Starting an Online Business Doesn’t Come in a Box

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Starting an online business doesn’t come in a box all tied up with pretty ribbons!  Not even close.  There is something better and it begins with knowledge and learning before the glitter.  Sure there are promises of success and money rolling in while you sleep but it really doesn’t happen that way when you are starting an online business.


The real truth to any online business means You learning how first.  Before you begin a race you practice first, correct?  If you are in competitive sports the practice becomes your priority for success.  Then why would you be starting an online business without some knowledge of how it all works? Because some so called Guru told you so?  Well, sorry to pop that balloon, but they lied!

It is pretty serious stuff.   You need to know that what you are looking at is going to be everything you need to reach your goals and produce income with.

And, starting an online business does not have to cost a lot of money.   You can simplify things and do more of the hands-on yourself.  All you need is to learn the basics first.

If you have ever been taken advantage of or led down the garden path only to end up in a slough then you know what I know is a truth.

Are U Sick And Tired Of

1. Not knowing where to start
2. A bunch of ‘Fluff’ from the so-called Gurus and trainers
3. Everything is too complicated and costs more than your kids?

Would You Rather Have:

1. Simple 1-2-3- guides and steps to getting started
2. Free to register, 2 free websites and free learning
3. Learn to get paid from multiple sources and NO ADDED COST to U

starting-an-online-business starts here

How Often Have You Landed on this Type of Promoting?

Your “Cash Machine” Setup………..we do it all for you!!   Instant Results!

starting an online business is more than just the dollar


see the crossed fingers?  That is your first sign of untruths in starting an online business


We create industry-shocking, massive results-getting, records-setting custom funnels and marketing systems for everything!!! Let us do the work and you can start seeing the cash pouring in!  Just sit back, relax and let us do the work.


The rotten to the core people who claim to have come from nothing and were lucky enough to have found the magic formula or had a friend share one with them.   BUT,  they want you to pay quadruple what it cost them!!  They just can’t get over themselves!  It is all about the money honey!

And Even Better

Another favorite is you having to pay a fee to fill out a registration form to see if you will be accepted into the program!  #%@*   And this is your last chance to get this one of a kind low price!  Join right now before the price goes UP!


The Lies get you Every time!  Are you tired of the Lies?

I sincerely hope you are as tired as I am of seeing people lying to you! I get furious when I see so many people falling for AND promoting this foolishness. There are NO OVERNIGHT RICHES.  I cannot stress this enough.

And as to you filling out a registration to be accepted or the price is going up nonsense those are both very strong indicators something is not as it should be.  Just as when you are attending a webinar but there is secrecy to what exactly it is you are going to be doing to earn all the money they talk about.  It is a bait and hook.  Sometimes legit, sometimes NOT!

You will NOT see cash results in 24 hours OR 200k IN 24 days! Please please, please. Know that your dreams are still possible, and you can achieve them! Just not the way you have been told!

It all sounds so easy Starting an Online Business



Create a blog, write some content and then wait for the magic to happen! Still waiting? …Yeah, we have all been there and some still are. Here’s the thing. The internet is HUGE! I mean Huge!  Pinterest just announced something like a trillion visitors! And the that is only on one social site.

Are You still waiting and barely any traffic to speak of, let alone people sharing your content. We’ve all been there, desperately wanting to be heard. But, what if I could show you how to get eyeballs on your content and having it shared?

What if you could learn to brand you the right way?

Would that help somewhat? If your answer is yes, then my next question is, Would you give it a try? Awesomeness is the word we all love, FREE, sounds even better!!    And that has to be the icing on top for starting an online business.

free access to training for starting an online business


For One Minute…………join me and Imagine Being that FLY on the wall where You can see honest help in real time, no-nonsense training being done the right way and a community of experts with no underlying reasons to help you succeed.  Wow, scratch the Fly on the Wall!  This seriously is what you can do!


Truth? Because as so many others have been burned with false hope and false systems, the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University decided enough is enough is enough! Period. Here is the closest thing to a 100% win-win I have ever come across.  If you want to be one of the ones starting an online business, then here is where you have the best chance of getting it.

First Truth

  • The FREE means a free registration, no CC. required, limited training  (makes sense) and two free websites to build as you go thru the training. Now, you notice I said limited training.

This does not mean you cannot still succeed as a Free member because you can. You will have to work a little harder is all. And Yes, you can also EARN while you LEARN. Therefore, should you decide to upgrade ( a one time only) you may have already earned your way to pay the low

You will have to work a little harder is all. And Yes, you can also EARN while you LEARN. Therefore, should you decide to upgrade ( a one time only) so you may have already earned your way to pay the low cost.

Second Truth

  •  by allowing you into the training completely free you can ACTUALLY see real results happening as you move thru each training module.  Everything is above board and no hidden costs or agendas.  If you choose to upgrade there is one special offer that you can take advantage of.


So my hope is that you will realize rather quickly that you want to lock arms so we can help you expand, reach and help more people together. That is stand up honesty. The only kind I like to share. After all, been there done that and not going to go there with you.

 What really matters is you getting results, agreed?

This is an industry of sellers and teller’s and yes, liars as well. The biggest impact I can make to put a stop to this is with you believing that what I am telling you is the truth.

Seeing others who feel the same way, and who are getting the results, they have worked so hard for. It comes down to trust and you have to trust someone if you want to find what works.


So my question would be, to you, Why Not Me?

I am not promising you the moon the stars and any meteors in between. I am promising you an honest free start to what could change the rest of you life. Can you imagine how that is going to feel? Okay, so here is all I have to say.



starting an online business begins here



Now go ahead and clickity click on that big banner ABOVE, so we all can have chocolate covered strawberries and champagne together (just kidding…!! that’s for Valentines Day!) But seriously, if you don’t click on it, you won’t see if I told you the truth or not AND you won’t get to meet me….I promise not to be too annoying!

I just want as many people as possible to know there is still honesty in the online world of starting a business.  And it is available to everyone.

I am Merry and here is the best business

Okay, be a Doll and share some Love...

4 thoughts on “Starting an Online Business Doesn’t Come in a Box

  1. Marlena says:

    What I like about what you are recommending is that it is something that a person puts their actual personality into. A lot of times in those get rich quick scheme type things, everyone is selling the same thing and there is nothing that sets anyone apart. When someone does a blog, it is their content and the customer can decide whether or not that person is right for them!

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment today Marlena. It is appreciated. And yes, even those that are not ‘get rich quick’ ones still have the same website as everyone else or a common landing page. You are right, as you don’t get that personal connection. And let’s face it, it is a time we should be able to connect and ask questions first.

  2. Maurice says:

    For anyone who is interested or curious about having the best home business should think on the terms what is best for them. Once they have found their passion and need guidance I encourage to read this post.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you, Maurice. I really appreciate you taking the time to share today. So many are not being honest with what is best for ‘them’ so your words of wisdom are so worthy.

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