Are You an Entrepreneur……

Are there Careers for Entrepreneurs?  Do They Actually even exist?

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First, What exactly is an Entrepreneur?  The Definition According to Wikipedia:

Traditionally, an entrepreneur has been defined as “a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk”. Rather than working as an employee, an entrepreneur runs a small business and assumes all the risk.
Good examples are Oprah, Sir Richard Branson, and the clever boys from google, which by the way started in a garage!  Donald Trump and his Son are also an example of an entrepreneur but do not necessarily fall into the ‘Good Examples’ category.

So that leads me to another question.

If you have a small home based business…..either in Direct Sales, M.L.M. or as an affiliate marketer on the Internet do you qualify as an Entrepreneur according to the dictionary?

I may step on a few toes here but I think not!   Not according to the dictionary’s traditional definition.  You are  doing commission sales.  Car salespersons or advertising sales people working with T.V, print, and Radio, working strictly on commissions are not considered to be Entrepreneurs. You would not be held responsible for how you do your business and your monthly sales quotas by your ‘Upline’ or team leaders if you were.

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If we look at the Simple Definition:   ‘a person who starts a business and is willing to risk loss in order to make money’ then the statement above could go either way.   Right or Wrong!  Or at the very least, a bit ‘sideways’!  A personal trainer and Bootcamp trainer running their own business is an entrepreneur. An individual who sells their own products through Etsy or Amazon is an Entrepreneur.

I have a home based business in Affiliate Marketing and I consider myself to be a Self Employed Individual with an Entrepreneurial personality and the characteristics of an entrepreneur.
Why? Because for one thing, I am not taking all the risks associated with a home business. The company or company’s I represent are taking all the risk. I am an affiliate….an associate…or a Representative of a company’s products or services.

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Direct Sales or Multi Level Marketing

When you sign up to do Home Party’s or sales you also state that you are an Independent Rep/Stylist or however the company puts it. You work for yourself yet the company takes your tax information and sends you a tax receipt to submit to the government. If you were the owner of your own business, an entrepreneur, this would not happen.

And when it all comes down to the end, M.L.M., Direct Sales, and Affiliate Marketing are still the easiest and most affordable ways to work for yourself from home.  Independent of  bosses and schedules etc.  Anything you attempt on your own as a business or as an affiliate or Rep requires funding.  It only makes sense.   You need to know that you can afford to pay out whatever fees are involved WITHOUT any income for at least, the very least, 6 months to a year.

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The Entrepreneur

If you want a career as an Entrepreneur then prepare to be undergoing training and mentoring.  You may even be taking classes to get certified in your profession before venturing out and into your store front.  There are many offers to teach and train so caution is advised.  Do your homework and make sure that your fees are going to a reputable trainer or facility.
The lines are fine but they are there! It is an interesting topic and one that could be just personal preferences.   You decide.

It would be so interesting to have some feedback on this and see where others sit. Are you on the fence about being an Entrepreneur or do you see yourself as an Entrepreneur now? Are you in M.L.M. or Direct Sales?  Share some love and let’s see how others feel.  From here  it is OVER TO YOU!  My Comment section is below and the floor is yours!  Let’s connect.


Okay, be a Doll and share some Love...

4 thoughts on “Are You an Entrepreneur……

  1. Martina says:

    Hey there! Interesting post – I enjoyed reading that. I see myself an entrepreneur in training I suppose. I’m not an entrepreneur as per the definition that you’ve stated – or at least not just yet but hopefully it’s in the cards for me. Definitely have an entrepreneurial personality like you though 🙂 At least that’s not a bad place to start! Do you see yourself ever going the full entrepreneurial route and assuming all the risk?

    • admin says:

      Hi Martina. Thanks for your thoughts and visiting today. We seem to be very similar. Great Question! I have been there, owning my own business. Due to health reasons I had to give that up BUT if not for that, my answer would be Yes. As an affiliate marketer in training 🙂 I find this is the closest and next best to assuming all the risk of an entrepreneur.

  2. Margaret says:

    Great post and very well written. I have always thought of an entrepreneur as a risk taker. To me they are willing to risk a huge loss to attain success. I have never considered myself as a entrepreneur . Like you I think of myself as self employed and independent. Do you that an entrepreneur is one who creates a new product, markets it well and makes a fortune?

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much Margaret for sharing your thoughts. I was a little unsure about posting this but now I feel better knowing I am not alone in my thinking. Thanks so much and if you get a chance show some love and share this with anyone you know who might enjoy it or needs to see another view point. 🙂

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