Make Money Fast Online? Not!

Can You Make Money Fast?

Make Money Fast should be reserved in the bank vault for the ‘wanna-be’ bank robbers.  If someone promises that you can make money fast using their products or by taking their on-line training you might want to just get in line with the ‘wanna-be’ bank robbers.  It does not happen that way!  Not Now, not EVER!

make money fast

Another way ‘they’ tell you that you can make money fast is to use the ‘think and grow rich’ type of mindset.  Believing something into existence just doesn’t happen in the real world.  You have to take some sort of Action First to make anything happen, let alone make money fast!

With Internet Business and with so many people making a larger-than-life living this way, it is easy to get fooled into thinking that yes, you can make money fast.  They show you fancy websites and even fancier homes and trick you into believing it is their home.  In fact, most of them rent these spaces to film videos.  Next time you see one, look closely and make a note of the furnishings and placement in the room.  Another is how many rooms they use.  Very few.  This is really easy to do and the same thing applies to the cars and often boats.

make money fast lies             likely more like this⇓ cannot make money fast



Are you having a difficult time relating to this?  Here is a true story.  It didn’t happen to a friend, it happened to me. I want to keep this as short as possible but it might remind you of why caution is necessary and people can be very deceitful.

It all started with a silly funnel I had gotten trapped in and was seeking help to get out and try to get my money back.  Yes, not all funnels are of the good kind, just as not all funnels are the bad kind.  Make a mental note!  I had reached out as I said and found a lady much like myself and we had a few things in common so we hooked up.  She shared with me how she had also had problems with these same funnel characters and could help me with this.

make money fast funnel

Our friendship grew stronger and she ‘seemed’ to be very aware and well known by many on the Internet so trust was not the issue.  What happened did not just happen to me, but to everyone on the same team, including my friend.  Some of the members were getting some odd questions coming up and thus did some soul searching.  It all came to a complete head shortly after the Big Conferences held in Mexico at a lush resort.

What was found to be false was pretty much everything!  The digital products you could actually find for free on the Internet that we were led to believe were a part of our expensive membership.  I believe one of the members who knew how to hack into things got into the back offices and there found what he hoped he wouldn’t.   It was difficult and trying and so many good people lost their money and their faith  in working online at home.

need to make money fast




I shared this to let you know that all these scams and schemes you see today are not new!  Make money fast?  Not then, not now.

When you want or need something bad enough it is real easy to miss the warning signs.  We just don’t want to believe otherwise because we need it not now, but Right Now!  We need to make money fast.   Period!  No questions asked has become the fools way to finding gold.

When I read stories of someone living in their car with only their laptop and making tens of thousands of dollars in a matter of weeks or even months has my radar signals flashing red!  I do know you could be living in your car, and you may have saved your laptop and you are using free WiFi at the local library.  That can happen, but NOT OVERNITE!  Not like they tell you it happens.


The Secret


Have you ever wondered why the millions of readers of ‘THE SECRET’ are not flourishing in riches and fame?  I did.  The writers of the secret left a few things out.  They did and they always will.  They need you to come back for more.  To pay for more.  Kind of like the UpSells we see in so many programs online.  You don’t see that in the Dept. Store or the Book Store do you?

Have you ever taken part in a training that was affordable only to be upsold After you finished the course?  Not only are you upsold, but you are made to feel pretty bad about NOT believing in yourself enough to pay out this huge amount of money to advance.  They are even bold enough to ask you for your credit card information.  How many, balances etc.  Last time I looked my money tree was still not growing!  What about yours?

make money fast tree

The only other comment I have on this is, some of the same people involved also played a part in the heading above.  To me,this becomes one of the ultimate betrayals.  When you are left feeling so bad inside because you couldn’t believe strong enough for it to happen or trust enough that it could happen, is despicable!!

Final Points

My point in sharing what some might call negative is to help you shed the rose colored glasses you are wearing.  That and so you now know, you are far from alone on this journey.  We learn from our mistakes and we move on and keep trying.  A dream is a dream is a dream.  You can fulfill that dream,you just won’t make money fast.  You will make it.  Keep trying and find what works for you.

I did and here is what worked for me if you would like to have a look.  Oh, I forgot to mention, it is FREE.


You may not be able to make money fast, but you CAN find a way to build a strong list.  If you are interested in knowing more take 5 min. and look at this very short presentation.  Click here now   

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Handing it over to you now!  Leave us a thought, a question a comment.  Or perhaps it is easier to just click one of our social icons and share some love that way.  Either way, it would be awesome if you did.  Thanks so much for reading this far………..


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2 thoughts on “Make Money Fast Online? Not!

  1. Nikos says:

    You said it like it really is. So many people lose their money just because they believe they can make money online in a matter of days. An online business is like an offline business, it takes time and a lot of work.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you. Yes, and the sad part is because these so called guru types have done a really good job of fooling so many. Then, when something that could possibly work for them, they panic and miss the boat. Time,patience and taking action are key. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment today. All the best in your endeavors.

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