How Is A Funnel Used In Marketing?

                                Why a Funnel?

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Funnel?  When I think funnel, my thoughts are of a cone shaped object, perhaps for Icing a cake or putting gas in your vehicle.  But, in Marketing, A Funnel is generally used to Generate leads or contacts. This can be any niche, DirectSales, M.L.M. or a service business.  Exactly what is a funnel and why is it important to your success?   You fill a funnel from the top as the opening is much wider and then swoosh out the contents at the narrow end..the bottom.  If there is a tear or leak in the funnel you lose some of the contents, but, IF you make it thru the funnel you are usually serious about what comes next.  You are a potential lead, prospect, contact or person of interest.


SO, HOW I am going to accomplish generating leads?


I am not exactly familiar with this Funnel and my prior experience with a ‘sales funnel’ left me totally against using them. I guess I felt that the funnel was sort of like deceiving your contacts. Each layer of the funnel was another SOMETHING you needed to be a part of or to purchase a higher position to excel in your business. Rather like candies being dropped along the pathway for you to buy and enjoy until you get to the end.


Would You Like French Fries With Your Order?

What I didn’t truly understand was the REAL concept of the Funnel until I read an article that explained it such a way it was not only easy to understand it was easy to see why using a funnel in marketing is VERY IMPORTANT!  The analogy used was ‘McDonalds’ and the upsell, “French Fries with That?”, and the explanation of how and why it was used. It was more than a light bulb moment and now I knew it was time to re-think my past experience, put it to bed for the bad experience it was, do it the right way and share with anyone else who is confused by this funnel thing.


The Best Use of The Funnel

If there is a funnel that is possibly better than some of the others, it would be because you start with giving something away in order to get an opt-in (lead or contact) that person who likes what you have to offer.  Fair Game I would say.

gift for you words - Copy
This is REALLY important……….
I think maybe this is overlooked too often. The QUALITY of what you are going to be delivering to your readers is actually JUST as important, if not more so, than anything on your page.
If it’s an enticing offer, people will take you up on it which means you’ll get a lead/contact. Just remember to offer something of quality!! Something your reader can use or learn from. DO NOT TRADE OFF QUALITY FOR HALF EATEN CANDY!  Do not do what others before you have done.

Where do You Use a Funnel?

Squeeze Pages, Lead Pages, Capture Pages………all pretty much speak for themselves don’t they. I mean, squeeze? Like squeezing your information out of you or the Capture of your information! It all sounds so dubious! You would think they could come up with better wording. Ahhh, it is what it is and this is where most use the Funnel system.


Are You Using Social Media Advertising?

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I have seen some indicating you don’t need these anymore, while others say it is one of the best ways to get connected. I am tending to agree BUT if your ‘main squeeze’ 🙂 your Website or Blog offers something of quality and not just hype and false promise, and is not too long and drawn out, and has a call to action, it could be just as effective!!  Or could it?

It is Certainly worth the comparison if you are using Social Media Advertising.
Did you know WordPress has some pretty surprising themes now and You can have a landing Page Theme, short and to the point…….just as the capture or squeeze pages and you can start for free with WP.  Don’t be fooled into buying one right off the get-go!  You Can Do This! YouHave Found The Right One.


Give Something Away for Free

So, remembering that It’s not just good enough to give something away for Free. You need to try to make it VALUABLE. Don’t just put some crappy giveaway in an autoresponder and expect to do anything special. Yes, you can get all kinds of , I will call it stuff to be nice, on the Internet that you can use for this purpose BUT, your autoresponder is costly so don’t be lazy about finding what is valuable for to your readers. Do what you know you need to do. You are going to be amongst some fierce competition so you had better make your offer is steamy and good like a hot fudge sundae!!

Are you ready to get down to some work and start your journey to making some serious income? Great. Just……… STEP RIGHT ON INSIDE and see for yourself. If it isn’t all that and a slice of fresh homemade bread, then you can step right back outside. No obligations. ( You will stay when you see everything that is available for FREE )  Take Action NOW!  Sign up for free today without your CC!


Over to you!  Feel free to share a comment, thought, question, or show some love and click on my FB or twitter app. and share with your friends.  Thanks and have an awesomely awesome day!

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4 thoughts on “How Is A Funnel Used In Marketing?

  1. Mariam says:

    Hello, thank you for your post.
    I think the funnel has a potential that is so wide to get online marketers target. And giving out valuable gifts will make your subscribers to trust you and even buy from you what you sell.
    How can one discern between people who are giving legit and scams funnel? Especially does who want to start online

    • Merry Conner says:

      Yes, IF the funnel is being used in an honest way it has potential. BUT often funnels are used in a deceiving manner. The best way to discern is before signing up for anything. If the site you are visiting is trying too hard to convince you there is that chance that not everything is on the up and up. Research what it is you looking for, and read everything very carefully. For me personally, the ‘funnel experience’ was not a positive one. It is not always about the giveaway gift. It is the end result you are offering that is key. No surprises at the end.

  2. barry says:

    When I think of a funnel I think of putting gas in my out of gas car. Fortunately I grew up and can now keep gas in my car.

    I feel like a funnel is in a way manipulating your readers into doing what you want them to do. And it is. That’s what marketing is. But here’s the good news.

    If a person is looking to make an online income and you know that you have the best solution to their needs. Say a training program. The program you offer is honest, ethical and it works. So you manipulate them a little bit to get the sign up.

    You have saved them from all the make money online scammers out there and got them where they need to be. So you did a good thing because you helped them get what they were looking for.

    The problem comes in when people trick their readers with a funnel in order to cheat them out of their money and offer no value in return. Honest marketers need to do all they can to get people what they are looking for and keep them from getting cheated.

    And if that requires a funnel and any other honest, ethical marketing practice so be it. After all we are trying to save them from the cheaters.


    • admin says:

      thank you so much for verifying for me Barry with your comment today. It is so nice to know that others think the same way. Again, thank you!

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