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If you are in Network marketing, direct sales or even affiliates you need network marketing solutions. What they are, and how they will help you succeed in whatever business you are creating online.  Solutions that will make your life a whole lot easier and those frustrations will fly out the window!! You may have been led to believe, by well-meaning friends or other marketers that all this network marketing solutions stuff is nonsense and highly over rated!  It doesn’t even come close!  if You are to succeed in your efforts there are some solutions that are common to all.

You may have been led to believe, by well-meaning friends or other marketers that all this network marketing solutions stuff is nonsense and highly over rated!  It doesn’t even come close!  if You are to succeed in your efforts there are some solutions that are common to all.

The word  ‘Marketers’ has a Common Denominator.  If you are selling or sharing anything online you are a marketer.  Most often known as a network marketer.   When you see them all together you get the idea they are all one and the same. When actually only in part is this true. Each ‘marketer’ has certain characteristics that are similar and each one has its own set of rules to guide you.  But the network marketing solutions are the same.


Here is where you will see a bit of all 3. Just as it suggests it is marketing and networking with others. The solutions part is the key every marketer needs to know and learn.  Another name that is used instead of M.L.M. and probably has something to do with the bad rap m.l.m gets is Relationship Marketing. If you are using the Internet as your prime source then this is Internet Marketing.

Network Marketing, for the most part, has always been affiliated with Direct Sales or Multi-Level Marketing.  A lot of people think this is the only thing you can do on the Internet as a home business, but they would be forgetting one group, Affiliate Marketers.   Affiliate marketing is on the rise and becoming more mainstream.  No, it is not new as many would have you believe.  The largest hurdles and misconceptions fall into any of these categories and that is only due to lack of knowledge and network marketing solutions.  Once you get this your online success will have you feeling like a super star!


The Legal Side of Marketing and who is hugely misinformed.

When you are doing any form of Direct Sales/M.L.M as the rep or consultant for a company and their products, you will be paying out of pocket for that privilege.  This is all good and legal and in fact, M.L.M. is known or was known to be one of the fastest, easiest and least costly ways to set up a home business.  It’s true!  A lot of marketers start their careers this way.  I believe this can still happen,  but you had better know a lot of people, and you better get your networking Hat on because you are going to need it!

A lot of marketers started their careers this way.  That was their initial intro to marketing.  Many people became very successful and rich using method. It can and does still happen, but you had better know a lot of people, and you better get your Networking Hat on because you are going to need it!

I have done both Direct and M.L.M. sales and my team and I were successful.  BUT so much can happen that will change all of that in the blink of an eye.   Seriously, your company that you represent could change owners or maybe they didn’t handle the accounting end very well and had to close up shop.  You  can never know and that is one reason you need to learn the how to of network marketing.

You need to have a belief in Yourself that is bigger than most and you must love sales, not just the product to really make this work. I know it sounds a little brutal, but it is the truth you will not be told by your sponsor!  Heck, would you join them if you knew U were going to be in the 90% that don’t make it to the top?

Quite honestly, it just wasn’t a really good fit for me.   In the end, when I realized this, my thinking shifted and my mind was opened to new ideas. The other truth is Once you get a taste of the freedom, or that amazing feeling of success it never goes away!  It is always lingering in the back of your mind.  If that is you, you might want to open that up to some other marketing ideas that work online.


Standing on its own two feet this encompasses a whole array of opportunity both good and bad. The Bad because of the one too many would be marketers taking advantage of you.  convincing you that with just a few lessons or training you will be able to do exactly as they have done!!   But guess what?  That is not about to happen!  Your results are far less for the most part and your money is gone.  The good on this one is you may have learned ( fingers crossed) something that will help you as you get more knowledge.

And then we have Mr. and Mrs. Sam Snake Scammer. The marketers from Hell!  These are the quick buck boyz and girlz and boy do they shed a bad light and leave a sour taste in your mouth. They are really clever so you needn’t feel bad if you have been fooled!  Just be happy you recognized it and got out with your shirt on.

and please, please do not stop searching.  Not everything or everyone is Bad News.  It is kind of like the one bad apple in the bunch.  You know that one, right?

Warning Signs

How do you know? What are those warning signs?  One that really stands out is a lead capture page where there is a lot of boasting by the marketers going on and HUGE claims of success and a whole lot of promises but very little about what you are actually going to get for your money!  The other red flag is that ONE TIME ONLY low offer that EXPIRES at midnight! Have you ever tested this? I have and sure as shoot, two days later it was the same old same old still expiring at midnight.

The other red flag is that ONE TIME ONLY low offer that EXPIRES at midnight! Have you ever tested this? I have and sure as shoot, two days later it was the same old same old still expiring at midnight.
Some will even offer you a refund but honestly, if they are not upfront it is hard to get back without a good fight.  One really good way to know is if they offer PayPal as an option for payments.  Pay Pal will not tolerate any nonsense and your money will be refunded!  Another idea you can use is to threaten to report them to your credit card provider.  That puts a black mark on them so it helps a little.

My advice is unless you know who it is, or what it is exactly and that it is what you need to help you learn more, or make the extra income, RUN like HELL and don’t look back!!

stop listening to the wrong people and look for the network marketing solutions


The ‘Trainer’/’Coach’/Your Personal Mentor

The other aspect of Internet Marketing that stands alone is Trainers. Wow, you see a lot of Trainers and each one has a Rags to Riches tale to woo you with?   The Problem here is the costs are usually very high OR they start out with a low-cost item to get you enticed and then you have one upgrade after another. This is how they make their living, and when you buy into it, you are helping their giant lifestyle, not yours.

My Biggest Pet Peeve is right here in this category! I have never understood how these marketers who tell such a tale of woe do not have any empathy or integrity for those who don’t have that kind of money but are desperate to learn.

When they pull the guilt trip out of the bag and tell you if you want it bad enough You Will Find the Money somewhere, along with the rags to riches tale.  Notice how some even ask you in the “Interview” stage how many credit cards you have and what is your limit.  Has anyone else experienced this?  A huge warning that you might just be in the wrong place.

guy laffing at success good for scams
It is very true and very real.  And one of the hardest is that some ( very few) of these are the same people that teach you Positive Thinking, The Law of Attraction and more!  Seriously?  I know this will ruffle a few feathers but this is the realistic part of one marketer’s experience.


This kind of marketing has been around for a long time but is just getting a whole lot more attention these days.  That could be because Affiliate Marketers don’t have to pay any money to work for or with you or to have to purchase products or do monthly forced auto ships.  The only real costs are training and your website or blog hosting.  The most important step you need to take is training.   Be sure the program you are looking at is:

The only real costs are training and your website and domain hosting.  The most important step you need to take to get started is to get some training.   Some helpful solutions so you can be sure the program you are looking at is:

  1. Affordable to you,
  2. Is exactly what you are looking for
  3. Has some options to try it out Free.

I was always afraid of  Affiliate Marketing and that was due to NOT understanding how to do it. I honestly thought It would be difficult and hard to understand, never mind set up.  I had no clue what SEO meant or what a Plugin was!  What is a niche?  Posts, pages, content marketing!  It was terrifying. C Can anyone relate?



Broke Marketers Can Still Learn!

Your solutions to your network marketing frustrations and failures could be right here.  I tried so many and so many just kept asking for more $$ or the training was confusing and not getting me any closer to my solution.  yes, even after paying more!


Paying out more money than I had because I had a dream just found myself going deeper into debt and certainly no smarter……..well unless you consider knowing what not to do……does that count?

Let’s re-look at exactly what Affiliate Marketing is.  Part of it is finding a Niche, which is no more than ” a group of people that are looking for what you can offer your expert advice on.”  Affiliate Marketers work on their own from home on a computer.  They share links and reviews on blogs, websites or mini niche sites.   An example is Amazon.  Amazon recently made it so easy for affiliates to share in 3 countries.  The UK, Canada, and the US.  Many others, affiliate partner programs are done thru a group like this one right here. 

Questions you may have are:

  1. Do you have to be an Author or copy writer?
  2. Does it cost a lot to get going?

No, not if you are with the right program.  Anyone, anywhere and any age can do this.  You have awesome tools today that can help you with grammar issues and so many other things you may need help with.  If you do your homework, research and check out a few training platforms and when you feel comfortable you have usually found the right one.  Make sure you can test it for FREE and be sure if there is an upgrade option it is the best one for you.  Do this before you upgrade.

The Decision

My choice was the and you can read a bit more about it here ⇒ Wealthy Affiliate program.  I was pretty much ready to give up on all this marketing stuff when I did one last search on Google and WA kept coming up in the top 5  spots.  I had a good feeling reading the information I had found, still, little skeptical but made the decision to have a look.  It is the best decision I could have ever made.   They make the training easy to follow and you can implement things as you go along.  All under one roof, so to speak, and community help that is outstanding.  Finally!

There.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.   It’s easy, it’s the truth. And the best part…..More truth…..

Wealthy Affiliate is FREE for as long as you need it to be. One upgrade which of course gives you everything you need.  Now, I would be totally in trouble if I did not share my link with you. That is what marketers have to do whether in direct sales, m.l.m., internet marketing or as Affiliate Marketers. What I do know, and it is my truth, is you will not be sorry in the least if this is indeed something you want to check out.

here is where your network-marketing-solutions are






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