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 How to Set Up a Blog


Setting Up a Blog is pretty easy today. You can just go on over to WordPress or Blogger, get an account and start writing.   Is this really all there is to how to set up a blog?   Like telling a short story.  It can certainly be that easy if you are doing a personal blog.  The truth is, if you want to monetize your blog as a home business and be successful, then you will have to learn How to set up a blog first.

There is more to setting up a blog as it is not as simple as it looks.   All the back-end ‘stuff’ like SEO, Plugins, Widgets…. How do I set up a blog with all that stuff and so much more?  And where do you go to learn this and how do you know who or where is best?

Personally, I like simplicity, honesty, clarity, and ethics. I like to know what I am purchasing, and that it is I can do.  I found it right here.

setting up a blog at wealthy affiliates training

What does that have to do with how to set up a blog?


Everything if you are looking for how to do it!! Not everyone is going to give you the bread with butter and jam. They might start you with 1/2 slice of bread, then tell you-you to need to pay more for the other half.   Only then can you add the butter and the jam costs extra too.

I want to share with you some common terms you will see often and what they mean. Then I want to clarify what you need to pay extra for if at all and what you Really must have to get off the ground.  Sound fair? Good. Just look for the BOLD lettering.

You will be told you need a lot of ‘extras’ but you don’t, not in the beginning.  To be very honest, they are probably affiliated with most of the programs they suggest you purchase. That is what affiliates do and that is okay. I will do that too and so will you.

But there are different ways to go about this. I have never appreciated being ‘oversold’ or joining a program only to find out I still need to purchase 5 more things before it will work in my favor.


The Steps in the process of setting up a Blog

#1.   knowing what your intentions are. Do you want to sell your own products or are you setting up a more passive platform for other affiliate programs? 

#2.  where will you set up your blog?   WordPress is the most popular and powerful with all the options available to you.

WordPress is easy to set up and offers you hundreds of FREE themes to work with! DO NOT be tricked into thinking you need someone to set up your theme and pay money to have them do this.

#3.  Choose your domain name  ( this is like your street address)  How people will find U.

I personally use Go Daddy for my domain names and found them to be very reasonable and often with some really good deals, but there are others you may prefer. It is also easy to forward or change your domain server within Go Daddy. Hostgator, Name Cheap, are a few others and are all similar.

If you just want to get going on your own, blogging and having some fun, not worrying about making any money right off, just go to WordPress or Blogger and sign up for a free account. Then add your domain name and start adding content and you are blogging!! Play with it, have fun and when you want to make some money or learn how come back and we will get that underway for you.

Story Time:

setting up a blog is a learning process

If you are wanting to monetize your blog with WordPress then you will need a few more things and it can get complicated.  I was in a program that was just that.  I joined the group not realizing that it was very costly AND it was mainly a Lead Capture type platform that is used for M.L.M or Their program.  At 0ver $125 a month and on information overload I started questioning myself and began looking for something different.

I felt so overwhelmed, I knew I didn’t have that kind of money and something inside me kept nagging at my sense of ethics if that is even a real thing.  I  knew I was not comfortable sharing this because I felt it was a lure or even more so I was not telling them the whole truth.  Sure I had free things I could offer, but really they weren’t free in the end.  Funny how that works.  It wasn’t for me.

I mention this because there are a lot of them!!!!! If you are NOT in M.L.M. or Direct Sales you do not need to concentrate on luring leads to you right away. Here are some of the terms used and the extras needed for this type of marketing platform. You also do not need to pay hundreds of dollars for programs or training on getting started. You really don’t.  I can get that for you free.   Remember that.  AND It is not a ‘lure’ it is the real deal.                                                   

Be Aware of the Following Terms used in How to Set Up a Blog

  • Theme Vendors ( purchasing themes) not necessary
  • Plugins (premium) not necessary to purchase
  • lead capture forms ( you can use WP comment forms free)
  • email broadcasts, autoresponders ( service to send emails etc to leads)
  • pop-ups and sliders ( get free in WordPress themes and plugins)
  • lead magnets ( in essence a bribe to get you on their list)
  • funneled systems (funnel them in, mix them up with twists and turns then spit them out)

I am sure I will be ruffling a few feathers with this but what I am saying is true. You do not need all the ‘extras’ to get started!  Not if you have the right help at the right price!!


Let’s Do some Free

How does FREE sound to you?  Oh, don’t listen to those silly dudes telling you free leaves you vulnerable, with no support!!  I don’t have any of those worries!  Funny how that works.  Here is where I chose and it was/is the best decision I could have made.   I encourage you to have a look.  Just click below to get your free membership.

And Yes, I was skeptical too!  I had heard free so many times only to find out the only free thing was the intro Video!  You can be confident nothing like that is about to happen.    Not from my site and not today!

setting up a blog

There is one extra that you will need and use more and more to be successful and I strongly recommend giving it a try.   So many do not use or know about keyword tools.   Keywords are the words or phrases people search for.  I had never heard of anything other than Google until recently when I found Jaaxy.  Pretty cool place and you can get 30 free searches when you sign up!

setting up a blog needs keywords


As you choose your Topic to Share, ask yourself:

  • Do I have the right keywords?
  • How do I find the best ones?
  • Is this topic popular?
  • Can I make money from this?
  • what about competition, where do I find this information?

You need to write about something you enjoy doing and sharing. Cannot stress that enough.  You do not have to be an author to write about it, just be yourself and allow your readers to feel your personality through your words.  After all, it is all about Your visitor.

  • Do Not Make Outrageous Promises
  • Provide Value
  • Solve a Problem
  • Share some Benefits ( be helpful to your readers)

Deliver on your promises and remember to be real and be trustworthy. There are enough of the other kind!   You don’t want to add to that.

Always remember you are Branding You when you are in Affiliate Marketing. It is not About Your products as much as it is about you and your delivery. People want to know they can trust you. Have a really nice professional photo done of yourself and add that to your site so your readers can get a better feel for who you are. It is a known fact that people like to know who they are doing business with when you are NOT a Big Box Store.

Big Box Stores


Would love to hear your thoughts or answer any questions you might have. Please feel free to leave a comment below. I hate Spam too so your info is very safe or you might want to choose sharing using the social icons.  One click will do it.


Okay, be a Doll and share some Love...

2 thoughts on “How To Set Up A Blog for Free

  1. William Newsome says:

    I love reading articles about Wealthy Affiliate. I love how we’re trying to spread the word about trying to create the lifestyle we’ve always envisioned for ourselves. I also just purchased a membership to Jaaxy, really awesome tool. Great read

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thanks for stopping by William. I know, I get a little-excited sharing WA but that is because I have been on the other side and know what we have is the best, and it sounds like you do too. Jaaxy is a great too. I have not used it in a bit now as I have my keywords built in with my Squirrly SEO. But Jaaxy is the first keyword tool I used ever and yes, awesome it is.

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