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Should We Use Social Media Advertising for Business?


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Social Media advertising for business is being used more and more every day? What do you think of your friends sharing posts about their particular products?  Is this okay with you or annoying, or should they be using another entity for this?  Most of you have said Yes, to using social media advertising on Facebook the right way.  Not on your personal profile.  There are a lot more that are using Twitter, Instagram, and Google+.   Yes, Social Media for business is a hot commodity.  (Just not on your personal pages.)  And each of these platforms is making it easier.

Follow the Rules

Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+ have rules in place for businesses to follow.  If you break the rules, you break their trust and you pay the price.  Google can be really difficult!  It only takes one mistake and you will be shut down.  They have no mercy so be warned.  Facebook is more lenient and you will get a warning to stop what you are doing before they actually penalize you.

Most social media advertising is more than cost-friendly and is certainly worth using.  Did you know that you may not use your social media personal accounts for any advertising?  Facebook has a business or fan page that you can make and all you need is a personal profile to do this.  They seriously make it easy so there is no need to break the rules doing your social media advertising.


Don’t Do What Your Sponsor Tells You is Okay


If you are doing any Direct Sales, M.L.M. or Relationship marketing DO NOT do as your sponsors do or say is ok.  Just because they have managed to do it doesn’t mean you will.  I know!  So many think because they have gotten away sharing on their personal profiles, that it is okay for everyone.  But really it isn’t.  They may have friends that are more understanding than yours or just more of them period.

The other thing is how serious are you about your new business and your professional appearance? Have you ever given any thought to when or if you leave this company?  What then?  You see, sometimes we jump in feet first because we,

  • love the products
  • your friend is doing it
  • they told you it was easy

Yup!  Then when you find out, because you really weren’t paying attention in the beginning that you had to buy products every month or you had a quota to meet and you had to sponsor a team in order to really make any money, then what?  Right.  You re-think the whole thing after a few months of really trying.

Here is what happens, the TRUTH!  You have struggled to get sales or anyone to buy your products.  You thought you could do this, but now you wonder…..’What was I thinking’?  You didn’t plan very well or leave enough time for yourself to get your business going and you are now your credit card is telling a story all its own.  You have to stop.

The problem is you have seriously fallen in love with being your own boss!  A few years or maybe less time goes by and you find something else you are interested in.  You tell yourself, this is more affordable and I can do this.  You couldn’t but you are determined.

can you use a perosnal page for social media advertising






Now, this really does happen and I know a few of you are either smiling or nodding right about now. You are not a quitter nor a loser.  You are actually a winner for not giving up.  I have a dream and my guess is you do too.  You are here and you are reading this post so………..yup.  You do have a dream too.

I need to back up just a wee bit for a minute.  Sorry.  You have tried several different products or company’s and you shared them all with the same friends on your personal profiles.  Uh huh.  You know you are not a loser but your friends don’t see it that way!  If you got inside their thoughts for a minute you might see this ” Oh crap!  Here we go again!  Now, what is she/he trying to sell me?  Geez, just give it up already!!”  OR, they see you coming and run for the hills or they are late for an appointment and can’t stop to chat right now.

they run when they see you doing social media advertsing

Yeah, ever been there?  I have and it isn’t a fun place to hang out on your own.  The N.F.N.F. club sucks! ( no friends, no family)

⇓Have We Established This Does Not Work?⇓


Come see what I have!  It is just what you need!!  Not everyone agrees this is an okay practice.  Your friends don’t want to be bombarded every day with another post about your amazing snake oil and all it can do for them.  It is kind of like doing the slow hustle on friends and family and anyone who will listen.  It is just not really appreciated.

And yes, I get that your upline or sponsor does this and told you to do the same.  I did it when I was doing M.L.M.too.  The thing is, and this is important…..not all your friends and family ARE interested in your expensive product no matter how much YOU think they NEED to be!! 

So, Is Social Media important for business?  In my opinion, if I may, I say Yes.  In fact, Hugely so.  Just Not On Your Personal Page!  


Reasons for Not using your Personal Profile:


Our first one speaks loud and clear and yes, there is a Facebook Jail and you will spend time in it if you do not follow the rules.   

  1.   social media for business




     2.  Branding You, not your product

social media for business works







     3.  Having your friends think you are Very Annoying!  Actually, you could end up in that well-known club…the NFNF club I spoke of earlier.

 Are you an Online Marketer? I am talking MLM, Relationship, network or Affiliate marketing and are you using a Social Media platform to draw attention to your business?   Do you want to?  Would you like to know how to do it, shall we say better?  


Well, the good news is, You NEED to use social media!   It is a must and it is not complicated, well, not as complicated as they are going to tell you anyway.  If you can set up your own personal page then you can do this one!!

Here is HOW TO BEGIN using Facebook.

On your Facebook Dashboard.… right corner you will see a symbol of a lock and just beside that, an arrow pointing down.  Click on that and on the drop down menu click on create a page.  Just a suggestion but try and have your name picked out.  Facebook does allow you to change this but best to get as close to what you want the first time.  Then follow the directions and you are up and away.

social-media-advertising and marketing for business

Why Social Media for Business?

Think of Social Media as your Store Front in the Mall and thousands of people come by every day. Your Store is your Fan Page or Business Page.  Here is the place where you want to become the expert at what it is you do.  Sharing really good information that has value as well as some fun tips others could use.   You want to be seen as THE Expert in whatever it is you are doing.  To stand out from the rest of the pack and be noticed.  Time to think outside of the box. Do this only if you do not want to do what every other marketer on Facebook is doing………using a personal page for their home biz.

More Advantages

Advertising on Facebook is well within any budget and is only available on your fan page or business page.   You cannot do this from your personal page which means your ‘reach’ for your audience is limited.  Much safer to go this route than end up in Facebook Jail too!  Yes, they have jail time if you break the rules and get caught!!

You can also open business accounts at Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+.

Your Fan Page is also a great place for contests or a give-a-way for friends sharing with friends.  Everyone loves to be rewarded or appreciated.   Or another would be an advertised promo from one of your offers.  You will appear More Professional and people will look to you for help.  This is Branding You.

You can also connect your Website/Blog direct to your fan page with the Sociable Plugins that are available in WordPress.  

Tips for your Fan Page: 

social media and business









Use a professional photo that shows YOU, not your pet monkey!  Remember people want and need to see who they are doing business with and more so all the time with so many scams out there.

  1.   Use an attractive eye-catching cover photo.  You can find some really nice free ones through Facebook and a few others that are the exact size you need.  Just do a google search for free Facebook covers and you will come up with several.
  2.    Post content often to your page, and add some photos for visuals as well.  People love to look at pictures and videos.  Keep your posts short and relevant to your topic.  About once a week you should post more in-depth content.  You can use portions of your blog entry’s on your fan page to save time and you can also pre-schedule your posts.
  3.    Once you have some content up invite your friends to like your new business page and encourage them to invite their friends to do the same.  You are looking for your first 25 likes and then your next goal is 250.  ( yes, this is important so go crush it!)
  4.  You want your URL and page name to be a close match.  Facebook allows this change after you have 25 likes.  You will find this information in your settings on Facebook.
  5. Last but hardly least, make sure if you are using your own website or blog that it is connected to your new fan page!  (this can really help with your 25 likes) 

Social Media in Short Form! 

Every day is a new day of learning when we use the Internet and what it offers in business.  Social Media reaches so many people you would otherwise not reach and you can do this for free or with very low-cost advertising.  Remember you have to have visitors in order to make any money and that means doing a bit of legwork.  Let your fingers do the walking and use social media to do the talking. 

And now the time has come for me to turn the keyboard over to You!  Yup, but you have to place nice, okay?  Leave a comment or ask a question or better yet, if you enjoyed my post today maybe you would consider showing some love and sharing with your friends or at the very least a nice little like?  Thank you so much.  Now go be awesome and the keyboard is yours!

      Merry C.






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14 thoughts on “Social Media Advertising & Your Business

  1. Owain says:

    I don’t see many of my Facebook friends promoting their products. But I know what you mean I feel it did get annoying I would simply not follow them. I would still be their friend though. That is why I have my own page and don’t promote on my public profile.

    I have yet to pay for advertisement on Facebook but it is something that I am interested to do. Do you have any tips on this.


    • Merry Conner says:

      If any of your facebook friends had been doing any MLM or Direct Sales I am sure you would have noticed. The funny thing is, we play follow the leader ‘just because’ and when it doesn’t work out we have to ask ourselves the what and the why. I found out after the fact and I think that is why it is important for me to share with others what not to do. When doing Facebook Ads be sure you set a $ limit you are comfortable with and stop the Ad if it is not doing anything positive for you. Facebook is quite strict with Ads and they have a page you can look at so you know what you can and cannot do. Simple works best and so does less. When I did a few I did them for my business page but many will direct people to their website. Another little trick if you have a business page like you do is to ask your friends to ‘help you’ and share your new page with their friends. People love to help and it is worth the try. Thank you for your visit today and your thoughtful comments. I hope I was able to help a bit on the Ads.

  2. Norman says:

    With the invention of the internet and social media the way that business has change and being done has been taken to a whole different level. With social media comes that reach of thousands and milloins of peiple world wide. So what do I think about social media it is just awesome. Thanks for sharing this awesome article, that is filled with a lot of great infromation.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Norman for your thoughtful input on social media. It can really be an advantage but there is a learning curve to it all as well.

  3. Chris says:

    I used to use social media religiously for my online businesses but I gave it up in the end – I found that using that time for expanding my websites was a lot more valuable. At the end of the day it’s all about how much time you can put into the social platforms – how much of a following are you willing to work towards

    • admin says:

      Heh Chris, thanks for sharing your thoughts today. I do agree that social media platforms can take a lot of time, but if you have a business site you can also have your social icon from your websites pointing there which could be a good thing as well. I personally found it was very time consuming at first, until I figured out a better way to stay on top of it. So many variables aren’t there Chris. Thanks again I appreciate your input.

  4. Lauren Kinghorn says:

    Hi Merry, interesting article. A lot of food for thought. I’ve steered away from the social media giants, and opted for Linked In, Pinterest and Flipboard instead. Do you know whether Linked In also has the option to create a FREE business page? I’m using my personal Linked In page at the moment and now thinking that may be a mistake for the reasons you’ve mentioned.

    • admin says:

      Hi Lauren. Good question. I am not 100% on the business end as most I have seen on Linked In are professionals using a personal page. Facebook can be great IF you set up a business page. You can actually connect your articles to that page as well. Gives you a little more presence which Is important. Thanks for stopping by and sharing with us today Lauren. It is always a pleasure to know you have shared something good for others.

  5. Caer_Baer says:

    I definitely agree that you should use social media to promote and advertise your business. However, I seriously believe that you should brand yourself and not attempt to use your personal social media. You’re right, I have seen friends, unfriend, followers, unfollow, simply because of advertisements.

    It might take a little more effort on your end, but setting up separate social media for your business will allow those who are interested in the opportunity to follow / friend you because they want to hear more about your product / service and you wouldn’t be forcing anyone that thought they were on social media to just find friends to watch your steady stream of advertising.

    Just my 2-cents, separate your personal and business social media!

    • admin says:

      Thank you Caer_Baer for your comment and sharing that this is important for any home business. Branding you is all part of the process and doing a business or fan page on Facebook is a great start. Your 2-cents is dead on!!

  6. Ian says:

    I think social media is very important because you can get a lot of traffic from these sources. It’s also great for networking with others in the same industry/niche as well. I have done what you described, and have shared my posts on my personal FB profile. Now that I’ve read your article, I will discontinue this since it is rather spammy. Thanks for sharing this article, I really enjoyed reading it.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Ian. Yes, it is a good idea to do facebook the other way. I am glad I was able to help with that. Sometimes we learn after the fact, but as long as we learn as we go is all that matters. Wishing you the best with your endeavor.

  7. Jessica says:

    The point you make is so crazy true. I mean I do it myself, if someone spams my news feed, I’m likely to delete them, or at least turn off all the notifications and hide it from my news feed on facebook. It’s a lot like consent, when I follow a business I know exactly what to expect and I’m ready for it, but when you follow a friend you want real stuff about them, I’m not expecting to get spammed and I’m normally not okay with it.

  8. Garrick Breaux says:

    Absolutely social media is good for advertising your website. Its a fine line though. Nobody wants to be bombarded with opt-ins together with advertisement every 5 minutes of the same thing. In my 10 plus years of being a business owner, I definitely use social media to advertise my products. Whether its affiliate marketing or my own eBook, I at least post something about what my business is selling that can help people once a week.

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