Finding Online Marketing Courses In 2017

 Finding Online Marketing Courses


Finding Online Marketing Courses is easy. You Can find the Best, and you can find the worst.  What is more important than finding online marketing courses right away is knowing what U Want, or have a darn good idea BEFORE signing on the dotted line!

Before you sign, after finding online marketing courses for you

Finding Online Marketing courses is relatively easy as they pop up everywhere online and with little wonder. More and more people are looking for ways to generate an income from home. So, who or where? Because finding Online Marketing Courses becomes a matter of trust, wouldn’t you agree?   Yes, in fact, you do need to be very careful before signing up after finding Online Marketing courses. They are not all they claim to be.

Wealthy Affiliate U. is a good one when finding online marketing courses today

Yes, they can look really good. I have seen those and yes, you can even try some of them for free but caution is still strongly advised if you want the best your money can buy.

Just a minute, didn’t you just say you could try for free? Yes, I did and try is the magic word. So, here is what you have to keep your eyes open for:
Red Flags:

1. No prices visible until after your free sign up
2. Are all the training under one umbrella ( platform)
3. They offering you instant wealth?
4. The costs are not in your budget for @ least 6 months

Online Marketing Courses Offer Wealth in Days

false offers can be in found in finding online marketing courses
No, No No! There is no such dynamic on the Internet that I am aware of where you can see wealth in just days!


That is one of the red flags above.  One of the most important actually!

However, there are courses online that are Legit, just very costly for what you are getting.  And there are others, that are legit,  but you have to jump from one site to another and back and forth constantly.  Very confusing if you are not familiar with any form of Website building.

Can you see how ineffective that would be having to have several windows open at the same time just to implement one feature?

Too many options when finding online marketing courses






Because Affiliate Marketing has become very well known and more popular you will see more and more ‘suggesting’ that they have THE BUSINESS IN A BOX that is going to bring you tens of thousands of dollars quickly. Very quickly in fact.

For anyone who has tried this sort of thing before they know what we call it in the Real Marketing World. “Shiny Object Syndrome” and it is highly contagious and most vaccinations take more than one shot to prevent this from returning!

There is no instant pudding when it comes to an online home business. There is, however, a lot of Dazzle and Glamour. A lot of shiny objects will get in front of you. It won’t be easy and yes, you will probably make a few mistakes but that is all part of learning. Accept that as part of your learning curve and you will sail.

A Different kind of Review for You

Are you dreaming too much and not finding the right online marketing courses?

Normally when you see a review there is a certain structure to it or a template that most follow. Today I want to do a different kind of review. It is going to involve YOU. Not a comparison between products, but instead a comparison between you and what you need to accomplish your goals and dreams. How does that sound to you? Are we good then?

AWESOME!  Awesome choice on online marketing courses




Finding Online Marketing Courses that are available could have you training forever.  Two reasons,

  1. Kind of like being a Professional Student.  You could be a Cyber Student!
  2.  They just kept telling you-you needed to buy more courses.

Yup, just never let go of the training wheels because you thought you needed to know more BEFORE you actually did anything!  Yes, that is a real fear.  And one that many trainers love!  What does that tell you about finding online marketing courses that are honest and upfront?

Finding Online Marketing Courses such as:

⦁ Social Media Marketing Training
⦁ How to Blog
⦁ Digital Marketing Training
⦁ Video Training Marketing
⦁ How to build a Website
⦁ Twitter and Pinterest for Business

At the end of this article, I am going to show you where you can get all the training you need for one low price.  Well, if I didn’t share it with you I wouldn’t be teaching you the right way to market any business venture online.  It is how you make your living.  For some it is part-time and others full-time efforts are put forth.

And Now Let’s Get to YOU And the REVIEW

This might come as a bit of a surprise but the first thing you need to do when considering a home business is NOT the business itself.   I know you are going whaaat  If not the business then what would I need to be doing?

You are special and you can succeed in finding online marketing courses

You need to take a good look at YOU.

  • Why do you want to do any kind of business?
  • Is it for fun
  • Or a really strong need or desire?


Your Why is one of the most important things to understand and really be adamant about before deciding anything. I do mean really really adamant!

It is a strong part of you succeeding.

  • Have you ever wanted something really badly?
  • Where You had to find a way to make some extra money or feed yourself and your family.
  • Did you find yourself frozen in fear or doing the diddle-daddle dance of procrastination?
  • You could say this is part of your personality, and it very well could be, but most likely it is because YOU don’t believe in Yourself.
  • Are You beating yourself about the head with a fuzzy pencil ( I know, but smile cause it is a funny visual.)
  • To believe you can, Know you can?

Really you don’t need to know that you Can before you start something. Even if you have difficulty in believing in you, the truth is, if you don’t at least try you will never know. I think that might be harder to come to terms with not doing anything. Not trying can feel like failing. And you are not here to be a failure.


Fuzzy Pencils and Options You Never Thought About

When You have options of starting a business without any start-up costs other than a lot of time and effort will you still not do anything?  What is it that you are feeling so afraid of?

  • Failure?
  • Success?
  • Ridicule from friends and family?
  • Or, does it just come back to YOU not feeling confident in your own skin.

It could be all of the above. But let me ask you this, What if you did try and you did succeed. What then? How powerful is that going to feel?

It is kind of like quitting a bad habit and replacing it with a good one. You can do it. You really only have to do one thing………Decide.

Decide that you are done with feeling the way you feel. You are done with saying I will, one day I will.  Be done with I think I can, I think I can………Decide and you CAN.

Do you know how awesome you really are? There is no one else on this earth quite like you. You DO have it in you to be the best you can be. You are a King’s Kid which means you deserve more than you are allowing yourself to have. Isn’t this your turn to feel those awesome feelings of “OMG, I did It!!”  OMG, Look at me now!   Yes, You.

This is Where THE Best Online Marketing Courses are

Most of all, my passion lies in helping You overcome your own fears as I have done for myself.  The truth is It will be a struggle but it can be done. If I can, you can. The two young men that built the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing Courses exemplify simplicity and truth.  Meet Kyle and Carson.                      ↓That is them just below.↓

Founders of the best online marketing courses

Here is Why You Can and Here are the Simple Facts:

1. They built this platform for every person who has been taken advantage of
2. Affordable for everyone ( Free or one Upgrade is all)
3. Simplicity in the learning process ( members from 19-79 yrs.)
4. Earn while you learn as a free or upgraded member
5. Everything is on one platform. No need to EVER leave the site except to say Goodnite!

I could go on and on but that would sound like I am trying to over sell you! I don’t need to do that.  As a result, this one speaks for itself and if you don’t believe me, I suggest you try it out for free and see it for yourself.


So, do you want to know what the heck I am talking about?  Sure you do!  It is Wealthy Affiliate University. Founded by Kyle and Carson. ( the guys above)  And they are always on site and available to help and encourage.  Support is fast and the community is like nothing I have ever experienced before.  Also, there is a strict rule at Wealthy Affiliate. There is no promoting allowed.  People are there to help because they care, not to profit.

The truth is if you want or need something you can count on, something you can take to the bank and pay your rent, something you can have for retirement or add to your defunct savings like I had, then I encourage you to do the same thing I did.

Wealthy Affiliate is the place for online marketing courses






If you were going to buy a business or franchise you would spend more than 10 or 15 minutes researching and ask questions, wouldn’t you?  Therefore I guess the question to ask yourself, is this something you see yourself needing and succeeding at?

Only you know, so it is back to you now and I hope to see you on the inside of Wealthy Affiliate University.







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4 thoughts on “Finding Online Marketing Courses In 2017

  1. Anis Chity says:

    I agree with you there are so many scams out there that promise easy riches with little to no hard work, the worst part they are so smart and good at scamming people.

    These scams pop up every day and the one should not for fall them, you have shared some great tips on that regard.

    Wealthy Affiliate is an honest place for people willing to work hard to build an online business.

    Thanks for sharing, wish you a great day 🙂

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you, Anis for taking a minute today to leave a comment. I think once people also know what it is they are really looking for and realize it does not happen like so many tell you they will see the light.

  2. Andrew says:

    A very interesting review about taking an opportunity, It has really got me thinking about what I actually want to achieve personally.

    There are so many scams online these days it’s getting harder to tell them apart from the real deal. But using your advice I think it will really help newbies to sniff out the scams. WA is the go to place nowadays, It’s been around for over a decade now and is a great place to learn your trade.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thankyou. I wanted to present our choices from a different angle so others might see where they could have changed a few things in the beginning. It is very hard to tell who and what is real and solid and so many of us have been programmed to see only the glitter and of course if it costs a lot it must be better than free!! Not even close as you and I now know. Thank you for taking the time to share today. Appreciate your time.

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