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Setting marketing goals as well as personal goal setting cannot be achieved merely on what you INTEND to do. You must take action, begin somewhere and be accountable. There is little difference in personal goals and setting retail goals.  Both require action.

Setting marketing goals requires having a plan ready to get the word out.

There are charts and dream boards you can follow but keeping it real simple and real honest with yourself is most important.  One of the first things you need to do when setting marketing goals is to write them down! You can use a napkin if that is all you have, but write them down. This is, in my opinion, the most important if not crucial steps in setting my goals.

When we don’t write down our wishes and dreams and marketing goals we have nothing to fall back on. Have you ever written something down that you wanted to achieve or have in your life and then months or years you find the ‘note’ and bingo, you actually achieved it!!

Are You Setting Marketing Goals?

setting marketing goals and crushing them


If you are not sure on how to get started setting your goals, whether it is something you want in your personal life or career here are a few steps to help ensure your success.

1. Daily Goals

If you have a goal you want to accomplish write it down on your calendar or appointment book each day. When I first started out this is exactly what I did. Every day, at the top of my calendar I wrote a specific dollar amount that I needed to achieve that day. I kept writing it down, every day until it happened.
Once I had achieved my dollar amount consistently, I then increased that amount and wrote that number down every day. Rinse and repeat! * Do not increase your daily goal until you have reached your first or initial goal target.*

2. Weekly Goals
Some of us work better over a longer period of goal setting. There are no set rules, other than ONE! Yup, you are getting smarter. Write it down! If you know you have a certain amount of money or a target you need to achieve every week then this is perfect. Write it down once and then take the action daily to achieve this.

If you are setting marketing goals for your blog or website this is a good one for you. A perfect example is following the ‘google trend’ for writing content. At the very least you should be doing 2 posts per week.

3. Monthly/Yearly Goals

If you were to choose the daily or weekly goal setting it is easy to incorporate those into monthly and yearly goal setting. If it is a set dollar amount you can break it down like this:
a)  Daily $ goal target= $100.00
b)  Weekly target = $500.00 ( based on the normal 5 day work week)
c)   Monthly target = $2000.00


Setting a goal does not mean to be ‘bigger is better’.

A very simple goal setting technique that does work if you apply the actions to go with the goal. When you know the big picture, $ amounts it is easy to adjust your long-term goals. OR, you have your yearly goal, now break it down to monthly, weekly and daily. Setting goals


You must take some sort of action to achieve any goal. Just thinking about it doesn’t cut the mustard! Anthony Robbins, one of my favorite motivators gave a wonderful example of taking action. I don’t have it word for word, but the general gist goes like this.


Your garden is full of weeds so you go outside and speak to your garden….’no weeds, no weeds, no weeds! You keep chanting and repeating. Did the weeds hear you? NO! You need to take action and pull the silly things out. Then the weeds are gone.

Dream Boards or Vision Boards






Dream boards and Vision Boards were very popular and everyone was talking about having a dream board. Have you ever made one? What happened? It is what I call the visual goal of ‘things’ you want to achieve in your life. That is where the vision comes in. Here is where they tell you to think BIG! The loftier the better. It’s your dream, so just go for it! Okay. Okay not!

You have just spent hours looking thru magazines and cutting out pictures of things you want. That amazing car, a grand home on the beach, travel, family fun time, a home office……and I think you get the idea. You put this up where you can see it every day. And then you wait. NO? Dream boards are fun, and they can help you but you still need to take action.
Really what the dream board does is to help give you more clarity. The clearer your vision, the better your chance of seeing it become reality. Have you taken the steps to begin the process of achieving everything on your dream board?

A Clear Dream Becomes Specific

Something I see all too often is people setting goals without being specific. Here are 5 things you really need to do if you want to succeed. And remember the only person you are cheating is YOU.

  • Clearly, define the dollar amount you want to achieve.
  • Be honest with yourself. I mean really brutally honest.
  • Throwing out some lofty numbers that are not attainable in the beginning stages of any business.
  • Not giving yourself sufficient time to attain your goal.
  • have a budget for your marketing.

Sticky Notes

you are not too old to start setting marketing goals







All part of being determined in earnest is the use of sticky notes. You can write down motivational quotes or words that inspire you and post them on your bathroom mirror, your computer, on the fridge. Pretty much anywhere you will see it on a daily basis. Bring clarity to your dreams.
I have seen people do this for weight loss and for achieving confidence as well as money goals. You are unique and therefore you need to find what will work for you. The only rules are to’ write it down’ and be honest with yourself.

If you are in doubt as to where to start achieving your goals for any business online then here is my #1   You will learn not only how but why and success can be yours.

  Real Simple! Write down what you want to see yourself achieve.

I sincerely wish you the very best with your goal setting. Personal goals or setting marketing goals. What the mind can see, you can achieve.

Have you ever done any goal setting and if so, we would love to hear how it worked out for you. If you tried something different we would love you to share that as well.   It’s all about empowering each other and being the best we can be.


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6 thoughts on “Setting Marketing Goals, Personal Goal Setting!

  1. Hermon says:

    The importance of having goals cannot be over looked it stops you from getting side tracked at least you can see when u need to step up your work i have my goals set out on a 15yr plan my self i should have done it years ago

  2. Simon Crowe in Asia says:

    I completely agree – for me writing it down makes it more concrete in my mind as well as giving me a physcial reminder.

    I love how you do your daily goals, keep writing it down until you achieve it – I think there’s a lot of wisdom in that and it’s something I’m going to start implementing right away!

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you Simon for your comment today. It is a different way to do goal setting on a daily basis. I did this and it did work! It took some patience but in the end it worked and I was then able to increase my goal. Wishing you all the best as you try it out.

  3. Aaron says:

    I love dream building and goal setting, it’s super important for everyone to understand and create their own plan, seeing as it’s personal to them! Your post is simple and straight to the point, love it. Now to have a look at my own goals.
    Thanks for sharing this

    • Merry Conner says:

      Setting Goals I think should be a simple task. So often it is made into a big production. Yes, as I wrote this, I too am re-setting my goals. Thanks for being here today. Happy Goal setting!

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