Can I Get Free Traffic to My Website?


free traffic to my websiteMaking Sales with Free Traffic To My Website

How often have you read that this is just fiction?  You cannot make sales with free traffic, let alone getting that free traffic to my website?   Actually, you can but it is not for the faint of heart.  It will require:

  •  time, a lot of time.
  • patience
  • focus
  • daily habits being formed

We see everywhere or at least it seems like we do, sites, where you can buy leads or others that offer free leads.  Leads, for those who are new, are just people who may be interested in what you are sharing.  Have you ever purchased any leads?  I have and making sense out of the PDF is the first ridiculous part of it all.  And then, now this is really the kicker that you have just wasted a lot of money!  You see Your Own Name on the list!!  It is true.  It actually did happen and to me so you know I am not making it up.

So Where Do I find the Free Traffic to my website?

You will make your sales with free traffic mostly on Social Media sites.  And there are plenty of those online.  We think there is only Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Instagram but we would be wrong.  Man, there are SO many.  Of course, the trick is finding a way to get your word out on all of them without spending all day every day completing the task.

What you will want to do is create some killer headlines.  If you can catch the attention of others you will see your traffic increase significantly.  Sharing other peoples content is also a great way to link back to yourself.  But more important is attracting readers to your content.  Here are a few suggestions that may help.

  1. Be simple and Direct
  2. Ask a question
  3. State a big benefit that will appeal to your target audience
  4. Make an exciting announcement
  5. ‘How to’ always has appeal

Your number one selling point, the benefit, needs to be upfront so you have the best chance of reaching the right audience.  Your chances of a response are far greater if you can do this because most do not read more than the first headline or paragraph.  You need to capture interest right now!

If you are asking a question, be sure it directly involves your reader and prods the reader to answer ‘yes’ or at least ‘I am not sure’ response.  Do not be afraid to be direct and get right to the point.  Your readers will appreciate the direct honesty.

Powerful Posting on Social Media

One of the most powerful places you can post to and use more than just a killer headline is Google+.  This really is how you can make those sales with free traffic.  Not everyone has the extra dollars to buy advertising or the expertise of writing good ad copy.

You will need to really focus and make a form a new habit of sharing to Google+ everytime you write a new article.  This can be tedious at first, but you know it only takes 21 days to make it into a lasting daily habit.  What you can do with Google+ that you can’t with some of the others is write a short blurb about your post.

Make sure you have the title of your article and use the meta description ( found at the bottom of your post in WordPress).  Now ask for thoughts or comments with your short blurb that is different than the meta description.  One of the most powerful places to get you branded!

Facebook is another familiar and popular tool for social media posting.  You should have a business page set up that is similar in name to your website.  Get into the habit here as well, of posting to your business page….sharing short blurbs from your post and a direct link back to it whenever you do a new post or article.

Twitter and Pinterest are much shorter and you should also be using a business account.  Much more professional looking and easier to post, share and connect.

Google, Bing & Yahoo Tools

Did you know that approximately 13% of the world searches are done on Bing and Yahoo?  It is true and that is pretty significant actually.  Google, of course, is the star!  Which is why it makes sense to use Google+ first.

Bing and Yahoo are similar to Google and also have Webmaster tools which can be very helpful in knowing your numbers, where you sit and let the search engines know you have a new post up.  It feels like it will take up a lot of your time, but once you start making a practice of checking consistently it becomes a habit and takes less time as you go.

When you are a beginner to all of this it sounds kind of like gobbly gook and over your head.  It is much simpler once you get familiar with the terms used and the why behind why you should do this.  Knowledge is Power!

Your Own Content Produces Sales with Free Traffic

You might be going ‘Whaaatt’ right about now and wondering if the person behind the keyboard has lost it but that would not be the case.  Sometimes we miss the simplest things that can help us.  I am talking about comments on your posts!  Did you know they are actually considered part of your content?  I didn’t either so it was a nice bonus.

Content that is valuable is key for me to get free traffic to my website.  It can take some time but your content will improve and the more you have, consistently, the better Google will like you!  So many wonder why they are not ranking quickly or seeing more traffic.  You have to give it time and write articles at least twice a week minimum.  The longer, or older your website the more authority it has.

Another bonus is adding links to other posts in your comments.  Best if they are related.  You want everything to flow.

You need to ask your readers to leave a comment or encourage a question.  This is like a direct command almost as your readers often need direction.  You are offering it to them by telling them, Heh, the comment box is just below so how about being your awesome self and leaving us with your thoughts or questions.

If you didn’t know that there was a place to leave a comment or ask a question when visiting a site, what would you do?  Of course.  You would leave.  Now more than ever, comments are probably more important than shares and likes to your social sites.  I usually encourage both.  Some people are shy about leaving a comment so offer them an option to just click and share.

If I was visiting your site, I would really appreciate the options.  And here is where you can get cute, fun, or just downright silly and make your readers feel at home.  Put a smile on a face today!  It always helps.

In conclusion, you might find yourself asking about where does someone learn how to do this?  It all seems hugely complicated.  Well, you would be right there because it is complicated IF you don’t know what you are doing and you are going it alone.  Fumbling your way and losing ground quickly. That, by the way, is the fastest route to failure.  I was there and before giving up entirely I decided one last search was needed.

I knew what I wanted to do but damn I didn’t know what to call it.  I put all kinds of words in google search and I kept seeing the same name coming up in the top 10 searches.  It was not a coincidence.  So……..I chose one of the sites and opened it.  I read the information and felt safe enough to look further.  After all, it was FREE!  Heck, I didn’t even need my CC to see everything that was offered.  Wow!  You normally don’t get to see everything offered.

What I really loved was the no fuss, no hype stuff I was used to seeing.  No huge promises, and no pictures of the owner of the site playing on his yacht or driving a fancy car down the highway.  I did, however, see what was what, how it worked, and I knew what to expect right away.  Upfront and honest.

It took me less than a week and I knew I had finally found where I needed to be.  I finally understood what it was called that I knew I wanted to do.  And that is why I am still here and still learning more every day.  I didn’t learn everything or even within close proximity in that first week.  But I can tell you I am thrilled that I found my way here.  I have learned more than I knew was even possible or necessary to be successful.  I am still learning.  The Internet is fast and things change on a dime.  You need to constantly be learning.

And with that, I would like nothing more than to introduce my #1 shout out!!    Whatever you can see you can achieve.

  • Do you have a desire for a home business?
  • Do you have something you are passionate about and you want to share but don’t know how to do start?
  • Do you know what a niche is?  It is just that.  A thing or a product you love doing or using and you want to share with others!  Simple and easy to follow.  Patience and focus required for


Patience and focus required for true success.

Okay, be a Doll and share some Love...

6 thoughts on “Can I Get Free Traffic to My Website?

  1. Brenda says:

    Comments are a great way of getting more information on the subject you just read. I look at the comments on site I go into. They are full of great information as well. Comments are also a place to go if you have any questions about the article. Getting clarification.
    Your article was full of great input. Thank you for sharing.
    When you leave a comment on a site, It shows that the writer is also interested in what you have to say and want to offer you more insight.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you, Brenda, for your insightful thoughts. I am sure you will have given a few people some food for thought. I always find comments to be so helpful and I certainly appreciate the time it takes to stop and share your thoughts. And that means I appreciate you and your time today as well.

  2. H Phomrong Maring says:

    Thank you Merry for this awesome post on how to get traffic freely. Yes getting traffic freely is possible except that it takes time and some of the fundamental tools required for the realization of this very desire in us.
    Here, you have outlined how to go about getting these leads or traffics we are looking for. Your explanation has shown the sure way step by step approaches.

    Appreciated so much for this insight.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you H a. You time sharing today is appreciated. And you are so right about what we need within ourselves to make this work. It has been done by many so it can be done again. All the best!

  3. Vera says:

    This is great info! WA has been around for a while now and has great reviews. I have been researching lots of businesses on line and so many scams out there. I also love your writing style! 🙂

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you! It is always exciting when someone like yourself shares their thoughts in our comments box. I think the only way to do this is let your readers get to know a little about you through your writing. Honesty shines in the strangest places. Thank you!

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