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Solid Legit Business for Life

Here is a solid business model





Finding a solid business can be discouraging.  Is there a business that is solid, professional, 100% Legitimate that could be a business for life?  Are you finding a business that is solid and that you can be proud to share with others is a chore?

Would a business model that is so solid it can stand the tests of inflation in today’s economy be helpful?

I am not finding a solid business online!






You might find what I am going to share with you very interesting. Why is that so many people today have NO SAVINGS, No idea of HOW, WHERE or IF it is even possible?  Why?  Because of two main reasons that I personally can see:

  1.  Inflation
  2.  Credit Cards

Do You Do This?

EVERYONE needs to be changing at least 10% of their income into gold every month. Rich people do, banks do, governments do!  Why don’t you? 

People who attend church weekly chances are they are ‘tithing’ (giving 10% to the church).  This is normal so why would you not consider something like this for your family savings plan?  I get that just getting from pay check to pay check is a struggle, I know!  Been there, doing that BUT I changed maybe, to I must do this!  You have to admit it is a good idea.

Beginners, or pro finding a solid business is here






I am not sure why so many people are hesitant to look at something that could, in fact, change their life in a dramatic way.   On the other hand, I think I have an idea.  If you have ever been scammed by any online investment or binary plan I get it.  I had that happen and I was worried too. I had actually promised myself I would do nothing if it wasn’t free to try first.  That was my own Fears talking.  I was clinging to what had happened instead of what I could make happen!

lose the fear in finding a solid business to build

But, I also knew if I didn’t start right now chances were I never would.  I recently watched Anthony Robbins share on what happens when you change your actions to a “Must Do” attitude.  When you do this, you will find a way to be successful at whatever your ‘must do’ is!

                  No Cat & Mouse Here

no tricks just finding a solid business that is real



finding a solid business online





My Must Do was to get out of debt and have something solid to not only be able to save in but a possible business venture as well.  I couldn’t handle any trading or stock market stuff and I didn’t feel comfortable with high-pressure sales or having to recruit in order to make any kind of income!

I was looking for Passive and something I could do from home and even more important was finding a solid business anyone at any stage in their life or any income could do.  This was a priority!

I said No Cat & Mouse games so here are the real time goods!

Karatbars International is my company of choice.  I Help the average person exchange devaluing cash for real inflation proof money.(Gold) from as little as $50 per month.

Established in Germany in 2011 by Harald Seiz
Debt Free and growth rate of 30% per year since 2011
420,000+ accounts in 119 countries!

This is what you call finding a solid business model.

We Have Options!  Don’t you love it when you have choices and you can make the right decision for you and that which is the best fit for you?

So, I want to start out with some solid fact.  Gold has increased 5.8% since 1st January ALREADY!  7.1% if you live in the USA etc.  In case you are wondering what this has to do with decisions, it’s a lot.  It should, I hope, set the ground rules for your choices.

  1. Register FREE ( You can remain free and earn commissions towards your own Gold savings just by sharing with others)  HUGE!!
  2. Choose to be a Business Partner or Customer Only
  3. Pick the Business Package that suits your current situation.
  4. Choose a monthly option to invest that 10% or so I was talking about earlier.

I am going to break this down in the easiest way possible.  With Choice #1 and staying free, you will make commissions but they are a bit less than if you chose a business package. I like this option as you get to really test the waters and save as you go.

If you should choose a business package to get started your costs are:

  • Bronze: $133.00 USD or Euro 125 and GBP 106
  • Silver $372 USD or Euro 349 and GBP 297
  • Gold: $786 USD or Euro 793 and GBP 630
  • VIP, VIP Premium and VIP Professional range in the thousand dollar mark in all currency.  These come with some important perks and bonus’.

Refreshing Why This is Solid, Professional & Honest

here is a solid business model




⦁ one-time purchase of business package
⦁ the value exceeds your cost
⦁ delivered by FedEx & partnered with Mastercard
NO MONTHLY fees’s/subscriptions or forced purchases.
⦁ start at any level and upgrade and pay the difference
⦁ bank wire/credit/debit cards accepted as well as CC’s.
⦁ you can register for free and work you way up as you save
⦁ customer only options available
⦁ charitable organization options are now available (pastors are already taking part and has the Pope’s approval)

Here is where you can see the videos explaining the system or click below on the main video sharing an amazing offer for you until April 30th.

Registration here if you want to get off the ground running:

Questions or comments are more than welcome.  I check in often so will get back to you right away.  If you would like to make direct contact you may do so by emailing me at:


Okay, be a Doll and share some Love...

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