My Honest Affilorama Review

My Review of Affilorama



Affilorama ‘suggests’ you can try for free.  My Affilorama review is built around the word ‘SUGGEST’ that stands out loud and clear!  I love Affiliate Marketing and what it can do for the average person/family. Just that it is affordable to everyone is huge.  Well, that is of course IF the truth is being told and if what you need to learn is being taught.  And if the suggestive word FREE is longer than 10 days.

For anyone who wants to make money online without a lot of cash going out right away, affiliate marketing stands out from the crowd. Why? Simplicity!  You don’t have to create, purchase, or ship the products you sell unless you want too!

Here is why my review of Affilorama is so honest. 


You see, I joined just for research information so I could give an honest review.  I am not affiliated with Affilorama, so I have nothing monetary to gain.
Product Review:

Affilorama Group Limited
Mark Ling
Price Point: $1. to $67.00 monthly

General Overview of Affilorama

One of the first things I noticed with Affilorama is the giveaway Free Report. This is always a red flag for me as when I see this right off I know free is a very short ride. The Basic information in the report is well written and simple and easy to understand.  For the most part, the information was on point and certainly helpful to anyone who is new to Affiliate Sales.  That is a plus.
Another + for Affilorama is pointing out the “Quick Buck” pitfall and Building too many sites too quickly. They are absolutely right on with both of these points.

Back Office and What You Get:
The Overall structure and figuring out exactly what you get for what is a little gray. You have to look a little further to get the real picture. Not as up front as it could be.
#1 The Basics
Getting Started
Join Now
Affiliate Glossary
Support Center
Affiliate Program

#2 Free Video Lessons
Market Research
Content Creation
Site Building
Marketing Ideas
Affiliate Outsourcing
Guru views
Affilo Tools
Overview of Affilo Tools
Search Marketing Tools
Competition Analysis Tools
Website Health Check Tools

Affilorama Products

(extra costs involved)
AffiloBlueprint ( $197.00)
AffiloTools $ 67.00 (free allows you to track one website & keyword research.)
AffiloJetpack (CLOSED)
Premium Membership
Educational Solutions

More offers for Members with discounted offers:

viral sweeps, temper, checkoboard, crazy egg, speech pad, hire writers,
constant content, go animate and more.

The Good and The Bad

⦁ The Free information is good, honest and informative
⦁ $1. Offer is 30 days and is risk-free with a guarantee in place

⦁ It Ends there. When you enter the program for the first time you see the upgrade offer immediately.
⦁ Everything is an added cost and some of it is not necessary to start if ever.

Affilorama is an Affiliate Marketing Training Platform that teaches you how to get started and begin earning as an affiliate. Are all the costs necessary? In my opinion NO. My first reaction is the owners are making a good deal of money from their members with the offers you see that are available to members in the back office.
I believe the support is there for members and the community help is there as well. Could you do better for your hard earned dollar? Yes. Yes, you certainly could. I saw too many ‘suggested’ items you needed to purchase to make me feel comfortable with saying anything else.

My Final Opinion

Affilorama is indeed a legitimate platform from which you can learn. I think the costs are out of line and therefore this is not a program ANYONE could easily afford. Because you are being encouraged to purchase more you could soon find yourself with monthly costs weighing you down before you even start earning.

The whole idea with Affiliate Marketing is to have an affordable option that anyone could/can do!! Not just ‘the select’ few. With a toss in of a few big names as well I see and feel a lot of “If you scratch my back, I will scratch yours” Is that wrong? No, not at all……but are you really looking out for the best interests of your members?

In conclusion, my overall score for Affilorama is a 5 out of 10. Perhaps I am just used to the best being offered to everyone! I welcome you to compare Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama.  Side by Side there is no comparison..but being as I am biased I really encourage you to check both yourself.


overview screen shot of WA for review pages

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