5 Tips on how to find Leads Online for Business

5 Tips on How to Find Leads Online

There might be a lot more than 5 tips on how to find leads online, but what I found to be most relevant are the 5 I am going to share with you.  If you are doing any kind of network marketing you will need some help knowing how to do this effectively.

I am going to break it down and share a few thoughts of my own on each one.  We are going to go in reverse to the others…..

Tip #1  on how to find leads online is the Funnel

Exactly what is a funnel and why is it important to your success?    A Funnel is generally used to capture leads in any niche.  Wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.  Just another way to generate leads.  Coax them in, spit them out!          ⇓

most use the funnel system in the how to find leads online approach

how to find leads online can come with bruises


So, how do I find leads online?  I am not exactly familiar with this Funnel thing and my prior experience with a ‘sales funnel’ left me totally feeling like the guy above. Spit Out!!  It felt deceiving! But that was also by people who in a way were devious.  Each layer of their funnel was just another thing you needed to buy or to qualify for in order to excel in your business. Rather like candies being dropped along the pathway for you to eat and enjoy until you get to the end.  I did learn that these candies being dropped along the way were not necessarily all bad for you. trail of candy
What I didn’t fully understand was the REAL concept of using the Funnel for generating leads until I read an article that explained it in such a way, it was not only easy to understand, it was easy to see why using a funnel in marketing is VERY IMPORTANT!  The analogy used was McDonald’s and the up-sell and the explanation of how and why it was used. It was more than a light bulb moment and now I knew it was time to re-think my past experience, put it to bed for the bad experience it was, and do it the right way for anyone else.

If there is a funnel that is possibly better than some of the others it is the lead funnel because you start with giving something away in order to get that person who likes what you have to offer to trust you.

This is REALLY important……….

If it’s an enticing offer, people will take you up on it which means you’ll be generating leads. Just remember, you should offer something of quality!! Something your reader can use or learn from. Do not trade off Quality for cheap anything!  Do not do what others before you have done.


Tip # 2      Get Leads with Squeeze Pages, Capture Pages

These kinds of pages pretty much speak for themselves, don’t they?  The name says it all. This is another tip on how to find leads online.  This is where most marketers will use the Funnel system.  Some say you do not need these anymore, while others say it is one of the best ways for generating leads online.

I am tending to agree But if your ‘main squeeze’ 🙂 <the first page of your Website or Blog> offers something of

  • quality
  • not just hype
  • no false promises
  • not too long and entailed
  • has a call to action


It will be just as effective as any Lead or Capture page you need to build or buy. Certainly worth the comparison. Especially if you are using Social Media Advertising.  Below is an example of what a capture page looks like.  One Page.

capture page
Other than using these types of pages, or just any one-page website you can put together, what could be even better or equal in value is using the right THEME for your Website. Did you know WordPress has some pretty surprising themes now and you can have a Website with just one or two pages so it would be short and to the point, just as the lead or capture page is?   Better yet, you can do this for free.

Tip # 3         How Do You Give Something Away?

So, remember the Funnel and the giveaway?   It’s not just good enough to give something away for Free. You need to try to make it valuable.  Don’t just put some crappy giveaway in an autoresponder and expect to do anything special. Your autoresponder is costly so don’t be lazy about what you know you need to do. You are going to be among some fierce competition so you had better make your offer steamy and yummy like a hot fudge sundae!!

hot fudge sundae trick for how to find leads online

Hold Up A Minute!!!  What the sam hill is this Autoresponder thing?  OOPS…….sorry about that.  I got ahead of myself.  Going in reverse can do that to you. 🙂  An autoresponder is something you use to capture your leads email information so you can give them something of value.  It is not a free service, so don’t get set up too early in the game.

I want you to save your money, not throw it away.  Once you have your site set up, and you have visitors then you can set up your autoresponder.  There are many you can use and most do offer you a free trial or free for so many leads you put into the system.  It sounds difficult, but with the right guidance, you will be fine.  A few that you may have seen are, ‘Get Response’, ‘Mail Chimp’ or ‘Aweber’.

Just park this tip away in your ‘To Do’ file along with your Give Away that you will be getting ready.

Tip # 4  How To Create A Free Give Away

Tip # 4 is actually so much easier than it sounds.  What you want to do while you are learning how to set up and build your website is learn this feature as well.  When you know your niche, that product or information people are looking for, the thing you are passionate about, you will offer a free guide or how to use this.

This can be a short PDF or Document that is only a few pages.  As long as it offers your visitors something they can find useful it is a good give away.  An example is you love to make bread and specialty bread.  You offer one of your best recipes and a few pictures showing your reader how to do this themselves at home.

Very simple when you break it down into bite size pieces.  As long as it does these things:

  • is relevant to your topic on your website or blog
  • can be useful to your reader
  • has more value than Free

Simple, creative and your first give away is saved on your computer for when you are ready to go with your autoresponder.  ( If you can find an autoresponder that is free for your first 500 or 1000 visitors go ahead and set it up)  It is only when you are paying immediately that you may want to wait.

Tip # 5  Pulling It All Together

You are brand new to all of this but you have a desire to have your own home business online.  You are also one in a billion or so people online.  How will you stand out from all the others?  Do you know how and where to pull all this together?  I sure didn’t and I spent a lot of money I didn’t have ( love those credit cards) and still I was no further ahead!  I had an idea, but I didn’t know how to make it all flow or even come together in one place.

My head felt like it was going in circles!  I really wanted to learn how to do this but I was on my last straw and just couldn’t justify the money this had cost me any longer.  I did one last search and what I found was significant.  Where was this hiding all the time??

Yes I was skeptical after all the ‘others’ but it was free they said and I didn’t need my CC to join so that was my get out of jail card.  It didn’t take very long for me to realize this was something very different than I was used to in my past efforts.  So, I started my learning process.

I am serious about the competition! You will be like a fish landing on the beach unless you have some help come along. In the case of the fish, to throw back into the water. In this case, of you trying and trying, it would be me directing you to the best place you can learn and grow.  Honest, straight facts.

And just in case you are wondering, it is all real.  It is all possible and people just like you ARE in fact making a living from the comfort of home! No, not overnight. That is one of those lies on one of those not so nice funnels!!   No, not from 0 to $10K in 5 days and certainly not while you do nothing. It takes some work but if it is right for you it will be more fun than work, and your end results will have you dancing in the street.

Don’t believe me………….Good.  That is you being cautious.  I suggest you STEP RIGHT ON INSIDE and see for yourself.  If I am not telling you the truth you can come back and call me on it leaving me a comment that tells me exactly how you feel.  Is that a deal?  Good.  I will see you inside and give you a big shout out!




Your turn!  I am going to turn the keyboard over to you.  Have you or do you use Lead or Capture Pages when generating leads?  What about the ‘Funnel’?  Please share your thoughts in the comments section just below.  I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this matter.  OR, you can share some love and click on one of our social icons.

And If I am not telling you the truth, you know what to do next………………….


Have an awesome day and thanks for being here

Merry C

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