Is Affiliate Marketing M.L.M. (Relationship) Marketing or Direct Sales?

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is affiliate marketing mlm Is Affiliate Marketing M.L.M?


Home Business can be more than just MLM or Relationship Marketing.  Is affiliate marketing MLM even viable?  These are all intriguing and easy to start up but there is one home based business idea that is even more intriguing than the first two.  People get attracted to MLM, Relationship Marketing and Direct Sales as a home business for a good reason.  They are told countless times that it is THE BEST home based business to start.  The easiest and the least costly way to have a business.  They might have missed one question that comes up more now than ever.  Is Affiliate Marketing mlm 


This is MLM or Relationship Marketing:                        This is Affiliate Marketing:

⦁ Costs are reasonable                                                                     Cost to start $0
⦁ a lot of tax benefits                                                                        Same Tax benefits
⦁ work your own hours                                                                    work your own hours/ no sponsoring
⦁ often, products that you use                                                        No forced products to purchase
⦁ do not have to stock or ship products                                        No shipping, no monthly auto orders


Excitement and Romance of M.L.M.

Being caught up in the Hype and Romance is easy.  The amazing websites, the opportunity and the sales and marketing training calls. The excitement of a brand new product or opportunity and the big launch!  Your Very Own First Home Business!  Huge

Stay grounded and don’t get lost in that excitement.  It is your pocket book, time and energy that are getting drained completely dry, so do NOT get lost in the hype and glitter.  And Remember there is another route that most don’t know about.    ⇓

there is no is affiliate marketing mlm

Is Affiliate Marketing mlm?  Really BIG Lies!

There are a lot of Big Lies told on the Internet.  There’s always gonna be bad stuff out there but there is also going to be some really really good stuff!  It is up to us, You and Me to figure out the truth from the lies.  So, don’t forget that as you go out there and pursue your dream of a home business!!  It will be worth it if you do your homework and research things a bit.  Knowing what it is you want to do will save you time and money.  And knowing the answer to Is Affiliate Marketing mlm, the truth or one of the lies.

A few points & good questions that get missed when you are looking at mlm are:

takes a team and so is affiliate marketing mlm?


  • Do you want to recruit people?
  • Do you want to do home parties?
  • Can you be a team leader?
  • What about a monthly auto ship?
  • Are there a minimum or maximum quotas to fill in order to get paid?
  • How much does it cost to get started?


You love doing this⇑style of marketing and understand how the system works.  As your home business choice so this makes MLM a good fit for you.

If you are not crazy about recruiting and doing parties or selling products and the business opportunity, or having to buy product every month, you might want to consider something that is a little less pressure related, more passive and does not require product purchases!

Affiliate Marketing is A Passive Income

If I told you I had something you could try FREE would you try it?  And you can stay FREE as long as you want too.  Would that trigger your ‘I’m interested’ button?  The best part, if you decide this is something you see yourself doing as a home business and want to learn more,  you can upgrade for those options. DRUM ROLL, please!

It will be a One Time Up-Grade and it is under $50.00!!  You can have a look here.



 My Choice!is-affiliate-marketing-mlm                          is-affiliate-marketing-mlm


Having given MLM more than a fair try, I can say I did learn a lot, I loved my products, but learned it just wasn’t for me.  Something more passive where I could perhaps share my training and my knowledge with others was really my desire.   When you don’t know what that other way of doing a home business is, nor having to ask is affiliate marketing mlm or any other name they call it anymore, because you know it is not the same at all. And thinking or being told it is impossible to do without a lot of money and training……..Well, this was a sweet surprise.

Imagine for one minute that you really found a place that you could learn and earn all the while building your home business for $0!!  Wouldn’t you be a little over the moon excited too?  I was!  I was going to learn!  Finally I was where I needed to be.  Not because a friend said I needed to be, but because I did my own research before giving in or giving up!  Huge brownie points earned!!!

so excited to have found that is affiliate marketing mlm is not true





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