You Can Create an Income From Anywhere You Choose in the World

Creating Income Anywhere

You will need a few things to succeed if you want to create an income from anywhere these days.  We will review what is most important, what you can use free, and of course all options for passive earnings so that you can truly create income from anywhere using the device of your choosing.

You can use your laptop, desktop, the new Ipad, or tablets!  A few have even started creating passive income with nothing more than a smartphone!  It can be done.  But there is more to this picture.

What else is Involved if I want to Create an Income From Anywhere?

Now that is a great question and way to many dive in head first without checking the depth of the water first! This is how you lose ground or fail completely. There are really only a few steps to success that are a Must Do! And they must be done.  Let’s have a look at the most important first.

 Affiliate Marketing Programs

  1. What exactly is affiliate marketing?

An affiliate program is an affiliate commission system based on a partnership between websites.  The partnership consists of you having a related link to that partner’s site on your site.  By sharing the link – and if your reader clicks on the link and makes a purchase, you receive a commission from the sale.  That is how you create an income from anywhere you choose to reside or work from.

2. Just place a banner or your link on your website and start earning commissions.   Here is an example of how your ⇓ link could appear.

 Get the very best SEO and website Analysis and improve your ranking instantly.  

Here is an example Banner:

you can learn to create an income anywhere here



More important if you are serious and want to create an income passively in 2017, you must Learn HOW first.  Is it difficult?  No.  Truth be told, it is harder to try and do this without learning the steps first.

Can anyone learn?  Yes.  Is is costly?  Well, that depends entirely on you and your choice of learning platforms.  There are one too many that make some pretty outrageous claims in my personal opinion. Like the ones claiming to have you making $10,000.00 in your first 90 days!!

They usually ask big bucks to go with those claims! Or the opposite.  Either way, you lose your investment as it is just not that easy.  You can’t expect a business in a box, or to be making outrageous amounts of money without paying large sums of money first.  I have seen it first hand.  And one I saw, believe it or not, was 100% legit but the costs were above where I felt comfortable.

If you know where you can find somewhere online to do that, then please leave a comment and share below this post.  I have seen a lot and tried and failed at a lot and I am here to say it does not happen the way they want you to believe.

 Do the Learning and Earning First

It is a possibility.  If some can do this then all of us can.  We just need to learn to earn.  My #1 all time shout out goes to the Wealthy Affiliate University.  Hands Down!  Learn this and you will create an income from anywhere!  Your backyard or the beach in Mexico.

I have never, never, come across any other training site and open community like this before.  Yes, I tried one more than I should have too.  For the most part, and keeping this short and simple, we were promised a lot for a little and what we ended up with was a little for a l$t!!  It became very frustrating as well as breaking the bank every month for most people.

There comes a time when you have to change paths.  It is not quitting.  It is finding what works for You and what is affordable to you.  I found both and I encourage you to do the same.

My challenge to you today is to google wealthy affiliate university and see where it ranks.  Yup right up there on top.  That is because thousands of people can’t all be wrong, can they?

Yes, if you use this link right here you can get a free trial.  What the heck you can keep the free trial if you want for as long as you want or you can take advantage of the only one and only upgrade option and save big time.  But I am getting ahead of myself……

It’s just that I get excited because I know what is there. ♥

I am excited knowing I can create an income from anywhere

Just in case, Here are a few of my fellow members in the community sharing their thoughts on the program.  It is in another post on my site so just click here and you will see for yourself how others are doing.

Creating Affiliate Partnerships

Earlier in this post, we touched on affiliate partners.  Now it is time to show you the rest of the story.  Have you heard of Amazon?  Of course, you have.

Are you familiar with Click Bank, Commission Junction or ShareASale?   These are just a few sites that act as the host to many many companies selling products. Even Etsy is now offering an affiliate program and being hosted.

The point is all of these companies who we are somewhat familiar with….Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Stella & Dot, Karatbars International, Wealthy Affiliate, Etsy and so much more are smart enough to know the online affiliate approach helps them and us.

WELL, you can be a part of that!  All you need to do is become an affiliate and share your favorite products with others.  Let’s take an example of making money online.  That is a niche topic.  If you wanted to do what I love doing, which is helping others find the best way to learn, then you would become an affiliate of a training site.  I chose Wealthy Affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing and a Niche

If you love all things to do with coffee then you would choose to your niche to be coffee related and go with any company or companies that sell coffee or coffee pots etc.  You would do reviews and compare coffees and coffee maker brands.  Like apples to oranges.  Simple if you have the knowledge to get off the ground.  Amazon is a great place to start and once again….FREE.


Zero Cost to be an Affiliate

This might be what a lot of you are looking at.  The costs!  Unlike M.L.M. and some Direct Sales opportunities where you pay a fee to join, have products on a monthly auto-ship and a website to pay for every 30 days, Affiliate marketing is zero dollars!

There are often options available should you want to go further with the company, but it is an option only.  No forced products or fees to pay.

Another ++ to Affiliate Marketing, at least it was for me is that it is PASSIVE SALES!  In other words, you do not need to recruit others into a team in order for you to make a decent income.  There are no aggressive sales involved.  No parties, no doors to knock on and no friends to lose because you bugged them to death.  Love it!


Be a Sweetheart


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6 thoughts on “You Can Create an Income From Anywhere You Choose in the World

  1. Yochanan Meghnagi says:

    Hey Merry, super awesome post!

    I personally thank you for sharing this with people because just so many people haven’t really acknowledged and understood just how much the world has changed in the past couple of decades.

    People need to understand that even though there are tons of crap scams out there (which is natural). It is obviously possible to make money on the Internet and once you do it the right way, get on a plain and travel the world. Because you can!

    Thank you,

    • Merry Conner says:

      Love It, Omer!! Because you CAN is so awesome. I wish we could shout it all from the rooftops that there are ways to rise above the scams and those people doing them. It only makes sense, like you said, but if we keep trying and looking we will find the way. Thank you for visiting and sharing your positive energy with us. Stay in touch and maybe we can exchange links or do a guest post for each other.

  2. Satria says:

    It was a nice post, Merry.
    Wealthy Affiliate was the best. This is my 2nd months with WA, and I found a lot of useful lessons to help me grow and more capable of building my own website. I’m so glad I’ve found WA so I could build my business from anywhere and anytime.
    Now I need to focus on achieving my goal by keep learning and practicing.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you and thanks for taking the time to share today. WA is the most comprehensive training I have seen online ever. I wish you continued success with your website and online business and continue to focus as you are.

  3. Eric Cantu says:

    Very thoroughly written. I found this article while googling WA testimonials because I wanted to show a friend of mine just how many positive reviews there are for Wealthy Affiliate. You really do cover everything here. I love the earn while you learn concept.

    Thanks for helping so many find the right training platform. It is hands down above all the rest.

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, Eric. I am happy I was able to help and yes, hands down, nothing else can even come close to Wealthy Affiliate and what we have to give and receive.

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