Contact Me…. I am Merry Conner spelled with an “e”

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Contact Me…I am Merry C Spelled with an “E”   

I am Merry C. and you can contact me here


Contact me.  I am Merry C and Girl Boss Marketing and My Affiliate Home Biz are my sites.  That would be ⇑ME⇑ and it is nice to have you here.  I am a straight shooter and a K.I.S.S. kinda Gal. ( keep it simple sweetie)  Keeping things simple, honest and easy to follow thru on.  Trust is HUGE when you are looking to work from home, so giving you information to contact me is a part of that.  Been there tried that, and lost 1/2 my shirt…so I really get it!  You might agree with me or maybe not, but I feel it is important that you get to know the person who is sharing with you as much as possible.  With so many ‘fantasy stories’ being made up, Trust is an issue and therefore this page is important so you can contact me.

Let’s see how I do At Who is Merry with an ‘e’


My goal is to help as many others as I can find some form of earning from home like I am.   My heart really goes out to those who have been afflicted with any health issue that makes it difficult if not impossible to work outside the home and that includes direct sales and M.L.M because to be successful in M.L.M. sales you have to be OUT and about and doing the not-so-slow-Hustle. 

AND also for those looking to retire soon who don’t have anything saved for those ‘golden years’.………(sheesh, whoever came up with that phrase? )  Let’s see if I can make it so ‘Today should be your day’.♥  You can contact me privately below.

My Choices

I am confident in the choices I have made and I know that earning an income from home can be done. It is being done over and over and does not require you to spend a boatload of cash getting there!   NOR do you need to be selling to your friends, neighbors, and family. 

This is all about YOU.  And no matter the chatter in your head or from other well-meaning friends, this type of home business is being done and it can be Super fun!  Really!  And totally, honestly Legit with  Awesome Earning potential.  A lot of ‘Super Kind-of-Stuff’ I know but they all true.

Have you considered where you will be IF you don’t do something right away?  I know I did…….and oh yes, I made some crucial errors along the way.  We all do.  Getting there is part of who you are and who you will become.  Anything is possible if we just keep trying long enough.  That is what we are told by anyone who has become successful. 

Change course if you must, but don’t quit your dream!  In order for anything in life to change, we have to take some form of action before that can happen.  I am not exactly into the ‘Positive Thinking Program as a stand-alone, but it certainly does have its place in our everyday lives.

What I am saying is you cannot go out into your garden and repeat over and over, no weeds, no weeds, no weeds!  They’re still gonna grow!  Ever noticed that?  You can’t just think things into place! Wanting something bad enough isn’t enough.  You cannot JUST vision it into being.   It’s about making it happen.  It is Taking action.  Making changes!

Who is Merry C


I have never been very good at being a ‘pretend kind of person’.  It is very hard to not be authentic and because of that, you will not see me share something I would not use myself or do not believe 100% in. That is just who I am. It is about Trust, Integrity and telling it as it is.  I like to prefer no non-sense and giving genuine advice.

When you take the $ sign out of recruiting or sharing something, YOU become someone YOU would like to work with.  Read that again.  It is kind of important.


At GirlBossMarketing and MyAffliateHomeBiz you will see the how and why to start your own home business and where to learn how to get started the right way, for the smallest costs.

Yes, you can see my offers  ⇐here because I am an affiliate and that is how affiliates make a living online.  We share what is working for us and others just in case it is something you can see yourself doing.  Honesty is my policy and I get that you don’t see that too often.  And that is why you know You can trust me to only offer you the best.  But what the Heh!  Someone has to start.  You can Contact me here or in the back office at Wealthy Affiliate or leave a comment on one of my posts in the blog roll.  I want to keep it simple and easy for you to do that trust thing I talked about.



The choice always comes back to you, Always!

Today, I am your personal Tour Guide & online Tutor.   I hope you enjoy your visit and come back often.


contact me

I am more than open if you would like to contact me directly with any questions or concerns you have.  My email or leave a comment on my site and I will get back to you.  I look forward to connecting.













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