The Power of Positive Thinking Does Not Work Alone

power of positive thinking

Have You Tried The Power of Positive Thinking?

Just Curious………….How Did That Work for You?

The Power of Positive thinking works just not on its own!   Now let me just say before you get you all riled up and mad as a hatter at me……I do believe in Positive Thinking and I do have a dream!  But only along with Positive Action will you see it working! 

Without that action you have zip!  Yes, it is true.  You can think all the positive thoughts you want you can use all your powers until you drop, but if you do not do something to change what is not working it won’t happen. 

When was the last time you had a positive chat with the weeds in your garden?  You know, like “there are no weeds, there are no weeds, there are no weeds”?  Yes, I am perfectly serious.  The weeds still grew, didn’t they?  

Now if you chimed “there are no weeds” as you pulled them out……..then maybe you have a chance.  Do you see what I am saying?  The power of Positive thinking works when you take action.

the-power-of-positive-thinking works when you take action

POSITIVE THINKING WORKS!   Just Not Alone! Period!

Even the old saying “Fake It Til You Make It” works better!  Do you know why?  Because you are taking some sort of action to change things.  You may not know everything it takes to be an entrepreneur but you are least taking action in that direction.  You are doing!  You are making the power of positive thinking work for you.


action is required if the power of positive thinking is to work





Change does not happen unless we make a decision to change the way things are.  We need to be realistic about where we are at.  That does mean it is negative.   Once you accept your situation then you can do something positive to change it.  How emotionally fit are you?  Have you ever asked that question of yourself or challenged yourself?  

When things are not working out the way we hoped for, we have a tendency to blow things out of proportion in our minds and make it all worse than it really is.  Yes, we do.  I certainly have and my advice is, ‘Don’t go there.’ Don’t make it so it is impossible to change.  Think about trying this instead.

Just be truthful to yourself.

1. see it as it is
2. see it better than it is. <If your future is not more compelling than it is right now, you won’t reach it. >
3. make it the way you see it. Keep it simple so you can implement the changes.

Without a vision we perish……..without a dream we have no hope.



What the heck is so wrong with telling it as it is.  Real is Real and Truth is a truth. This is how it is today and this is what I need to do to change the patterns I created.  Take the actions necessary to reach where you are wanting to be.  Positive thinking works, just not on its own!

Our Focus is Huge says ANTHONY ROBBINS.  What you focus on is what you feel.

Positive thinking works in the world but it is not going to change anything until you take action.  The bottom line is it takes courage to change things in your life.

Courage to accept your life as it is rather than to pretend and wish upon a star.  It takes To keep trying and trying until you get it right is courage.  It takes action.  And it really takes all your courage to change what is not working.

Does this mean you don’t think positive and you are a negative Nelly?  Not for a second.  Motivation and motivational quotes are so much more than thinking positive.  I have all kinds of ‘Motivation’ that I put around me every day to motivate me to try harder.  But if I don’t do something positive it won’t work.  This is the only way positive thinking works.

Remember as long as you are working towards something you want for your life you are not quitting.   You may have to change course along the way, or switch paths and take a detour but you are still ‘doing’.  No one ever said the road to success in life was a straight road without any bumps or curves.  Always remember that.


‘The Future Belongs to Those Who Create It’  (What amazing words to put into your heart and mind)

‘Life, is not what you see, but what you’ve projected. It’s not what you’ve felt, but what you’ve decided.  Not what you’ve experienced, but how you’ve remembered it. And certainly not what you’ve forged, but what you’ve allowed. Never who’s appeared, but who you’ve summoned. And it’s not where you’ve been, but where you’re going.’            

A note from the Universe

*You don’t have to be an Expert, You just have to Have a Story*


Your Success, Positive Thinking, and Will Power

Did you know that the weakness of the human condition is self-control?  Our own lack of discipline and willpower are part of the reason the power of positive thinking does not work by itself.  

Think about this for just a minute.  I recently listened in on a broadcast and it made perfect sense to me. Darren Hardy, another motivational speaker, said: “When your success, your need for focus, your need for motivation, your need for…………………… dependent on your willpower, self-control or discipline-you will fail every time!”

Now, what is required in success?  To see your dreams come alive?  How many times have you had good intentions to start something you had thought about but weeks went by before you realized you had not either

  1. even gotten started
  2. finished what you started

Yeah, it happens a lot.  It takes discipline to carry out our well-intentioned plans.  One of the best action plans you could take is to prioritize and set your goals in action by writing out a plan!  Make a 

  • daily to do sheet ( most important to least and keep it minimal )
  • set up a calendar with a definite plan
  • write your goals down!  Short, Mid, Long, and Longer

Time management =You getting the Most Important things done!  And that should include time for you to reflect on your thoughts, dreams, and goals.  Consistency will be key to any successful plan you set up. It takes time, and consistent effort for any plan to become effective and part of your daily routine.   Positive thinking?  Discipline, willpower, self-control, and this is HUGE,….consistency!  Now can you see a little more clearly why ACTION is so important to your

make a plan, take action on the power of positive thinking

Discover YOU!

Why do we struggle and why do we sabotage our own success?  That is a hard pill to swallow at the best of times but twice as hard right after you have spent days and days doing your positive thinking rituals, writing down your goals and taking action on them.  But you are still not where you want to be!!  

This is the most discouraging part of the whole process.  And it once again points out the importance of taking action and being consistent.  Even if you only have 2 hours a day.  Work those 2 hours into your dream of a home business and stay with it.

Our Internal Belief System sometimes gets messed up when it comes to success and especially our own.  The very best way for you to start your journey is to lead by example.  I know, it sounds silly especially when or if you have seen the success or financial gain yet.  It will come, trust me.  As you lead by example you set the example!

 To Lead is to Help, Be, See, & Become More!  You Are Worth It!!

Yes, you can and not just by the power of positive thinking

                                        Do You Believe You Are?


I am going to hand the keyboard over to you now because I  would l ♥ve to hear your thoughts on the power of positive thinking and how it has worked in your life.  Our comment section is just below or you can do one click and share some of the same l ♥ve on social media.

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Have an Awesome One!  It’s A Good Day to have a Good Day!!!





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