Is Cryptocurrency here to Stay? Is this Our Future?

is cryptocurrency here to stay

Is Cryptocurrency Here to Stay?  

If this is the case, How do you profit from this? How do you even begin to find the answers to effectively use cryptocurrency in your future. Who do you trust? Who and where do you find the credible sources and answers?  

We all know or have heard about Bitcoins and how they are slowly being accepted in stores. So, is cryptocurrency our future, is cryptocurrency here to stay? And what about Bitcoins? So many questions and none of them 100% clear. I have recently noticed that different businesses are planning and introducing opportunities with cryptocurrency this new year.  Kind of makes the question is cryptocurrency here to stay not quite so elusive.

I have seen references to Bitcoin on the news. When you see the news asking is cryptocurrency our future and is it going to be global as predicted? This is or could be massive but is it wise or even safe to as the questions regarding cryptocurrency and our future? Is this really the way we are headed? If this is the future, What do You need to do NOW to be Ready?

Here is a little research of my own

the results:

A few Pre-Launch Promotions will be offered right out of the gate come Jan.2 2018. I wanted to be sure for myself as I did not think this could possibly happen. Let’s have a closer look.

Product: Bitcoins ++

Serious Cryptopian’s with Bitcoins will be all over this. As always caution is advised if you do not have excess funds to ‘play’ with. It is also said that 2018 will be the year central banks buy cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and other select cryptocurrencies will be added to the list of eligible securities and currencies.

Is cryptocurrency here to stay? Probably, but old habits die hard so don’t expect to see this as the mainstream anytime soon.

They claim that 2017 was the year for Bitcoin but 2018 has a few surprises coming our way. Like bitcoin, all cryptocurrencies are subject to extreme volatility and risk so do your homework. Here are just a few that I found to be interesting if you want to become a Kryptonian.

#1 Litecoin (LTC)


Market cap, as of Dec. 25:    $15.11 billion  Performance in 2017, as  of Dec. 25: +7,004%
Creator:     Former Google GOOGL, -0.35% employee (and now notable star in the crypto universe) Charlie Lee created Litecoin in 2011.
The Deal:   Litecoin has been described as the silver to bitcoin’s gold. His vision (Lee’s) was people would use Litecoin every day to buy things. It would just be the payment method of choice. Litecoin is also designed to produce more coins VS Bitcoins making it easier for the average person to purchase.

#2. Monero

The Market: $5.3 billion and a Performance in 2017: +2,697%

Who created this puppy? Much like Bitcoin, Monero’s creator is we don’t know or get to know!

The Truth:

Why anonymity?   With Monero, the details of every transaction, including sender, receiver and size, are recorded on a public ledger but are reportedly made untraceable.  Use Monero, and, in theory, there’s no way for anyone else to connect the dots between the sender, receiver or size of the transaction.

Sounds like an appealing coin to cybercriminals.  The hackers and the offline criminals alike. Great place to hide that ‘drug money’ wouldn’t you agree. Monero doesn’t have a fixed coin supply but I would not feel safe with this one.  

#3. Ripple:

With a Market cap: $40.5 billion and a performance in 2017 +16,988%

Creators: Web developer Ryan Fugger, businessman Chris Larsen and programmer Jed McCaleb who were former bitcoin developers,

The Truth:
Ripple launched in 2012 and its digital currency is seen by some industry types as bitcoin’s logical successor. Makes sense to me.
The New York Times described Ripple as “a cross between the Western Union and a currency exchange. Just without the hefty fees! It’s not only a currency but a system on which any currency, including bitcoin, could be traded.

According to the creators, Ripple connects banks, payment providers, digital asset exchanges and corporates via RippleNet to provide one frictionless experience to send money globally.

If my left arm was at stake and I had to choose one right now to save it, this would be my choice. I do not trust anonymous creators because of the mere fact maybe criminals would use this type of system to launder money. Just my personal thoughts.  See below for a real incident that took place recently.

So Is Cryptocurrency here to stay? Is this Our Future?

I think it is at this point in the game, ending of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 we have some choices to consider carefully. From the above and the others I read ( just too many for one article), there is little doubt that we need to prepare cryptocurrency in our future. Not immediately but it will likely happen.

Are you ready to invest as early as 2018? There will be a lot of hype around this so choose wisely. Others not mentioned but might be worth looking into are:
⦁ Bitcoin Cash
⦁ Miato
⦁ Cardano and Neo

A final thought on the question about Cryptocurrency and our future, I also read an article stating that Bitcoin could easily peak out at over $100,000. before the New year. My question is this then: What happens to the little guy…the average working person!

How can anyone but those that are rich already or those who have access to funds beyond our means use the cryptocurrency Bitcoin that is in place already?

What are we doing? What are Congress and big business conglomerates thinking? The Rich get richer and the poor get poorer!! Sure let’s continue this trend and make matters worse. And if indeed this is our future, then for a lot of you there is still time to invest.

With the fact that Bitcoin is anonymous and so are some of the platforms where you can purchase leads me to wonder, no I know, criminal activity is afloat!! I know because criminals broke into the bank, so-to-speak, and cleaned out my best friends bank account to buy Bitcoin. That is where the fraud dept traced it to with, NO PHONE number or any other information.

Sure I want to invest in something that says go ahead drug dealer, thief, hacker extraordinaire we have you covered. It is all anonymous so have at her!!

devious if cryptocurrency is here to stay
No of course not all the purchases of Bitcoin are made by these kinds of people, but it does do something that affects my ‘trust’! Just sayin’.




Would love to know your personal thoughts on this and what do you think. Is cryptocurrency here to stay? Is this our future? Do you already have investments in Bitcoin or one of the others? It would be awesome to hear where you think the best investments would or should be made. I am excited to hear from you.

The comments section is just below so the keyboard is now in your hands. Have an awesome day and if you have a spare minute click and share using one of our icons. Best way to get the word out and hear what others have to say.

is cryptocurrency our future?  Is cryptocurrency here to stay?

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