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make money online fastCan I Really Make Money Online Fast Like they Say?


I don’t want to burst any bubbles here today, but I think that might just happen.  You see, if YOU are like me and have run across tons of work at home opportunities making silly, almost ridiculous claims that they have some magical system that is going to make you hundreds of dollars you know that they really are ridiculous.  You have that figured out by now, right?

I know!  It’s easy to fall for some of the pitches with all the glitz and glamour and besides all that, the Internet being so fast, it makes sense that this is how you should see it.  Yeah, those ‘guru’y’ guys are really counting on that.

Or maybe you’ve been pitched by someone you considered a friend, but they are now acting like a cult member following your every move!  It feels like you are being continuously harassed to join their “life-changing-” business opportunity.   No thanks.   Been there, done and the high-pressure sales techniques are not for me anymore.

It had appealed to me at one time, and yes I did make some money and some pretty big prizes but It was still such a struggle, and I eventually burned out.  I didn’t quit, I just took a new route to find a way to make money online that was substantial, legitimate and realistic.   For me, it had to be this way with the heaviness being on legitimate!

The ‘A’ Typical fake yachts, expensive cars


make money online fast

I searched and I found!  And to my pleasant surprise, there was none of that and the website that came up in my search was really understated!!   I was still skeptical but decided to jump in with both feet getting wet and see for myself what this was all about.  When I did my research this Wealthy Affiliate University platform came up repeatedly!  That said so much to me.  You can’t buy those positions!

I think the first thing I noticed was the honesty and straightforward no-nonsense kind of approach and this had me doing my happy dance!  So what did I find out?  That this is real and there is no hype or silliness like we see so much of today.  AND, I got to test it out, no CC required or ‘pay ahead’ cause we know you will love our kind of stuff!!  Nope.

My Fairest Judging of WA 

Kind of like who is the fairest of them all, except this, is no fairy tale!  Wealthy Affiliate (aka WA) is basically a training site & community that teaches you how to build YOUR OWN WEBSITE, a realistic income online working with major companies such as Amazon and so much more.

Most home based business plans require a start-up fee and require that you be promoting a product you may not really love or know anything about. You also usually have to chase people down to buy these products in order to make money.  In other words recruit, recruit, recruit!  Like being in the damned Army.  No no, nothing wrong with that at all.  In fact, we are very grateful to many countries for those people who sacrifice so much for us.  Please know, it was the recruitment phase I was referring to, so please don’t bite my head off just yet!  

Wealthy Affiliate is FREE and is about creating an online business around your interests or passions you have.  It is designed so people will come to you looking for your recommendation and feedback.   And you can get paid to help people with your helpful information about products or services from companies that will solve their problems. These companies pay you for referring folks to them.  This is called Affiliate Marketing.

How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

So let me break the process into a little more detail for you.  Once you’ve signed up for a FREE membership it’s basically nothing more than 4 steps that anyone can do. The only requirement is that you’re able to read, watch videos, stay focused and take action.  Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that takes care of most everything else right there in your training, as well as having live 24/7 support and tools that are there for you.

Those 4 little Steps for you all nicely broken down.

#1.  Do you Have Something you love doing or is of importance or an interest to you?

In other words, what would you love to do EVEN if you didn’t get paid?

  • What topics are you passionate about?
  • What do you spend most of your time doing for fun?
  • Do you have experience in any field?
  • Have an idea for a website?

You can build an online income around any of these things. Even if you don’t have any ideas WA provides options for you. My greatest passion was looking for honest, legitimate ways to make extra income online.  That is how I came to be doing this blog.

#2  Create a website:

Whaaat!!!  I thought you said this was easy to do?  What the heck is so easy about making a website?  I am not going to tell you any lies or give you false hope with any hype like if you know how to click on some buttons and watch a video that’s all you need to do to build a website.  OR you can do this in 30 seconds.  ( well actually it can be done, but there is more so I am just going to skip that part.)

On a positive note, you don’t need any technical experience in making websites. The sites are pre-built so anyone can create one.  These are called themes and Wealthy Affiliate uses WordPress like so many other companies do now.  Actually, WA gives  2 free websites to their Free members as well as upgraded members.   If my simple Suzie self can create a website you can too!   But you can see for yourself.  Just click right about HERE and you will be taken to the video instruction.

3. Getting visitors

To make money online, your website needs to get traffic (visitors/people, potential customers). Finally, you don’t have to harass your family and friends. People could come to you from all over the world via search engines like Google for FREE. These folks actually want what you have on your site! And a bonus for you… WA’s training will teach you how to get these visitors, potential customers to your website so you can eventually make money. All from home on your computer!No more having to host parties or recruit your friends and their friends OR family members and social media friends. This is passive income and involves YOU! And Just You.


#4  Make Some Money Honey!

make money online fast

No not quite like that.⇑    That’s one of those big misconceptions we see out there!!   What you will be doing, as an affiliate marketer is sharing reviews or specific information with your visitors about the products or service they are looking for.   You could call this a Niche.  OR another way to look at this is,   A Niche market is often created by identifying what a customer wants or what the customer needs.  Your job is to then try to deliver a better solution or product to fix the problem.

A great example could be sports or gardening.  If you have a love for either it will make this a whole lot of fun as you share the best tools or equipment that is related to either one of these.  The coolest thing about this is there is no cost to be an affiliate of any program or company that offers these kinds of programs.  I am talking about Amazon, WalMart, Google, and so many more.

Free programs where they allow you to put their products and services on your site. Then you get paid whenever someone clicks, buys or request free information as a result of these links on your site which are tracked back to you. This is an affiliate program.

Back to Wealthy Affiliate & How Much YOU Can Make

Here is where a lot of people get mixed messages.  I see this often in the community when new members are asking questions relating to this.  You are not actually working for Wealthy Affiliate.  Yes, do offer an affiliate program but you are not required to promote WA.  But, you would be wise to do this as it is one of the highest paying on the Internet.  Putting that aside for a minute…WA is a Learning website or teaching platform.  Thus the University tag.

So many people today do what we call ‘skim reading’ and they miss some really important points.  Like how they will eventually earn an income online after they learn how in the training.  For a lot of people, you’ll be joining other affiliate programs that relate to your Niche.   How much you earn per company or action will vary.  The best part of being an affiliate marketer is you can be affiliated with several companies thus making your earning potential that much higher.

So that’s pretty much the process simplified. Wealthy Affiliate obviously goes into way more detail with their training and support.  Ultimately the sky is your limit because your website can be about any topic and there are literally millions of people looking online for information and products to help them solve their problem.

I am going to briefly sum things up with a tiny bit more information to help you.  Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?  Fortunately, it is open to anyone looking to make some real money online. If you’re patient, willing to work hard and can follow directions Wealthy Affiliate is for you. You don’t need any previous experience because you will be trained. It is not for anyone looking to make money online fast.

So if you are a:

  • stay at home Mom or Dad
  • senior or soon to retire without the funds to do so
  • anyone with health issues that require you to work from home
  • students
  • or just anyone looking to make a little extra for holidays or ??

Do you want to Make online Money fast?


make money online fast                                                                     How Much Again?

Wealthy Affiliate has two membership price points that fit everyone’s budget, even if you have none to start with.  First, we have your Starter Membership which is FREE!  See, that wasn’t so hard, was it?  Yup, I know you’ve heard that nothing good is free anymore, but that is completely wrong when it comes to WA.  Trust me, you have to see this to believe it.

When you join as a Starter member, you are provided with instant access to the Wealthy Affiliate community. This includes access to live chat, training modules,  there are 500 training modules so that takes a bit of time and patience, 2 training classrooms, and one live weekly training.  Networking, commenting with the community, 2 free websites, and access to the keyword tool.

Here once again is where a bit of confusion comes in.  Either from the skimming or from a person or site that was misinformed a little bit themselves.  You can try WA FREE for one week or choose to:

  1. Upgrade to a Premium Membership.  If done within your first week you will get a bonus of a huge discount.  Premium is $49.00 a month or your first month at $19.00.  I would do that for sure!  I mean seriously!  You have another 30 days to test the training and see if it is the best fit for your needs.  If not, read on…
  2. you can remain FREE forever if you like.  Just keep in mind the ‘extras’ will not be available.  To me, this makes perfect sense.  I mean the founders need to put food on the table for their family just like you are trying to do.
  3. You can cancel your membership at any time but why would you?

Most paid products out there don’t even compare to Wealthy Affiliate’s FREE Starter membership. There is nothing that offers this much for so little on the Internet today.  It’s a great way to get started with your new online business and determine if WA is for you.

Yes, you can have some limited success just with the free starter membership.  It will be somewhat, okay a whole lot harder to be honest.  And to be totally upfront with you, you will not make money online fast here.   So if you find that you need more ongoing training, support, and tools, then you may want to consider…what I have already mentioned above.  Especially if you are serious about starting a home business for the least expense.

Ultimately, you always have options.  The Premium Membership is only an option and what I really appreciated was there were no Upsells!!!  I am perfectly serious.  Just this one time only upgrade.  Again, at $49.00 a month you cannot lose, no way, no how! 

I am going to suggest you try the FREE starter membership. This way you can see if this business is for you without anything to lose. Not many business opportunities are confident enough in their business to let you try it totally free. So I think that speaks volumes for WA.  If You don’t like it,  if it is not what you were looking for, you lose nothing.  At least you had a look and tried it.

Are U Ready to try it free?  I am a live banner so go ahead and click on me and I will take you to where you need to be.

make money online fast is not happening here


Now, You have reached the bottom of the post and here is where I love to turn the keyboard over to my guests at this point.  So, comments, thoughts, and questions are more than appreciated.  Have you been taken on a wild goose chase being told you can make money online fast?  Are you ready to become that awesome person you know you are?  Good on you.  The comment box is below.

Have an Awesome Day Now!

Merry C.


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4 thoughts on “Best Ways to Make Money Online Fast

  1. Jerry Huang | Smart Affiliate Success says:

    Hi Merry,
    Thank you for this wonderful honest. I love the fact that you’re very honest that Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. And Wealthy Affiliate seems legit as well. Unlike many other programs, Wealthy Affiliate never create any hype and give unrealistic promises just to get people join them.

    So, I’ll definitely give WA a try 🙂 Keep up the good work!

    • Merry Conner says:

      Hello and thank you, Jerry. Having come across so many that are not telling you the whole truth it has been my goal to reach as many as I can with ‘The Truth’!!! And that is awesome as WA is the best place I could have landed to learn everything about online marketing without any ‘underlying’ reasons! You are right that Wealthy Affiliate never creates nor will they, hype or false promises of wealth. What you do get is the truth, which means work. 🙂

  2. James says:

    Hi Merry, what a great read. I’ve come across all the scams you talk about. You just have to be careful out there.
    I came across WA not long ago and it is really good. The best program I have come across online. Worth the look for sure.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Yes, James, Wealthy Affiliate is the doorway to so much and so many ways to earn online. I am so happy I found it as I am sure you are too. I wish you the very best as you move thru the training. You are going to love this journey, trust me!

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