Is Quitting Failure Today & Success Tomorrow?

take a chance and stand out because is quitting failure


Is Quitting Failure or something more?


Changing Course or Taking a Detour is Not Quitting!

So many ask is quitting failure?  Quitting is how it feels but it is Not failure!! It is so easy to feel like You are a failure for quitting or that you are being negative. In actual fact, it could just be you being realistic and understanding what is best for you.  When getting too much information becomes “OVERLOAD” and when payday is $1.88 for the 3rd month in a row, then I am changing course for what I now know I CAN DO and it won’t break my bank account.  So is quitting failure here?  I don’t see it that way.


Anyone else relating to this scenario?  OR  perhaps the thought has crossed your mind but you feel like a “quitter” “loser” or a “failure” and so you keep trying and trying and trying.  (Is quitting failure is pretty accurate for this statement.)  But have you noticed your heart isn’t exactly there?  Or your motivation is just not the same anymore?

It’s so easy to have this happen.  Once your mind crosses over to that “I’m Done” mode things start to change.  Perhaps you were sponsored or recruited into a program by a friend.  You did your best, you know you did!  I am here to tell you, you are not alone.  This happened to me but it wasn’t the best thing for me anymore.  I had to come to terms with the facts and that I really did do my best under the circumstances.  Doesn’t mean failure.  It just means I took a Detour!

this is only a detour when you ask is quitting failureWhen things are not working out and you don’t want to feel that sense of failure we make things out to be worse than they are in our minds. Don’t go there.  Please don’t do that.  Don’t make it feel as tho’  it is impossible to change.  Nothing is impossible.  Look at things realistically and ask yourself these three questions.

  • can I see myself doing this for another 2-3 years?
  • Is this affordable and can my budget handle the costs?
  • am I passionate, really passionate about the products or service I sell?

Then these THREE Simple Steps:  

(As outlined by Tony Robbins……….)

1. see it as it is
2. see it better than it is.
3. make it the way you see it. Keep it simple so you can implement the changes.

You Can’t Change What You Don’t, Won’t or Can’t Recognize

If you want to change you have to ………. MAKE YOUR LIFE THE WAY YOU SEE IT!  Keep it Simple and keep easy to apply.   What it really comes down to is making the shift that is right for you and then change it. See it as it is.  Recognize what needs changing.  Tell yourself the truth and don’t make it worse than it is!

Don’t Quit on Yourself!   Find what CAN work for you and keep trying!



 Is Quitting Failure or Just Learning to Say NO!

Never be afraid to say No to a friend or family member asking you to join their home opportunity if it is not a good fit for you.  If it is not something you can be passionate about and never ever join under any pressure.  If you are being asked to jump in head first, like not now but right bloody now, then you are dealing with high-pressure sales and you can bet your booty you will be asked to do exactly the same thing!

Given the opportunity to think this over before making your decision stop and ask yourself a few questions.  Your answers require You, to be Honest with YOU and only you.

Sayingno does not mean I quit!

   No, thank you!


  1.  Am I passionate about this?
  2.  Do I love the product or service  ( would you use this if you were not selling it?)
  3.  Can I sell?  Do I have enough hustle to keep going?
  4.  Am I good with hearing No?  Am I okay with rejection?
  5.  Do I have enough money to keep going for 6 months to a year?
  6.  Do you enjoy talking to people  ( everyone ) about your product/service


If you can answer yes to the above you will excel in direct sales, and in the MLM  industry.  If you said No to more than 3 you might want to consider a home business that is more passive like Affiliate Marketing.   Click on the link to be pleasantly surprised.

This is where I started my learning and where I still learn today.  My detour took me to the place where I knew I needed to be.  Was it straight away?  No, I had to do it the hard way and spend and lose some more money first!    I would sure like to save you from the same errors.

No direct sales contacts, no product to carry unless you are the creator, no hustle, no having to recruit people into your business in order to make any kind of living, and $0 to low cost to make it all work. Was it too much to ask for?


I knew I was asking for an awful lot but after a bit of research and a couple of searches, I found it.  And yes, that is again, where I am today doing what I love most. Guiding and encouraging others who have found themselves losing money and not knowing where to find the right answers, to what could be their best ever fit.




Complete Control Over the Direction Your Life Takes

The difference in your life comes down to this. You already know how to do everything it would take to make you a success.  Whaat? Do I?  Yes!  All you need to do it keep doing the things that have gotten you this far in life.  The same activities that can take us from failure to surviving can take us to success?


Your success, my success comes one day at a time and also one step at a time.  It’s our decisions, the ones we make every day that will be the key to success.  Not Discipline!  Discipline never works long-term.

You need to Shift from HAVING to do something to WANTING to do something.  Something you are passionate about sharing and doing.  Something that gets you excited to get out of bed early in the morning or burn the candle late at night.

It is often the simplest things that we tend to overlook.  Simple things we DO or DO NOT do on a daily basis that can make our successes a reality.  A couple of things I know that can be crippling are our own beliefs.  We have to practice believing in ourselves every day.  Perhaps you are like me, and you lost your ‘Give a Damn’ and without even trying, began to sabotage your success.

Write A New Story………..Yours!

What is the key to doing this?  It really comes down to some key points that you can work out on your own if you allow yourself to truly discover you.  It doesn’t take one of the courses you see that costs thousands of dollars over your budget!  It takes YOU being honest with YOU.

Your Keys to finding success really come down to 4 things:

  1. consistency ( indecision is the thief of your success)
  2. patience  ( it will not happen overnight)
  3. focus.  ( tunnel vision so not to be distracted by the glitz and glamor)
  4. Believing in yourself ….Be, See, & Become more

If you can set your priorities first and keep them simple and to a minimum, you will be well on your way. Knowing what it is you would love to do is key here as well.  This is your guide to finding what and where you will learn everything you need to reach massive success online.  You are Worth It, So Go Be Awesome!

success comes and is quitting failure does not happen


wonder woman asks is quitting failure


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Be Awesome!

Merry C



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4 thoughts on “Is Quitting Failure Today & Success Tomorrow?

  1. Stephanie says:

    Glad you took the plunge and jumped shipped!!

    I wish I had the opportunity to jump ship but like Rex, I was forced to walk the plank as well … I had no choice but like what you wrote, I’m going to take this plank walking as a blessing in disguise … I rather get $1.08 than to work for someone that overworked, underpaid and underappreciated me and then fired me upon my return from an emergency surgery in a foreign hospital. 🙂 SO let’s cheers to both our better futures!!! 🙂


    • admin says:

      Yes Stephanie, cheers to our new Futures. Actually the Jump Ship really was for fun. Before starting into marketing of any kind I was forced to leave my chosen career due to an illness. Thankfully I am still in a re-missive state! I look forward to our progress.

  2. Barry says:


    Part of the problem is the scams that say, “Make Money Online This Week”– Make Millions 4 Hours A Day. We want to believe it is true. So you buy it.

    The hard truth is it may take you many months before you even start to break even in Affiliate Marketing. Months!

    If you saw an ad that read:

    People Wanted–No Pay For First Year– Long Hours–Sense Of Being Lost While Working–Constant Uncertainty–If Successful Financial Freedom.

    If you answered yes. Try Affiliate Marketing. Nice Post.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Barry and you are so right! I think almost everyone has come across or fallen prey to those sneaky ‘snakes’

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