Does it Cost Money is a Scam They Use!


Proceed with Caution Please!!

how much money does it cost

 Does It Cost Money to Do This?


Does it cost money to start a home business?  And this is asked far too often?  The reason is because of these people. ⇓What they tell you should not be believed!  It is as easy as that.  They bloody Lied to You.  Sorry, but when they told you could do this for $0 and then you asked one more time Does it cost money just to be sure, they made you feel like a jackass for asking again!

laffing at does it cost money!


You know all those stereotypical people online that you see?  The ones who always tell you-you can be successful overnight or the ones that brought in $1,047.27 in one day!
Or even better the homeless guy who found this magic formula in the dumpster as he was looking for his supper?   Does it cost money is the furthest thing from his mind!!  Right, and I have a Grizzly bear for a pet!  This needs you to be realistic.  Does it cost money?  Yes.

Or the Guru Guy that was in the book “The Secret” who has the missing secret to your success…..they just need your phone # so they can harass you into spending your last dollar or taking your credit card to the limit……….

does it cost money to do this

⇑Do you know these guys?⇑⇓

The ones who make YOU feel totally clueless and all you need is the magic touch they want to share with you?  Those guys. The does it cost money guys that lie to us!

You know who I am talking about, right?  Of course, you do. Unless of course this is your first time looking online and you are totally clueless. If that is you, don’t worry.  I was there once too. Everyone was at one time.  We were all a bunch of clueless wonders!

Does It Cost Money?  How Much Money Does it Cost?

If you have been searching for a home business that you can do primarily online you have seen these vultures waiting to pluck their next victim from the crowd.

does it cost money


They will wine and dine you with freebies and low-cost fees for a week but then when the ax comes down, it really comes down!!  You have a vested interest so you continue!

What do you do now? It costs Money! You don’t have enough but you feel intimidated to try.  They were not very forthcoming about The does it Cost Money question, were they?  My best advice is do your research first and make sure you can manage any incurred costs for 6 months +!


does it cost money

So loud that everyone will hear me, but you probably wouldn’t anyway. What you would hear is, Does It cost Money, NOT the words, you can try for Free!   OR you might assume that I am just hustling you to join my program. ( Well, you kinda got that part but…just for the right reasons)

I am going to do my best to explain how this hustle operates.

Goes Something like this:

⦁ You are desperate
⦁ Needed money yesterday
⦁ I have the answer
⦁ Listen to this pre-recorded call for the information of a lifetime!
⦁ This is a business in a box.
⦁ Takes 5 minutes to set up and you have money pouring in by morning!
⦁ Testimonies from others who are making this money
⦁ videos showing the money coming in.

Still Asking, Does It Cost Money?

Here’s the thing. I know I am being overly sarcastic but you get tired of hearing the same story. People, innocent people who don’t know the difference are being ripped off!  The speed of the internet is like lightening fast so why wouldn’t business and money follow the same pattern?  Why? Because it doesn’t happen that way!

Short Story

starting over so does it cost money to do this








How do I know that this is what happens?  Because for a lot longer than I care to admit, I was one of those Totally Clueless People!  Believing what these people told me, in over my head and way yy over what I could afford.

You will be happy to know I did finally clue in and that is why I can tell you this story. And that is why I am so passionate about You knowing where to find people you can trust.   Then you can say the same thing to those other clueless people YOU are trying to help.               yes, it does cost money

What To Look For

Usually, the sites are very glittery with fancy cars, loud music, and videos showing the ‘real deal’.  And promises of what YOU could have in your life with all the luxuries and travel and more.

does it cost money







They may even make you feel that you have to qualify to be accepted! This is a good one, as everyone seeks acceptance. They will take you through a number of steps, often referred to as a sales funnel, and in each step, you will have to answer questions or do things to make it appear very real.

Often at this point, you will be asked to pay a small amount of money but as you go further the costs get higher and higher.
If at any point your “gut” starts to speak to you and you feel that something is just a bit ODD, get the heck out and don’t walk, RUN!

This is so deceiving because they are not being upfront about does it cost money to start, and they could!  Hell, they should.

yes, it does cost money

does it cost money to learn

Full Circle, Same Question, Does it Cost Money?

 does it cost money tip money jar




The question is still real. How much money does it cost needs to be upfront!  It will always cost you money to get started in any business. That is fact.  Why would or should an online business be any different than one in the local Mall?

does it cost money for store in the mall?

If you want to have a home business and you are serious, then yes, it will cost money. How much money does it cost comes down to the program you join, but you will need to have a few dollars extra no matter what. It can take anywhere from 3 to 6 to 12 months before you see a solid income coming in.

And that is IF you know what you are doing.  How much money does it cost?  Do you have a spare $49.00 to invest in yourself to learn from the best?  I hope so because that is the best training I could find for you on the internet today.

This is the truth!   Lose the idea you can make a fortune for free!  Seriously.  You don’t get to use the Internet for free unless you are at an internet cafe, library or other sources that offer this free service.  Do You?

There is A Way

Wouldn’t you want to shout it as loud as you could if you knew without a shadow of a doubt that there was a way to:

⦁ Learn first
⦁ Get set up for under $50.00 a month
⦁ Have the help and support all the time for no extra cost
⦁ Find a way to passively produce an income from home?

Well, I did and I found it. Just when I was going to finally say,  I have done enough and I can’t seem to ‘get it at all’! Who can afford to keep going this way…… more search was underway.  In my heart, I knew this was what I needed to do.
Found One!! ……… it is……….and no bribe, you can try it for FREE.

This is where myself several thousand others are learning how to start working from home in a passive market.  It is called Affiliate Marketing.  Our training platform is called Wealthy Affiliate University.  There are thousands of people around the world looking for a better way to support themselves and their family and this is the best gift I could give them.

Something that was not going to nickel and dime me and leave me or you broke.  How much money does it cost is not too much to ask and know before you begin, is it?

〈Have you ever seen those blogs that have things you can buy? You know the cool blogs that tell you all about stuff and how to use it or where to get it?〉  I always wondered how they did that. What was it called?  I was sure it wasn’t MLM or Direct Sales.

How do you make money from a Blog?

does it cost money to have alegitimate home biz

legitimate home biz training






It is no longer a secret. Now U know!  If you want to know more, just click on the link or banner.   ⇓sign-up page⇓  Registration is FREE so no CC required.

does it cost money free trial


Here is where I turn the keyboard over to you.  Comments are wonderful and questions are awesome.  Sharing with friends because you like being nice or even better because you like the post, would be appreciated too.  Here’s the keyboard……over to you.  Have fun!

























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8 thoughts on “Does it Cost Money is a Scam They Use!

  1. Ralph says:

    I have learned that when it comes to starting an online business, there will always be cost. Understanding where you are financially will help determine if it is worth it to venture into any business. Back in the days, starting a business would cost 10’s of thousands of dollars. Now with technology, you can start a business with a few hundred bucks. To me, it is worth it to start.

    • admin says:

      Yes Ralph, as in any business there are costs. I am still not sure I understand why so many people STILL expect it to be Free. I think it is because of all the ‘false hoods’ scammers and Gurus have said for years. If you want to make it a business, expect to have those costs of a few hundred like you said. Thanks for taking time out to leave a comment today. U are Appreciated Rasph.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hi there. I just read your article about starting an online business and the start up costs. Since I have had a bit of relevant experience with this I thought I would just share my thoughts with your self and your readers.

    I started working online several years ago. Back then I knew that I wanted to start an online business but I had very little money to do it. I did my research, purchased a paperback guide on affiliate marketing for $15 and my only other costs was the monthly internet connection bill. I used free websites and free traffic to promote online products and that is how I started making money online. Don’t get me wrong this was hard work! But I was able to make enough to purchase my own hosting and my own website eventually.

    I now use Wealthy Affiliate for all of my websites. The training is spot on and they are there if you need any support. Where else could you start a business like this at zero cost? Its a great opportunity.

    • admin says:

      thanks for sharing your story Andrew. It is wonderful that you had a good strong mind to not be lured by so many of the stories we see about people being led off to nowhere land. That takes a lot of focus. Kudos. And yes, Wealthy Affiliate IS the only place online were you can get as much as they give for so little. All the best as you continue.

  3. AOngetta says:

    Hi Merry,
    Great info you have on online business. And i will always agree that to earn more money means that you need to work hard for it. and NOTHING IS FREE in this world !
    But the good thing is to TRY for FREE tho..
    And doing a research before you try something on the internet / online , it is the best solution before we actually get SCAM :((((
    thanks for the tips !

    • admin says:

      Thank you for taking a few minutes to leave a comment today. They are always welcome. I so agree with you that NOTHING is ever totally FREE in this world. At some point there is a cost involved but like you said, if you can try it, test it for free, that is the best solution.

  4. Kayla says:

    Hi Merry,
    Thanks for the great information. With so many avenues online that are saying they can help us make money, it’s very important to be able to distinguish between what is a good deal and what isn’t. Great tips. It’s great that you offer something we can actually try for free. I have been around the block enough times to have a discerning eye at this point! I took a look and it looks great. Thank again!

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you. It is nice to have confirmation from another person on this one. So many still do not ‘get it’ and it is sad. Happy to have had you visit today.

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