How Not to Market Online Sales Sites in 2017

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 Do You have the Best Online Sales Sites?

Online Sales Sites and Marketing Headlines like below are used to draw you in……..then they tell you a story about their journey in network marketing or MLM.  Below is one I found and my hope is that you see what I saw. 

Not all online sales sites are like this but these are the kind of things you need to be aware of for any home-based business and the lies being told to entice you thru their doors.

Make an Income By the Time the Kids go back to school!   Be A Boss! Really?

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A Story of Truth or Fairytales about online sales sites

As I was reading this ‘shared’ testimony it sounded pretty sincere. She was telling a good story and one that so many can relate too.  And this is where we become knee deep in spiders and snakes.  They are creatures that are sneaky and slithery and often hurt you or those you love.


And they wonder why we are skeptical! They wonder why so many are still struggling. Here is one very good example of the kinds of online sales sites YOU SHOULD BE SKEPTICAL OF.

A.  Promises of earning thousands of dollars in short periods of time.

B.  Not telling you upfront what the product or site is.

C.  Free Webinars with a lot of Hype and false claims of costs involved

D.  Payment upfront to learn more….guaranteed refund or not


A.  When you have new content for your website that could be applicable to ****Are you really going to tell me that if you lost your full-time income tomorrow and you had nothing to fall back on that you are going to smile with relief that you don’t ever have to go back to that job?

I must be very strange as that is not the reaction I would have.****

This is a spin I have seen used more than once and it does hit a home run because it is really happening in our world today.  Does it make what they are telling you the truth?  Not even close.  Here is where the fake stories can be easily separated from the real ones.

don't laugh at sales marketing






If you pay close attention and read each sentence carefully you will no doubt see a missed step or two in the process to ‘their success’.  Don’t let them have that last laff on you!


B. Now comes the time to BELIEVEpart and parcel of any success)

He/She had to believe that this lifestyle of ultimate freedom many people were achieving in front of our very own eyes is/was REAL and that it was going to happen for him/her too.  If you don’t believe it can happen then probably it won’t.  

there are no success secrets to online sales sites

 Is This ⇓Believable or Not?

If you want your life to be better then you have to do something different than what you are doing now.  It will require work and it will require change and a lot of sacrifices in the beginning but it can and does happen!

I mean living from paycheck to paycheck and barely making ends meet was definitely not what any of us had planned. So easy to relate to for so many of us.  Nothing wrong with this ‘belief’ part.  It is what many call the ‘norm’ in our world now.


Here are the parts where I seriously lost faith in what I was reading that was being shared. If you can pick up on things like this that are used to lure you into signing on the dotted line right now, you will save yourself a lot of lost time and money.  It is all part and parcel of the sales marketing techniques used today.

She says she is now working for her brother part time while getting her online business going. That’s believable too.  Then, she asks….Was my online journey a breeze? And she answers with a statement saying she would be lying if she said yes, so let’s be honest.   Okay, sure still believable until NOW!⇓

Soon after, I quit my 9 – 5 to start living on MY TERMS... that’s right, I actually achieved it!  Who’s Da Boss Now!!

sales marketing pay day!

from Being Broke in Sales marketing to making my first $10k in 45 days.


What is happening here is you are being primed to believe this could be you. Where it really failed to complete was this STRUGGLE……….a whole 45 days OF STRUGGLE!!


Oh, what did I miss…….she said she lost her job and then went to work at her brother’s business part-time…….hmmm………..NOW..………….


I kept promising myself that I was going to be DIFFERENT…
Sha….Shoot, I missed something again!!! What did I miss…..she said she made her first 10K in 45 days???????? And now she says it took 14 months.

what did I miss?? this online sales sites pitch


There will be many more of these kinds of stories for you. Promises of a life of freedom and travel and money. Can it happen? Sure, of course, it can but not likely in 45 days. Her first statement was more realistic.  14 months.
Stay aware as you read these kinds of stories and ask yourself the big questions.  Make sure the story lines up.

Check Your Junk Mail

If you are still having more questions than answers about this sort of sales marketing I suggest you read a few of the emails in your junk file. Yes, that is exactly where I found this one and it was seriously too long to share more than just the gist of things.

I am not claiming any of these tactics as scams. NO, they are just used a lot. Just a wee bit misleading you might say.  Some are called Capture Pages!  (that makes sense)  Keep your Eyes and Ears open all the time.  If you want to know which ones are the honest ones on online sales sites you must be pro-active.

learning is key in online sales sites









If you want to find out what could be your possible fit, and if passive sounds good then I suggest you look at my choices.  Learn from the best.  AFFILIATE MARKETING.   One of The best ones I have made!!  It could be yours too.  I was ready to raise my white flag before my last search brought me full circle.

I honestly did not know how all this worked or for that matter what it was called.  What I did know was what I didn’t want more of.

Trust is Huge in Internet Sales Marketing and that is why I chose to do a rather different post today.  Just in case you have been there too, and you can relate.

Thanks for stopping by and please share your thoughts with us.  Has this happened to you?  Have you fallen for some lame story before?  Are you stuck in the middle somewhere?  Let us know in the comments below and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

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