Scam Alert You need to be aware of Now!

scam alert

Scams are just A little bit of Ugly!

Scams and Scam Alert are a category I really love sharing.  Having been down this road and having to change out my T-shirt I can promise you the truth will be shared here!  If you are stealing, pretending to be something you are not, or being untruthful in any way, we will find you!  This is a scam alert warning! Scams and those people behind them are despicable!

People who are looking for a new job (or hate their job)  Anyone who is looking to replace or supplement an income from home, you need to keep your eyes open wide!  We offer a scam warning so those Scams and scammers that have THEIR eyes on YOU and are looking to pluck you from the crowd don’t stand a chance!

they are waiting to pluck you from the crowd and this is your scam alert


There are a lot of Slimy characters who run scams on the Internet and just as many sneaky programs just waiting to fool you into joining them.  Scams always look and sound REAL GOOD and they have such an appealing website how could this be not good?  That is exactly what they are counting on from you.  And that is why a scam alert or warning is so important.

Believe it or not, they use the same tricks phycologists talk about that attract you.  Color and layout, the right words and where to place them are just a few of the ways scams work.   A lot of behind the scenes logic goes into this.  We are naturally drawn to the negative drama that is associated with a scam alert.

Points to look for that could result in U being Scammed.

There are a handful of sites that use ‘Funnel Sales Marketing’ and they are the honest ones.   I can only vouch for what I use or have been a part of in the last few years.  But, prior to that, it would have been a very strong NO!  I only wish I had had a scam alert or some kind of warning of these kinds of dishonest methods being used.  When you see or feel that something is not quite right, leave the funnel thru the closest EXIT!  Trust your instincts this could be your scam alert.

Key Points:

  • You go thru some crazy application process to be accepted?
  • You sign up and you pay and all of a sudden there is another page wanting you to spend more or upgrade at a special price today only!!
  • there are no tangible products or training downloads
  • You can earn umteen thousands of $$ for doing nothing!
  • You are feeling pressured to make a decision immediately.
  • Pomp and Hype with no clear instruction.

Scams, I an out of here!

When You See Scams You Sound the bells… Scam Alert!

Seriously? Yes, it has always been a hate of mine for any of these practices and after seeing a few you know how fast to run.  I thought it was just me being silly, but finally, came across some others who agreed with me!  I mean, cmon, REALLY?   You think this is a good thing?  These people are not who you want to be associated with.  Besides they will drop you like a hot potato if you even hint at something negative in their program.

People running scams could care less about you, their ‘Gramma’ or anyone else!

The Blinding Lights that come with Some Funnels


I still remember the first time I hit a funnel that was up-selling me the whole way in. Wow! It was crazy good and NOT in that ‘gooder’ kind of way!!

By the time I figured it all out I was simply stunned at this practice and wanted nothing to do with it again. Of course, over time the process has been simplified but that does not make it okay or right in any way.   Not if It is fraudulent and trickery is being used.

When you are lead to believe one thing, and something else is happening it is not a happy place to be.  OR, You just bought one item now they want you to buy an even better version or an added-on bonus? Over and over again!

A one-time upgrade is normal.  You will see this with a lot of mentors or trainers.  It does not always mean they are running scams.  It just means they might be a teeny bit greedy.

Another to be watchful for is paying to apply for a program!  You see this at the beginning of some funnels.  Makes it seem very important, like 10 ********* important!  Not.  This is my indicator that a scam could be at the end.

Keep your eyes open is my best advice.  Me, I am outta there!


Not necessarily in the category of Quick Profit

Concluding thoughts on this are that you are getting only part of the puzzle, not the entire thing and in many marketing groups or training company’s you need to keep spending more and more money.  Not wrong.

They just conveniently forget to tell you upfront!  Yes, of course, they did!  It was all part of the initial plan.  Just not a fraudulent scheme.

I have More information on what to look out for so you don’t end up as a scam victim now or ever.  Click on the link right above ⇑….like now, or here⇓….for an eye-opening experience that will keep you smiling.

Wealthy Affiliate is not a Scam

It has been great having you here.  I Would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have or clarify any others you felt were scams or just life lessons in what not to do.  Or if it is a better fit, just hit one of the social share buttons on my site and share some love!  ⇐That in itself would be hugely awesome.

Okay, be a Doll and share some Love...

2 thoughts on “Scam Alert You need to be aware of Now!

  1. Carl says:


    I have been scammed a couple of times and it is not a very fun experience. Thank you so much for the pointers above on what to look for, I will definitely take heed of them. If I come across a scam is there a place to report them too maybe? Thanks for the info and I will check back with u.


    • Merry Conner says:

      Thanks so much Carl. You know that is a great question. I am not sure that there is just one place to report scams. I know that using pay pal and other well-known sites they are always very appreciative when you spot something and let them know. The best way I have found is writing an article and sharing. You can also go to the Warrior Forum and other sites that deal with scams all the time.

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