Is Drop Shipping a Good Idea or is Affiliate Marketing Better?

is drop shipping a good idea

Drop Shipping & Affiliate Marketing Ideas

Is Drop shipping a good idea?


Is Drop Shipping a good idea?  What about Affiliate Marketing?  Is there a difference? Shopify or Clickbank and finding which is best and is easy to set up? Are they telling you the truth or is it just what they want you to believe? Each one has there own set of rules, costs, and learning curves.

What is Drop Shipping

The easiest definition is you are the middleman!  You are the person between the wholesaler and the customer.

  1. You set up your Storefront.
  2. add your products you have chosen to sell.
  3. Customers find your store online and decide to make a purchase.
  4. They pay you first at the retail price which is set by you.
  5. You contact, order, and pay the wholesaler the wholesale price.
  6. the wholesaler ships direct to your customer.
  7. the remaining money is your profit.

There are some awesome sights that can help take a lot of the heavy lifting off your shoulders such as Oberle who works directly with the Shopify Store Fronts.  This would be my suggestion if you are new to Drop Shipping and building a website and online presence.

I have looked into Drop Shipping and Affiliate marketing while searching for what would be best suited to me and in the end a profitable outcome.  What I found was a question that was asked a lot and that was Is drop shipping a good idea?  I think it is.

It is becoming increasingly popular because of the profit margins available that you are going to see a lot more webinars and training on this.  Only go with what you can afford.  Unlike Affiliate Marketing there will be a few costs to incur but they do not have to be high to be good.

I hope to shed a bit of light on this for you.  Enough perhaps so you can at least make better decisions before going forward.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is in some respects very close to Drop Shipping.  You do not have to stock or have an inventory of product.  You do not have to purchase products every month.  Your costs can be minimal and anyone can do either business and be successful.

With Affiliate Marketing you earn a commission set by the company that carries the products you are affiliated with.  Your job is to share what you know about the product and do reviews comparing with other similar products so your readers can make an informed purchase.

Is Drop Shipping a good Idea or is Affiliate Marketing Better?

is drop shipping a good idea

The most real, caring people I have come across in any Marketing venture yet was in my search for Affiliate Marketing.  And then on to Drop Shipping.  Oh yes, there are those sneaky guru types with promises of thousands of dollars and software that does it all for you, which is about as good as me selling you a bridge in the desert!!! It just doesn’t happen that way! You need the knowledge so you can do it yourself.

If you have asked the question is drop shipping a good idea, then you need to pay close attention, because you may need to meet this community I am about to introduce as well. 

Please remember those others I spoke of are a different breed of folks entirely from who I met here.

online programs

All truth and no fiction.  What you see is what you get.

Shiny Object Syndrome is Real

Let me back this up just a tiny bit so you can see where I am coming from.  When you start out in any of the many online programs,  whether it is an affiliate marketer, drop shipping or with a Shopify Store, and you have no prior knowledge of how the sam hill to get started, you are a prime target for catching that well-known disease called ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’. 

We all get it at some point and the only antidote known to cure this right now is knowing the truth about the training that is offered in online programs. This is very true about that question earlier….Is drop shipping a good idea.

The best affiliate marketing or drop shipping programs are NOT always the biggest most sparkly sites.  Sometimes to find the best you have to look beyond the surface.  Look at the people in the programs and what they have to say. 

  • Can you try it for free and see first hand if this is for you? 
  • Can they show you everything and answer your questions honestly? 
  • Can you ask questions of others in the community? 
  • Can you ask is drop shipping a good idea without offending anyone?



I found that a much-needed thought adjustment was necessary.  Then and only then could I step up to the plate with fresh eyes.  Here is My attitude Pill that helped me if you need a fresh perspective.  It consists of

  • 1 tbsp of determination
  • 1 tbsp of courage 
  • 2 TBS of trust  
  • A pinch of my own research looking at all online programs
  • then add another pinch of desire and patience.


Members at WA:

My Gal Kate:

“So, here I am. Happy to be a Wealthy Affiliate University student. I have never encountered a more helpful group of individuals, real people willing to help anytime I need it. Even the guys who started this online organization are available on a daily basis so I never feel I’m in this alone. 

Now I can build websites easily for any business idea I have…..drop shipping, click bank or any others (something I thought I would never be able to do) and know how to monetize them to make real money online.

Thank you so much, Kyle and Carson, and everyone at Wealthy Affiliate University. I simply can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done and still do to help me succeed online.”

 Gripping Words from Marc

Marc Parsons
“Life’s sweet when you have the right friends!”                            marc parsons for testimony
My experience leading up to finding Wealthy Affiliate was pretty much the same as most people who are determined to build a successful online business.
I spent years drifting from one ‘get rich scheme’ to the next and I was left with very little to show in return for the mass amounts of effort that I was putting into it.

Then, BOY! my mind was blown!

All of the information that had been fed to me in dribs and drabs over the years AND then, HEAPS MORE in one structured and easy to follow, learn while you apply it program.
No up-sells, no advertising, no hype… Just a community of amazing people all with common goals and EVERYONE eager to help one another!  Wealthy Affiliate University!!

I had done the groundwork, now it was about upkeep and reaping the rewards.
So for anyone reading this who is looking to build an online business, please save yourself the time searching any further.

Cheers, Marc


Can anyone relate so far?  It is a familiar story and one that is close to my heart!


You Go, Girl!!                                                 Missa

I am recently disabled and was desperately looking for something not only to fill my time but something that I could feel accomplished in doing something productive in each day, and lastly something I could make money with while staying at home.

I had tried out a few of the “work from home” scams out there and then became really critical of all of them because of the lack of integrity that some of these websites have. Then I came across Wealthy Affiliates.

I joined free just to take a closer look and before my first week was up I had made my decision to join.  From the training to the community involvement it was amazing.  I would certainly recommend it to anyone looking to create a website and generate income from home.


Short and Sweet from Dominic

DLansing for testimony






I bumped into WA when I was reading a review for Clickbank University.  I was just about to join Clickbank University when a review was mentioned that there is an online program even way better. And it’s freaking Free. Turns out they were referring to Wealthy Affiliate.

So I went and I tried the Free Starter Membership, and on the sixth day of free training, I knew that I’ve found a real deal here with WA. The rest is history I guess.


REAL TRUTH.   Caring, Sharing, & always with you

is drop shipping a good idea


I hope you were able to see clearly what could be one of the best online programs for online marketing and getting the help you need.  It doesn’t matter what you are doing, or what products you sell.  Your own, drop shipping or click bank and Amazon.  You will need a website or storefront to host your ‘wares’.   One of the better known for Drop Shipping is Oberle and Shopify.  But if you are not on there platform you will need to find one that works well.  I can’t say enough good about this one.  The 4 wonderful down to earth people that shared their own words and who are still part of the Wealthy Affiliate University community.

The owners  Kyle and Carson are with us every day.  They offer something that has been missing from the marketing industry for a long time.

Together we are offering a way for you to learn everything from setting up your website to SEO and so much more.  The training is paramount to any of the other online programs I have taken.  Why?  Easy to follow and easy to implement.  

What you really need to do, is check it out.   My link is below where you can try for FREE.  If you see the potential you can upgrade ONCE!  No Up-Sells!  Or if that is not an option at this time, you can stay free and continue to learn.

Take your time and read every word carefully so you are aware of what is being offered to you.  With the USA Thanksgiving soon approaching and the ever famous Black Friday Sales now is the best time for you to position yourself.

I cannot give away the incredible savings you will get, but I can tell you it is worth it many times over!


I look forward to welcoming you to the community and having a Virtual Coffee and chatting with you.  My comment section is below and is open to questions or comments.  I welcome your thoughts on this process.  OR, if you want to join the ‘awsomer’ club of elites, share or like with one of the social icons here.  

My Wealthy Affiliate Link for you   

I am Merry C.

I am Merry C.









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