How A Few Home Business Ideas Made Me Excited!

home business ideas

Bugging Friends and Family to be successful

Have you ever considered or been a part of Direct Sales, Party Plans or MLM? Would you consider this as one of the home business ideas you would consider? I ask because up until now both of these have been known as the easiest and most reasonable way to start a home business.

So what sets those who succeed and soar to the top and those who struggle on the bottom of the ladder? I have personally been in both positions and both require a lot of work and dedication. If there was just one thing to grab onto it would be personal excitement and a Goal target to reach.

With your home business ideas, what is it that you hoped to gain from joining this company or your friend? Did you possibly see yourself earning a great income or more time with family and travel? Did you see this as a fun way to earn a living?  Or was it just the glamour that surrounds some home business ideas like Direct Sales or M.L.M.  The companies are smart and they will portray this to you.

be a leader in home business ieas

For you to see the success it helps hugely if you know a lot of people or you are a social butterfly! Absolutely without a doubt in today’s market, this stands out as a key factor.   Accompany your social skills, we will call them skills, and your excitement you are going to attract others to you like a magnet!

Every one of us wants to be associated with that magnetic personality. Actually, we all secretly wish we could be more like that. Probable? Yeah, I think so.   But is this really for you?

Apples to Oranges and No Pressure

So how much does the actual product have to do with your success? Most home business ideas are not built around the products.  Not nearly as much as you think anyway. Why can I say that with confidence? Because think about it. If you were in Amway or Herbalife you had a ton of different products to sell. A ton! It is not the product you are selling but the concept or the way of life that is painted for you in the beginning.

If we are comparing, the Apples are the lifestyle and the recognition and the Oranges are the products. And yes, it does help if you believe and use the products yourself. BUT does that make the product the star of the show? No. ⇓You have to be the star of your own show.⇓

you are the star of home business ideas

Another very strong point I need to make is what happens to you if the company falls? Exactly. You have to find another company to represent. What do you think this does to your reputation? It can hurt you especially if people do not know what happened.

Today with Social Media Advertising and what you do is seen by so many becomes crucial. Another very good reason that you need to be the star of your own show. In other words, brand
You, product, company.  In that specific order.

You really need to find a way to stand out from all the thousands of others doing the same thing as you. This comes into play both on and offline. Is Direct Sales or MLM still one of the easiest home business ideas to start? Not anymore.

If you are planning to do your home business both on and offline ( MORE OFF) then I would say yes. This is the route you should take.

If you can answer YES to the following then it is for you.

  • You love meeting and talking to new people
  • you are a social butterfly and attract people to you
  • being a team leader and helping others is something you can see yourself doing
  • planning and attending meetings weekly or monthly
  • using your products on a regular basis

How did that go? Did you get more Yeses than No’s?

Give Me 5 minutes of your time and I’ll Give you Free!

Yes, it is FREE to join and is one of the home business ieas

Yup here comes that Social Media thing again! When you market strictly online this becomes really important. On the other side of the coin to Direct Sales or MLM is Affiliate Marketing. When I first tried to do a business online I still thought the D.S. or M.L.M was the only way to go. Imagine my surprise when I found out differently.

Time to back up a tiny bit. I could no longer have a business outside of working from home due to a rare health issue. I had my own brick and mortar business that I loved and was so sad to have to let go. I may have been confined to my home vs working outside of the home walls, but I was determined to find something that could work.

It was during this time that I looked at many so-called ‘opportunities’ and training sites only to end up with some pretty big shark bites! I seriously could not figure out how people were doing this. I would see these blogs people were writing, and products they were talking about. How I wondered, do you do this?

It turns out it was Affiliate Marketing and could be set up with very little money if any. Eventually, you will need some $$ but in the very beginning, you can get away with none.  Funny thing is I still didn’t know what it was called. I just knew I wanted to do something like that. I did a search, perhaps like you did, and what I found turned into my final search.

Passive Marketing! One of the home business ideas loved

I loved the sound of that! No ‘recruiting’, no meetings to attend and no products I was forced to buy every month just so I could get paid. Please don’t misunderstand. I loved MLM and what it was able to offer so many. I just didn’t love how every month I was paying out of pocket. 

going broke with your home business ideas

At some point you have to say, STOP. I am not making any money. I am just spending it.  And that does not mean you are a quitter!  It just means you took a new direction.

Okay, back to the Passive! What exactly is Affiliate Marketing? It is still you being the star minus the purchase of products. As an affiliate marketer, you are the middleman or women.  

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals. Just as simple as that.

Will you need some help learning how to do this? For some, I do think, Yes. If you are not familiar with WordPress or setting up your own site or blog it is suggested, strongly suggested I might add, to get help with this.

learn from the best and find home business ideas






No, you will not moonlight your way to millions as so many want you to believe. It is time to put your big girl/boy panties on. Once you know you are being fooled you have no more excuses. I can help if you are in this category.

How would you like to learn, step by step, taken by the hand and guided, for as little as $0 to $1.60 a day? That is less, far less than a cup of coffee!!  If you can answer NO to any of the following then this is for you:

  • You know how to set up a website or WordPress theme
  • You know how to become an Amazon Affiliate
  • You know how to use Social Media to your advantage
  • you know what a widget or plugin is
  • You know how to get noticed and become the expert

How many No’s did we get? When I first started this journey I had all No’s and there is more that I didn’t know but soon found out I needed to learn it. You can’t just put up a website with some pictures and expect to have any success. It doesn’t work that way.

You can do this on your own and spend a lot of money and lost time and become very frustrated or you can let me help you. Wouldn’t it be nice to find that one place that is honest and straight up about this online marketing business? I can’t guarantee you will be making any money at first but what I can guarantee is the best training platform online today.

jump in and I will show you home business ideas

Hop in.  I want to show you what you can do with Affiliate Marketing compared to Direct Sales or MLM. You will be shown how to set up your own website or Blog. You will be taught how to use WordPress so it becomes easy to navigate. You will be guided to the best Affiliate platforms to find products you would like to sell. You will learn about keywords and how to use Google+ for business.

Are you ready to see what I am talking about with your own eyes? No deception! I have seen enough of that to last two lifetimes!! Put away your CC too, please. This program will not be asking you for that unless you know without a doubt this is what you need. There are Free training and 2 Free websites to get you started and enough for you to know that you know!

looking for new home business ideas

If you don’t Look Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

And while you are there, think about this. The best time to start your home business is now! You will be prepared to start your 2018 off with the knowledge you don’t have today.  What an entrance you will make!

Awesomely awesome of you to get this far! Remember, you are just looking and there is no commitment at this point. Here is where you go. Enjoy and much success is waiting for you behind curtain # 1.


I love hearing from anyone visiting my site and would really like to answer any questions you might have or even better…ask a question, leave your thoughts and then SHARE by clicking one or more of our social icons.

Wishing you massive success in your decisions and home business!  Thanks for being here today.

Okay, be a Doll and share some Love...

22 thoughts on “How A Few Home Business Ideas Made Me Excited!

  1. Phil says:

    Thanks for a great article, Merry! I especially liked the little lists of questions. It helps to have these side-by-side comparisons of what characteristics are most relevant to each way of making money, especially because it allowed me to envision what my “sales activity” would look like under each model. Did I want to spend my time that way?

    I also took a few on the chin when I was looking for ways to bring in extra money as well. I appreciate your honest overview.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you for stopping by today Phil and leaving us your thoughts. Nice to know it helped you to see what your sales could look like. And sorry about the ‘chin’ 🙂 I sure hope it helped more than not!

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Great article Merry!
    MLM and Direct Sales are definitely not for me! The thought of having to coerce friends and family into purchasing something that cost way over the odds not only put them in a difficult position but it can also put a strain on your relationship. I remember a work colleague was trying to sell me the MonaVie product and she was basically forcing me to purchase it. At the time, I didn’t know anything about MLM. I thought she was just trying to sell something that belonged to HER not thinking that the more sales she makes, the more bonuses or whatever it was would earn her more money. I could not do this. How these MLM’s sell it to you, is that you can hold house parties and try and sell the products on. I think that is such a deceitful way of doing things and in fact, I feel sorry for some of the people who are caught up in these schemes – they seem to work so hard, for little reward.
    I love Affiliate Marketing as I can do it without the hassle of having to set up house parties, attend meetings and force sell products onto friends and family.

    Affiliate Marketing is definitely the way to go.

    Thanks for this article highlighting all of these business ideas.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you for your awesome comment Jackie. Not everyone is cut out for the sales techniques of MLM and that is for sure. I much prefer the passive form of sales that is associated with Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping. MlM is quite legitimate just much more high pressure sales are involved. It surprises me how so many are not familiar with how it works. We are in the best that is for sure, hands down!!

  3. Orion says:

    I can so much relate to your experience, having been “exposed” or more accurately, introduced to MLM at the age of 18 – I could already then see no reason why join the “rat race” and work on a “treadmill” all day for a measly salary when MLM and DS can be so lucrative and liberating – time wise.
    But as you too have found out, it is not easy to succeed in those and in my personal opinion you “burn” a lot of relationships on the way!
    I never gave up my dream, and with the advent of technology, there are new and wonderful LEGIT ways to make your dreams come true.
    Yes, it demands what I call the 3 P’s = Patience, Perseverance & Passion, without which the road to success can be really difficult.
    So, finding Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to get your online business started and you can build SO MUCH more from there!!
    And a personal note for the end I really like your optimism!
    Cheers – Orion

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you, Orion, for sharing your thoughts today. I totally agree on the “burn” out and the relationship status. Never giving up on your dream….Just Changing direction is often necessary when you realize it is not for you, but that is just a detour. Wishing you success in all you do.

  4. Irma says:

    Great post Merry!

    I think what is great about affiliate marketing is that we are choosing how things will go for us. MLM’s are making a few people very wealthy, but not everyone has that opportunity and the market can be flooded with many similar products, similar ads, similar home parties.

    At least with an affiliate website, you have a chance to really promote something that you believe in, and that promotion can really help visitors see how great it is and what benefits it has because it has your personal spin. I am pleased to be able to offer quality products that I use myself.

    And, over time, and with that time, experience, we learn what works best. We are not forced into a cookie cutter life. I think that is what resonates the most for me as far as affiliate marketing goes.

    I encourage anyone who has that little itch inside their brain that they maybe should be looking into this, to just go ahead and take the plunge and click the links. You don’t know until you know!

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you, Irma, for sharing your thoughts today. I think it only helps when others can reinforce what you are saying. More and more people are also finding that they have no choice but to work from home only due to health issues for themselves or family members. That is where affiliate marketing really comes into play. It is strictly online and no pressure or time restraints. I love that about this type of home business. And you are right, you don’t know until you know!

  5. Kevon says:

    Wow Merry

    Great article. I enjoyed reading and you made a lot of sense.

    What stood out for me was one line in particular – You have to be the star of your own show.

    Most people focus on the products but in reality what they are selling is themselves. People only by from you or enrol in a program if they trust you. Whether you are their neighbor, their cousin or the big convenient store down the road. It’s all about trust.

    This is why some of the successful people at MLM that I know, actually succeed not by selling the products but by selling their story. The products are really the props, but as you say the seller has to be the star of the show.

    Even if you take the passive marketing approach, you’re still selling yourself. You may not have to ‘recruit’ but you still have to enrol people into your own little ‘fan club’. Marketing statistics show that people will buy from you have they have seen you ‘ad’ or ‘blog’ seven times or more. But for them to view your content 7 times, you have to offer value and ultimately they have to learn to trust you. Therein lies the secret to success in passive marketing.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Kevin, thank You! You really got it and I thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. And yes, that is so true about MLM. What always got me was they were sharing their story but telling you to put the product in the forefront. You almost have to get out of your own way to do this successfully.
      And yes, the only difference is the ‘recruiting’ but like you said, you still have to enroll your fan club. Trust is huge and is key to any marketing. Passive, aggressive, dropshipping or wholesaling. 🙂 I find many people are finally able to see thru the facade but still many are trusting the glitz and the excellent copywriting skills.
      I very recently viewed a store in Shopify and what really turned my head was not the product, but the Blog they attached and the wonderful story being told. That is what trust is. Thanks again Kevin. Really appreciate your views.

  6. Vesna says:

    Great post, Merry!

    I’m sure that many people who’ll read your article will recognize themselves in this story… I believe that majority of today successful people online have started the way you described – with some of the popular MLMs or direct selling companies. Stats show that small percentage of those who try to make money with MLM really make money. Most people fail. And not because of not having the patience or not willing to work. I was one of them trying really hard, but, without any success!

    After too many frustrations, doubts, no-earning money, but, not giving up, I have found a different, but a simple road to achieve my goals, that you just explained.

    Thanks again for great read,

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you, Vesna. I certainly do relate to the working hard and for every 2 steps forward it was 3 back! One thing I noticed that really bothered me was you had encouragement from your ‘leaders’ but the minute you started to fall or asked questions you didn’t hear from them anymore. That, of course, is not the fault of the MLM or Direct Sales. It is a ‘people’ thing. We did learn, and we have so much more insight and appreciation for the wonderful passive incomes from Affiliate Marketing. It was great to hear from you.

      • Vesna says:

        I agree with you Merry and know exactly what you’re talking about…:) These were lessons that we all had to learn and then – to move on.
        Wishing you the best of success,

  7. Robert Prescott says:

    This is a great post! I too had started my alternate form of extra income in an MLM with the dream of one day having it be my sole source of income while living the good life as it was presented to me when I started. Needless to say that didn’t happen and I wound up with a ton of products just to be qualified to get paid should I recruit a referral.

    I soon realized this was not for me and I started selling on eBay. I earned more money selling and doing drop shipping with free wholesale suppliers on eBay in one week than I did in my near one year in an MLM. Though I was making good money doing real drop shipping on eBay, even that was getting to be problematic with all of the eBay fees. So I needed to find another way.

    Then I started looking for a way to build my own website so I could create my own ecommerce website where I could do drop shipping. Upon my search I came across affiliate marketing and was impressed at how simple it was to start. Like drop shipping I didn’t need to purchase products but unlike drop shipping I didn’t have to deal with my customers. Affiliate marketing in my opinion is the easiest way to make money online.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Hi Robert and thank you so much for taking the time to share a few thoughts. I agree that affiliate marketing is the easiest. Drop shipping is very lucrative but for both, you need the right products and the right people who are looking for what you have. Neither is done well without training. So many, and I was one, just keep trying and trying but not really knowing enough to make it successful.

  8. Philip says:

    Hi Merry,

    It seems we have some similar experiences, however, I was more of a catalog seller online. It was successful, for a short while, until customers did not pay after they ordered an item (or two) – leaving me stranded with the return postal fee’s. Then there was the drop-shipping saga along with late deliveries from drivers, whom, I had to call (out of my own phone credit), to ask where they were. Then, if all that is not enough, I had to travel (more expense) to make the sale in person. Far too much hassle and I do not recommend it (well, in my experience anyways.)

    Nightmare! Too stressful! This is why I strongly suggest Affiliate Marketing. You pick your own hours. You write what you are passionate about and able to learn to Make A Full Time Income Online!!

    Speaking of home businesses, I know here in Ireland, there was a catalog company that suddenly pulled out of the country. NO warning – Just Gone!! If you want my advice – I recommend you learn to be your own boss, and with Affiliate Marketing, this is exactly what you are doing.

    Learn, be patient and work hard and you will make it online.

    Thank You Merry for this very informative article and it was a total pleasure to read it.



    P.S. I noticed you say it is Free To Start In Affiliate Marketing, however, how much will it cost if someone was serious about doing this Full Time?

    • Merry Conner says:

      Hi, Philip thank you for your wonderful thoughts today. Yes, we have had similar experiences, and you are probably like me and not wanting anyone else to go thru the same. With affiliate marketing, we can certainly do this. Yes, Affiliate Marketing training which I believe is essential to anyone having success is with Wealthy Affiliate. It is free to try and actually you can stay free forever. BUT, if you are serious about a home business then an upgrade is best and that is only $49.00 a month, with hosting and up to 50 websites if you are ambitious.

  9. Stephen says:

    Thanks a lot Mary,

    Although MLM programs are not bad in themselves, I personally do not encourage it due to so many reasons.

    For instance – the job having to buy products every month to sell before making some income alone makes me sick. And since their products are expensive – you will have to be a very skillful marketer in other to be able to make some sales.

    Also, the idea of having to go rounds looking for others to recruit them is another problem in MLM programs that I do not like at all.

    I really like the idea of working on your own as a affiliate marketer. And I want to build my personal business website.

    I will consider your recommended program.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Yes Stephen the exact reasons I do not like doing MLM or even some direct sales.  It is very high pressure and while some people really thrive and are totally confidant I am not one of those either.  I much prefer, like yourself, passive marketing.  Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts today.  Always appeciated.

  10. Treville Carty says:

    Thanks for the info on ideas to get started in the internet world for people like us that have no idea of what it takes to run a website business.

    • Merry Conner says:

      My pleasure Treville. I remember when I was looking and not really knowing what I was looking for and how frustrating it was. There are just one too many ‘offers’ for quick and easy that don’t work. Everyone looking needs to realize just because the Internet runs at lightning speed, setting up a business and earning from it does not. Thank you for your input.

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