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You start blogging, but you have no idea how and you haven’t the foggiest clue about where or how to share this.  You have seen others Blogging, and you are inspired but not quite sure you can do as well.  I mean nobody even knows you exist, right?  How are you going to fix this?  The thing is you have to start somewhere and those ‘other’ blogs you have seen………..well, they didn’t exist before and no one knew who they were either.  So doesn’t that mean you could have the same experience?  Of course, it does.  We all start out in the same place.  It might be on different platforms, but everyone starts at the same  gate.


 We all Start in the Same Place

I am going to cover more than just one or two tips.  I am going to share with you where you should start blogging and why.  Sharing with you Content Tips, images and how to become known or at the very least found by someone!  If nobody knows about the ideas that you are sharing, then you are just writing for you.

And that is quite fine too.  A lot of bloggers start out as a hobby, or with a personal blog.  But the trick is NOT to get ahead of yourself.  Do Not Leapfrog to the next lily pad until you have dotted your I’s and crossed your T’s.  It is so easy in the beginning, when you start blogging to be excited and get ahead of yourself or find that you are running out of words or things to write about.  We have all been there at one time or another and some still are.  Don’t worry if you are one, I have some cool things to share with you so you can start blogging too.

how to start blogging




When you start blogging and publishing just one or two words, you are sending a message to Google and it is not a positive one.  You can set your WordPress site so it is not published until you are ready.  And Yes, 🙂  I am using WordPress as my Platform.  It is one of the most used and most popular for blogging and for now for business.

Depending on where you are when you start blogging,  beginner, intermediate or advanced, it will determine where and how you start up.  I strongly encourage anyone that is a beginner or if you know your way around a bit and can figure it out but, there is a lot you don’t quite know yet, to join a program where you can learn and get set up the right way.

I did just that as I wanted to finally learn the in’s and out’s and what a plugin was and what do I do with a widget and so much more.  When you find the right learning tool it all becomes easier to understand and you will feel so accomplished and proud of doing it yourself.  It is so worth it!!

How to start blogging the right way

Funny story is when I first was trying all this out and thought I better pay to have someone do this…..yeah, that was a total nightmare!!  Partly because I really didn’t have a clue but the other half was an internal error which was corrected and refunded.  After that experience, I wanted to understand more.  Now that I do, I can laugh at what I didn’t know and put into the hands of others.  It was so simple.


Two that I have found to be genuine and reasonable are SBI and WEALTHY AFFILIATE.  I will put links in for you as both have free starters so you can get the feel and see which is the better fit for you.  Because I am a KISS kinda Gal I like simple and easy to implement.  You know, the straight forward and no sugar added to your bowl of cereal kind of stuff.

Let’s Go To Beginner Level to Start Blogging

If you want to play with it and see how you do and feel go on over to Blogger and use that platform.  It is fun and easy to use and has some nice themes you can use.  I actually started blogging there until I got seriously interested in learning more.  It may sound funny but I saw so many blogs and they all had banners and links to cool places and I always thought how much fun it would be to do something like that.  Problem was, I didn’t have a bloody clue how to do it!!

You can be the best communicator when blogging,  but without further knowledge, you are not going to reciprocate any of the benefits you may be after.

Shall we get on with a few important steps?

  1.  Review both of the programs below and make a decision.  If you are using one now, compare it to these as well.  You might be surprised.  I was paying a high price tag before I found where I am now.
  2.  Join one of the programs and start the free training.  (I found mine in a little square 🙂 )
  3.  Follow the training laid out and do not get too far ahead of yourself.
  4.  IF you are serious get one or two domain names that will fit for your chosen niche.
  5.  Pick your theme via WordPress and start to customize it.  ( Very easy with walk thru help)
  6.  Start writing.  The about you page is a great place to start.  Let your readers know who you are.

Two Platforms that Teach and Guide YOU To start Blogging


Click on the one or both pictures for your free trials.  You won’t know if you don’t try!

how to start blogging                                         affiliate programs and learning how to start blogging

I love to have feedback and help others the best way I can so leave a comment, ask a question and I will get back to you.  Go ahead, make my day better.  Share some love with your buds on FB and Twitter too.  Thanks and over to you!

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