Social Media Marketing Strategy Tips for Newbies

             YOU & Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media marketing strategy is about you and your Product and how you advertise it.  YOU are the most important part of that sentence!  The Question of the Day is where do You start? Who or what goes first?  Product?  Company?  You?  Whenever you are doing any marketing, social media, mini niches, b2b, or you represent a company as a rep, it still all comes back to You.

A social media marketing strategy is all about the advertising, isn’t it?  I mean that is what you see on every ‘street corner’ on Facebook.  When you learn marketing of any kind, it usually comes down to one of two things.  You need to be connecting with your consumer but perhaps there is a better way to go about this social media marketing strategy.  Have you ever considered a relationship type of marketing effort?

Creating Social Relationships

relationships and social media marketing strategy is key


This is especially important for any MLMers.  It is not a good idea to put your product or company ahead of yourself.  You must, above all else, promote YOU as the expert in this category.  You want to be engaging and helpful to your followers.
Facebook is where we seem to see more of this marketing happening.  Posting your products every other day to your personal profile is NOT what you would call creating a social relationship with anyone!  It is more like creating annoying relationships!  My wildest guess is you do it this way because you were told to do it this way.  What the heck, it works for them so why not you?  Right?


It is the same for Twitter, Instagram, or any other social site you use. If you are in MLM, Direct Sales, Network or Affiliate Marketing.   You must Brand YOU or promote YOU before your product or the company you represent.  This is the kind of social media marketing strategy you want to adopt.

Think about this for just a minute. You are one of perhaps thousands selling the same product or representing a company and each one of you is hoping to be noticed. Yes, you all have different friends and groups to approach but what happens when you and your product are no longer affiliated?  CRASH and BURN!  Or worst case scenario, your friends see you as being a flake because you keep trying to sell them more of the ‘something else’, in your quest to find what is your best fit.

Facebook is the perfect advertising platform. No doubt there.  You just need to be sure you are doing it the best way possible to create the relationships you need.  Many companies have come to rely not only on the traditional mass media, such as newspaper, radio, television, and film but have discovered the huge potential of social networks.

As mentioned above, thousands, if not millions of people can be reached by a click. This is the most effective distribution of information and opens up new business opportunities for us all.

You are Unique, Aren’t YOU?

social media marketing strategy is about You first
You need to stand out from the rest. Big Time! I mean think about it. Aren’t you Unique? Aren’t You the only YOU out there?  How many leads and new sign ups have you had in your business as a result of using only your existing “company focused” fan/biz page/product?

Unfortunately, there is a systemic problem with MLM which is in the business model itself.  It relies heavily on you getting other people into the program and almost always if your goal is getting actual customers, it is convincing people to spend higher prices than normal on any product. Yes, some are worth it but that, in turn, means it is NOT for everyone.  That also means social media marketing is perhaps not working for you the way you have been told.

Making Extra Income is Still Possible

social media marketing strategy search

Relationship Marketing, Cyclers, or any other name they choose to call it all come down to one thing. Learning how to do it the best way to achieve success from the start.   If you have been struggling to get anywhere with your products because you now belong to the N.F.N.F. club you might like what I am going to suggest.

Instead of getting out there and making cold calls or calling your friends and family, posting pictures every day, using social media accounts to mention something about it there really is a much better way to do this.   Are you tired of not achieving the success you dreamed of?


Why Me and Why My Suggestion 4 You?

there is a better way than this to use social media marketing strategy

My story is short and sweet.   I was tired of the hustle.   The rejection by family and friends.  Tired of belonging to that  NFF CLUB! ( no friends no family)  Tired of not being able to do a business online and from home.  I was so frustrated and didn’t want to Just Quit!   In my search for something better, I came across Affiliate Marketing.  When you are an affiliate you do not, let me repeat that…..You DO NOT pay to join anyone.  The choice is always your own if you want to purchase any of the products you are sharing.  Some say it is a good thing to do that if you can.  For the most part, all reviews are generally based on Your use of any product.  ( not a pre-requisite)

In my search for something better, or at least something I thought would suit me better,  I came across Affiliate Marketing.  When you are an affiliate you do not, let me repeat that…..You DO NOT pay to join anyone.  The choice is always your own if you want to purchase any product you are sharing.  Some think you should try it before suggesting it to others, and this is a good thing to do if you can but is not a do or die situation.  For the most part, all reviews are generally based on Your research and not just the use of any product.  There fore it is not a pre-requisite to being an affiliate.

Sharing as an affiliate marketer allowed me the freedom to do and have more to share.  It is always nice to offer choices that might fit other lifestyles or needs.  You never know, so I never assume.  Just as I will not do here.

You can do MLM or Direct Sales or be an Affiliate Marketer or you could have your own products!  It doesn’t much matter when it comes to learning HOW TO MARKET EFFECTIVELY.  It is imperative to any success.  I believe that 100%.  I guess that is because I have seen both sides and I know what I was or had done wrong.  Now it was my time to fix that and maybe just maybe help someone else along the way.

If you think, no, if you know you want to be successful and you need the help to get it right then please take a minute and check out this platform where you can learn just that.  It is so not in your face compared to others we see.  You almost question it because you are used to seeing all the pomp and glitter and fuss going on on other platforms.  Don’t tho’, okay?

You do not need a CC to join me here and test it out.  Actually, if you want, you can stay free as long as you need too and you can still have 2 free websites with that freedom.  You will know pretty close to just after a few days in, that you have found something hard to describe to others.  The honesty and the simplicity of how it works Plus the community support is phenomenal.  I know you think I am just sayin’ all this cause I want you to join me.  Well, I do, but not because of the WHY you are thinking!

I am serious and that is because I was where you are and I do know how that feels.  It really sucks, to tell the truth. Here is your opportunity to find out if I am telling you the truth or a fable.  Want to see? 

here is where you will learn social media marketing strategy
I’d love to get your feedback ………Let me know if you are currently in MLM or have been and found the struggle was/is too much.  Have you ever been roped into an expensive training that got little of what you needed?  Are U struggling as much as I was?   Please take advantage of the free access enjoy it and put it to good use…….yup, No CC required!  Your call.


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