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It is smart to use mobile as well in your facebook marketing solutions

Pay close attention to How U use Social Media!


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Look at Facebook Marketing Solutions 

Facebook is tightening the reigns and cracking down on direct links being over-shared on your personal page.  Knowing Facebook marketing solutions is important to how others see you.  Are you using your personal page on Facebook for business?  

They are considering this spam related so you may want to use caution when sharing on Facebook and Pinterest.  Some are jumping up and down and cheering them on while others, not so much.

Twitter is still an all-time favorite because it has become very easy to use.   Actually, I am surprised as I see more ‘spammy’ related tweets going out than I do with Facebook and Pinterest posts.  Funny how the marketing solutions vary for different platforms.  

There are always ways around things just make sure you are taking the safe route. Using some of the Facebook marketing Solutions I will be sharing could keep you out of……….this⇒     Facebook Jail is agonizing.

facebook jail


Facebook Marketing Solutions and Tips

Set up a Facebook business page or check out Shopify.  Put your business links in the appropriate places and social media will be your forever friend.  Not to mention getting on the good side of Pinterest too.

OR, you can go one step further and order your own self-help & how to books from Amazon.  Top choices and so many are under $10 on the Kindle app.  ( no you don’t need a Kindle)
Top Choices for Self Help

I know the Internet changes constantly and it can be frustrating and that is why being up to speed on what is happening is important.  There are ways around it so don’t despair.  Some of the best have now written e-books and some are like under $5.00 so how can you lose?

Think outside the box!

Here are a few ‘thinks’ to get you going:

  • pin your website posts from your site to Pinterest.
  • you can use link shorteners to share direct links
  • and you can pin images from your website to Facebook
  • don’t be like everyone else.  Standout from the crowd.


Traffic Building methods for online marketing come in many shapes and sizes. It is not a one size fits all. Just as your niche is important to YOU and how you feel about it, so is your marketing.  Not everyone feels good about being center stage and putting themselves out there for all to see.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is you don’t have to. What you do have to do is be active to be counted. Choose where you are most comfortable sharing and then get out of your own way. Facebook and Pinterest are used by a lot of successful online marketers.  Google+ and Twitter are becoming close favorites because of the ease of use.

there is google and twitter as well as Facebook marketing solutions

Let’s Get Visual for a Minute

If you have ever given a talk to a group of people or perhaps just been in the audience the speaker was addressing one main subject, yes?  Okay, if you can, I want you to see your online business and niche in the same manner.  Social Media, especially for those Facebook marketing solutions.  You are the speaker and your audience is your Facebook or Google+ or any of the social platforms.  Now, you are presenting your product or your niche just as if you were speaking in real life.  How would you do that?  Can you get the visual on this?

How would you do that?  Can you get a good visual on it?  I can tell you that if you can, you will save yourself so much AND No Jail time!!

Free Offers Build Your Personal Brand

Some marketers do the free giveaway of articles related to your niche, while others do free eBooks.  The whole point of using social media and especially Facebook is to brand YOU and your knowledge.  People are attracted more to those who can help them solve their issue or problem.

There are a number of ways to do this.  Some are really simple while others require a bit of time.  My suggestion is to wait until you have more knowledge under your seat.  If you are new, this could be too much too fast.  Instead, I think you need to first concentrate on a Business Page at Facebook as your #1.

Here is a training that a fellow marketer did on Facebook Business or Fan Page ( the same thing really)

This is one of your first steps in your Facebook marketing solutions.  If you are in an M.L.M. opportunity, You are now Branding You first and your product or company second.  This one step alone will have you standing out and head and shoulders above the rest.  If you think about this for even one second, you can’t help but see it as the truth.

Billions of people and Millions of marketers.  How will you standout in the competition if you don’t do something different?  Right.

dream and do the Facebook Marketing solutions easily






One baby step at a time.    

Simplicity should always be key in Affiliate Marketing or for that matter, any marketing or branding you are doing.  Simple, effective, Not in Your Face, reliable and honest sharing of products or platforms others are looking for.   A way to help others as well as yourself.  It doesn’t matter which market you are in, relationship, affiliate or multi-level and direct sales.  Branding you first is a priority.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!  Just Set Your Own Pace and go for it!  One Step at a Time.


step by step

Accomplish More Every Day the Easy Way

be honest and by you as you do Facebook marketing solutions

⇐Use Post-It-Notes

They say if you can see it then you can seize it.  The true key to all that is consistency!  You have to see your dream and feel your dream over and over.  That is where visual help comes in.


Right above your computer desk, or if not a desk then use post it notes, on your computer or the real stuff, either is great. Write whatever words you need that will trigger your mind to your dream.  If you can do this consistently for 21 days you will probably be seeing your dream without the post-it-notes!!

If you want to get really good at this you should order this book from Amazon.  ( I think it is there )  It is/ was a bit pricey but you know what, it is going to be the Best and Most Practical guide you might ever need!

And I just Found IT ⇓ and the Price is no Longer Pricey if you get the Kindle Edition!!  Yay, you!  It was only available in the Paperback Edition before.  Awesome.  That makes me happy because it is now so affordable under $10.00

It is called “The SLIGHT EDGE”  by Jeff Olson.  This book had my ‘Ah Hah’ moments going off like crazy!!   Truly an awesome book that you will love.  A direct link is below⇓

A direct link is below⇓

Self Help Success

There are a lot of Self-Help books on the market but this truly is one that really stood out.  I think even Anthony Robbins, who I adore, would probably agree.  But do me a favor, please.  If you get the book don’t just read it!  DO IT!!

You can’t just read this one.  You need to be proactive and not let indecision continue to be the thief of your success in life.  You are worth it!  You do believe that don’t you?  Okay, then if not, it is time to Fake it Til you Make it.  I did just that and I will share with you all just how in another post.


Well, the time has come for me to turn the keyboard over to you!  Yup!  You get to really be awesome and share or like on my social media platforms OR you can leave a comment, share a thought, ask a question…your call.   Just be a sweetheart and do either one or you can do both if you found this helpful. I hope you did and now go be awesome!  The keyboard is yours and comments box is below.

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