What is Micro-Niche Marketing

What is a Micro-Niche & How does it Work?

micro niche marketing
Micro Niche Marketing is micro because it has just a handful of pages as in SMALL and it’s a niche because it focuses on a specific keyword or product. That is it. Small and one product. Creating micro niche marketing sites has been one of the most popular ways to make money online. That’s because they are extremely easy to make.  All you have to do is pick a specific set of keywords to target, find and purchase a matching domain and set up a WordPress site in 5 minutes.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  You can set up multiple such sites in a single day. There are enough and more guides out there with step-by-step instructions on how to build micro niche marketing sites.  But be aware as too many are not as they appear.  Also, a head’s up, if you are NOT good at this!


micro niche marketing

That is the key question of the day!  People make all kinds of claims that you can make a $1000. a month.  My question is just how accurate and reliable is the information?  I ask because if it was this easy wouldn’t everyone be making a nice income doing this?  From my research, I see that it is possible BUT it is more probable that one site could make anywhere from $1 to $10 or $100 a month!  Not exactly overflowing in abundance are we?

So the question is, what’s the catch? Do micro niche sites work? Did they ever?  Are they working now?  In 2011 and earlier they were the rage and everyone was doing this.  Like 10 -30 landing pages really.   If you do it well and target the right keywords, have more than one site ( closer to 30) you could be on your  way to make a decent living.  If you are planning to do this in 0 to 30 days or less you had better put the metal to the pedal and have your blinders on!

micro niche marketing

Micro niche sites can be hit or miss, for a variety of reasons. I think authority sites have much greater long-term potential, but trying a few a good micro niche marketing sites never hurts.



micro niche marketing positive

  • Very targeted keywords, usually up to 15-20 sometimes even less
  • Keywords around 1000 searches a month
  • Exact match domains are usually used ( a match to your keyword)
  • Once ranked in google these are usually left alone with no more updates. Some last a long time in google and some don’t.
  • Simple design, lacking quality website content

This makes a micro niche very attractive. Build it once. Write a few good articles on your product and publish. Using WordPress and their free sites is the best way to go. The Positive side of a niche market that is a micro are your loss is minimal if it does not work out for you.
The other is you can probably get three to five sites published in a week or less if you are really good at keywords and WordPress.


Who is this perfect for?

micro niche marketing
1. Anyone who needs to make money if they know how and what they are doing
2. Students looking for extra spending money
3. Graduates waiting or looking for work
4 The person who can quickly put up a site & do the research required.
5. IT grads

Who Is this Not Perfect For?

1. Anyone who is new to the Internet and online marketing
2. People who are not familiar with affiliate marketing
3. If you don’t know what a niche is you need to get clear on that first
4. Those looking to entirely replace their income
5. Anyone that does not know how to build a website
The harsh reality is that YES, you can make some really good money just don’t expect it to last. I have seen some making up to $2400. a month but they knew what they were doing to a science! Google does not like micro sites so you have to really make sure those keywords are on target!! This is huge.


How do they compare with an authority site?

micro niche marketing success
You can Start off Small and grow with time. No punishment or wrist slapping from Google for that.

  1.  You Use a larger list of keywords
  2. More room to expand in products you plan to sell
  3. Social media integration so you can grow traffic
  4. Fun to work on, and make changes to grow and expand interest.
  5. The money making possibilities are huge
  6. Google will love U
  7. The site is more respected by users and search engines
  8. Usually, your User engagement is higher,( this is very important )

Downside to an Authority Site

You need traffic and a lot of it to get approved and be affiliated with some sites. No sales in a certain time frame mean you lost the affiliation. You can re-apply when your traffic is built up so that is a plus.
It takes a lot of time to build and it takes more time to get your traffic established. This is a continual work in action. In No Way Shape or Form can this be done instantly!!

Authority sites need hard work, but the end result can be worth it. Authority basically means you have built up respect and your website now has some authority. You especially need this in Sales!  Direct Sales or Multi-Level-Marketing people really need to learn this.
If someone is telling you, that you can earn thousands and thousands of dollars within a week, hell, even a month is too short, is NOT telling you any truth! It does not happen that way so for heaven’s sake, put your wallet away and do more homework on this!!!  Had to get that off my chest. It is my biggest peeve with the Internet. People telling people lies and taking money from them that they really don’t have to lose!!  Are you a victim? You can change that.


If you are new to this you might want to try a micro niche site first.  Especially if you have limited knowledge.  Please remember doing it this way your KEYWORD SEARCH is the most important thing!  It is your golden key that opens the door.

Another thing to remember is it is not all about Amazon, eBay or Adsense. There are other places to affiliate yourself.  There are less costly places to advertise.  Keep your eyes open and your mind free of poor advice.

You could turn this into an authority site at a later date once you get experience or training in both areas. I would actually suggest that be a priority. I found a platform, finally, that offers the best training in educating you to build a niche site or a full blown website. Here is where you WILL learn to be an authority figure. By the way, you can do this for FREE to test, or stay free if you want.  Like I said, I hate it when people take your money so this is one site I am super excited to be able to share with everyone!


With an Authority site, a larger site than your micro niche, You can expand into other areas.  If we’re doing a site, say on cooking, then you might have a section on desserts or fitness foods, that would open you up to a whole new niche. Or you can have a theme that will hold 3 completely different sites like this one www.girlbossmarketingco.com

You can use social media to grow your site.  This is a huge plus.  Starting Small and Growing as you learn is the still my smart choice.  Your options are numerous and are always yours to make. I encourage you to make them wisely.



Over to you now!

If you have thoughts, questions, maybe just a big HI our comment section is open for business!  If you are the shy type, we have an easy way for that too.  Just click on your favorite social media icon and share some love.  I know we would really appreciate the gesture.  That’s how we grow.




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10 thoughts on “What is Micro-Niche Marketing

  1. Timothy Gagnon says:

    Interesting article!

    I know micro-niche websites are usually designed to promote Amazon products and from what I have seen they can do quite well.

    Just write some reviews about some products from Amazon and throw up an affiliate link. To make these sites work you need to target really specific long-tail keywords that have like no competition.

    Thanks for sharing these tips! I’m looking into building a micro-niche website soon so it was cool to read this article.

    • Merry Conner says:

      thank you for taking time out to share your thoughts with us today. It is appreciated. And yes, most micro’s were or are used for Amazon etc. but really can be used for so much more.

  2. Kelara says:

    Thanks for writing this article on micro-niche marketing. I think you explain things very well. This kind of marketing is easy because you get to focus on a specific keyword or product. Narrowing the focus in this way allows your keywords a lot more search power. The key is to stay disciplined and focused on the specific keyword (s) and not get sidetracked or enticed to add other products or services. Great article.

    • admin says:

      thank you Kelara. I think you are right about the focus. So many think they need more products. Personally, I did the same thing and it was a lesson well learned. Wish

      Wishin you the best success in 2017,

  3. isaac says:

    Hi Merry. You’re spot on the difference between micro niche vs authority site. I’ve always had some ideas for some new sites but I didn’t went for it because I thought I’ts too small and no room for growth. But then seeing how some snack t micro site can bring some income, I think it’s not a truly bad idea after all. I might do one of those, provided the competition is very small or none 🙂

    • admin says:

      hi Isaac, I think it is a great idea and the thing is you never know unless you try first! Go with those ideas you have. Have an amazing 2017 and thank you fir visiting today

  4. Heather Montgomery says:

    I actually happen to love micro niche marketing!! I don’t do it myself, but encourage others to. To me, when you have less competition, it is easier to get sales for the traffic you receive since the viewer is coming for exactly the thing you are focusing on. And with little competition comes the ease of getting high in rankings, and the possibility of clickthroughs, and then, the sale!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Heather. Niche marketing is ideal as it is passive sales and within a micro niche market you are right that it can be easier to get the sale as well as share important information on the product. Have an amazing 2017 and thanks for visiting

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