy?  This has turned out to be more fun than I could have ever imagined.  From beginner to now!  Go ahead click the boots……………………⇓ and join me at Boot Camp!

affiiate marketing for beginners bootcamp


If there is a downside to learning affiliate marketing it would be:

⦁  patience will be required before you begin making some money
⦁  you do need to do some work (at the least 10 hrs a week)
⦁  can you follow instructions?

affiliate marketing & beginners

The Upside to Affiliate Marketing and Blogging Platforms

⦁ Zero upfront costs to get started and learn the ‘how to’ before any final decisions.
⦁ No website to build from scratch….WordPress has free themes you can choose from
⦁ Anyone can do this. Anyone!  Old or Young and both are succeeding.
⦁ Perfect if You can have health issues which keep you from working out of the home at a Job-job
⦁ No recruiting, no cold calling, no harassing friends or family necessary to earn an income
⦁ In affiliate marketing, you’re in control of every aspect of your business.


My Best Offer

affiliate niche marketing


For anyone who is interested in affiliate marketing and needs free blogging platforms to get started, Wealthy Affiliate takes anyone step-by-step to building an online business. If you follow the training that is provided, and you keep working at it every day or at the very least 10 hrs a week, you could start to see income within 6-9 months. It is happening for others, so why not you?  Why Not?  Why not be the exception?

Blogging platforms are for MLM marketers looking for a new way, anyone with their own products, or Affiliate Marketing Programs available for you to share someone else’s products.  Do your homework and you will see there is a difference and there are incomes being generated in affiliate marketing for anyone who wants to try.  I can tell you, I wish I knew just how affiliate marketing worked, what a niche was and that this was doable by anyone, anywhere, any background or age a LONG time ago.

But the good news is, I did find my way and I am loving what I get to do now, sharing with you.


I Love comments and getting to know you, my readers better.  So please leave a comment or question and I will be sure to get back with you.  Maybe you are a clickable kind of person and you love to share the love with your friends via social media.  It is all set up for you to click!    Have an Awesomely awesome Kind of Day!

comment box for your thoughts on affiliate marketing scams




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Wealthy Affiliate Reviews Are Biased

Wealthy Affiliate Review……….Yes, Mine is Biased………  Here is why!

Wealthy affiliate is a platform I am very passionate about using and sharing how to market online and work from home.   And by keeping costs to a Minimum, sharing this with you is fun.  With so much strife and poverty, finding other ways to supplement your income so your family will not suffer, is front and center for me.


Too many are robbed on the Internet today because they just didn’t know where to turn first or who they could trust. You will see a lot of reviews with the pretense that what they are reviewing is a scam, but really, it is their own program they are reviewing and sharing that with you.   If that is the case, I might just as well come clean right out of the gate!   This will guide you in the right direction or at least provoke some serious thinking.

no mistake at wealthy affiliate

I have seen and tried so many programs offered along with the training aspects of learning how to do it and too many are beyond the financial scope of many.   Can you even imagine paying more than $150.00 a month then more costs on top of that?

The process and all the tools/websites/hosting you need are included within WA, even within the Starter program which is completely free.  I suggest you head over to the WA website and create yourself a free account and get rolling from there.   You will find the most honest and realistic feedback and help offered which allows you to make the decisions that are right for you and your circumstances.



Personal Thoughts

That is Kyle and Carson above.  They are the co-founders of Wealthy Affiliate University and they have done one awesome job.  You will find them on the weekly training call quite often and in the chat rooms answering questions and giving you  even more help.

As for Me, I can only give an honest comparison of where I have been before and what I actually considered before joining Wealthy Affiliate.  And guess what?  Yes, you may have been here before and lost so much money to these cons that have just the right way of convincing us it is ‘them’ we need!


Back to Wealthy Affiliate to further compare:

Who benefits from this product?

It is an excellent  program for beginners, intermediate, or advanced.  Pretty much anyone who wants to learn the REAL way this is done.
⦁ affiliate/internet marketers
⦁ local companies/business
⦁ local marketers
⦁ affiliate programs/networks
⦁ online merchants
⦁ people that are retired
⦁ students
⦁ Pretty much anyone looking to work from home and wanting to supplement their income


wrench and hammer

We have people from all walks and all countries.  Some are retired, some are nurses and teachers and some are professors or computer techs.  It is working for each and every one of us.  We are there to help each other and we do just that.
The training is very informative and helpful. Everything is fully explained to you. You have videos and step by step lessons and courses. I found all the courses to be very easy to comprehend and follow and I started at a novice level. The training is offered in different formats.  Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to all the tools that are needed to build a successful online business.

Tools for School

⦁ You get live classes that are available every week.
⦁ You will see different levels of courses and lessons that allow you to fully get everything explained to you in a step by step process.
⦁ Within each course are task-based lessons where you get a chance to have hands-on experience with each lesson.
⦁ In each lesson, there is an interactive discussion available so that you can talk to your peers as well as others that have the experience and the knowledge to help you advance.
⦁ There are classrooms available for individualized topics that you can utilize that gives you in depth knowledge to build successful sites.
⦁ The training is formatted in video and tutorial formats, so everything is very easy to follow.



The quality of support is amazing at Wealthy Affiliate.   Not only from the community but from the owners, Kyle and Carson who are there with you the whole way. If you feel lost it is never for long. There is always someone there to guide you. It is one of the most responsive communities I have seen.  Help is a click away.

the extra mile

If you’ve tried and failed at marketing in the past, know you are not alone!  It is a road well traveled.   The Internet these days, has gurus and vultures at every corner looking to take advantage of unsuspecting people like you and I.  I have seen 100s of the gurus (actors) videos & scam artists out there and  even got fooled by a few.  So, Do as I say and not as I did and Avoid buying into their big Secrets and promises of Greater things.  It doesn’t happen that way!  They are waiting to pluck you from the crowd so eyes open!                                     stand out and join wealthy Affiliate

What are the Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate?

Is Wealthy Affiliate good?


  • One of the main benefits that I see from getting started at Wealthy Affiliate is the amount of instant and positive support.  The support that comes from real people offering real help for the new members when needed.
  • Support from Kyle and Carson the co-owners of Wealthy Affiliate.
  • The other thing I liked so much is what you see is what you get!!  No surprise costs you weren’t expecting.
  • Free is free and the upgrade is a one-time only upgrade under $50.00!  If you have been searching for awhile for something that is Real and Legit with no surprises you will know immediately that Wealthy Affiliate is the right place to be.  One of my passions has always been to help others find their way to supplement their income or work from home and knowing that I have something that is honest, no tricks etc. is really an awesome feeling.  I couldn’t do that with the other costly programs I had tried.

Here are the CONS

I may be a little biased but I haven’t found many.           all good at Wealthy Affiliate

1. Starting an online business is not the easiest.  If you see an Ad stating that you can make $5k in one day online, then you are more than likely getting scammed.  If you see a program directed at Affiliates telling you they will do it all for you, caution is advised.

It takes time and effort and action to do any business.  Wealthy Affiliate gives you the training. It is a process and if you apply yourself, you will have a week or month where you are making $5k.   Once again, it won’t happen overnight and you will have to invest time and effort but you can certainly do it!
2. Wealthy Affiliate has a lot of information and you may feel overwhelmed.  Don’t let that get you down because you can always take a break and get right back in the game. This is not a race and you can set your own pace when you join the Wealthy Affiliate community.  Just slow down as it works much better that way.  Slow Down to go Fast.

wealthy Affiliate marketing training is slow









If you get stuck, there is a community and myself there to support you and give you all the answers to whatever questions you may have. I can speak from my own personal experience that having that kind of support keeps you motivated.

Follow the Training

Follow the first training, finish it, and then take the other training and you will be out of the starting gate in record time.  Within Wealthy Affiliate you have all the tools and training to get a website up and running.  Access to two free sites and more if you are a paid member.

Training on how to set up your niche and a website  and how to become an affiliate for any company that offers this.  When you find your own Niche or something you are entirely passionate about, you will learn how to set that up and find partners to monetize your site.

you can at WEalthy Affiliate

At Wealthy Affiliate, you are taught ways to create a business online. The key is understanding the fundamentals of online business First.  It is all going to start with your niche specific website.  If you can help people within any niche online, you can create a full-time business from it.  No trickery, no slight of hand, nothing else required and that is what Wealthy Affiliate Excels at.  Go Ahead, try it for free.

Overall Ranking: 98 out of 100
Price: 0 to $47.00

Final Opinion/Verdict

Online Mastering of Your Biz Efforts is time-consuming especially if you are without direction or guidance. Nothing is more frustrating than feeling like you are floundering like a fish out of the water!  You never stop learning in this industry and that is a good thing.

I found Wealthy Affiliate to be one of the best I have seen. The ease of accessing the training, your own sites and the community all under one roof is time saving + less overwhelming than most.  Some of the best Marketers are sharing their knowledge with you so you can master your online biz efforts and have some fun with it for a change.

You want to be sure the FREE offer is long enough that you have time to make the right decision for YOU.   7 days or 10 days, in my opinion, is not enough time.  You feel pressured to make a decision and that takes precedent over what you are really there to do.
*Wealthy Affiliate gets a thumbs Up and a 5 out of 5 from me.♥♥♥♥♥

Here It Comes!

You may even find yourself relating to some of the experiences shared.  I hope so and I also hope you will feel free to leave any comments or questions you have.

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Decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days and I will have a 59% discount to offer you!  Your first month at $19.00!!! I took advantage of this awesome offer and I never regretted one minute! Not a one!
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