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Badda Boom..Badda Bang.  A Website in less than a day….even 30 minutes!!  No Way!

create a website in 30secs


‘You can build a website with your eyes closed!’  We see so much advertising for Affiliate Marketing or Building a Website but just how EASY is it? I tried several different avenues and did not find it at all fun or exciting like the Ads tell you it is going to be! Splat!!!! Disappointed? of course, weren’t you?  It is so easy to start to feel like an Affiliate marketing dummy when you can’t even build a website or blog.

mistakes I have made
Okay, so can it really be done or all they just telling us it can so they can take our hard earned money and laugh all the way to the bank!!!?  I was pretty darn skeptical as I had tried so many times to build a website, so I must admit, I put the thought to bed for a few years.  Damn that Fear that gets in the way!

fear circle
Now, here is a simple question for you……….Did you know you could set up a BLOG and use it as a Website? Did you know you can do this for FREE either with or I didn’t either.

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 How Did They Do It?

I also always wondered how these people were making money from Blogging? I mean seriously how did they do that? Have you seen some of the blogs? Some are OMG awesome and you want to do one too! Then others are just HO HUM but making a fistful of money. I know I know! I am so not technical when it comes to software.   Just the thought of setting up something I couldn’t visually see had me in straight up Kayos and anxiety!

So I started on Blogger to get the feel of what it would be like, and I loved it. Then I saw this WordPress and it said FREE. So, nothing to lose trying it I guess, but…… I waited. I was doing MLM and trying to use the social media platform for sales and getting people interested but was also going about it all the wrong way. 


Freaking Awesome!

Once you understand this, it all becomes very clear.  I knew there was something else, others were doing it and I was not going down without a fight.  I was going to find out how to do this Affiliate Marketing online business and get a website built once and for all.

cartoon guy on crutches
That is when I did a google search and what I found was so exciting. Okay, I was still a little skeptical because the last program which was $150 A MONTH (which I didn’t have) was not leaving me feeling good about what they said to do to attract people. I felt like I was not being totally honest and that is really the point that I decided to do the google search and I kept seeing the same affiliate marketing program.

reset button

It kept coming up in the top 5 so I knew something good must be there. WELL, Good is not the word I would use. No, It is more like Freaking Awesome!!   It was just what I was hoping to find.  A way to earn a passive income. Wow, I could finally to learn how to build a damn website.  I just wasn’t cut out for the aggressive sales part and that was becoming pretty clear to me, and technical, well what can I say.


My #1 Shout Out Still and Always

YUP! I joined these two guys and my sponsor who said hello and welcomed me and offered help if I needed any.  (you are only there to guide or offer help if needed. Not like Direct Sales or MLM recruiting. NoTeam Building)

I started out for FREE and jumped into the training. It didn’t take me long to know I had found my home away from home with a supporting community


You Have Choices

I UPGRADED which is totally your choice.  For me, I knew I wanted the bonus so did it right away. You CAN stay FREE as long as you need to and if you don’t ‘feel it’ that is a good choice.  Or I can get you the same bonus I got.

OMG, now I am getting too excited! Time to get off the soap box and show you! Here is a video that gives you a walk thru of building a website. I can honestly tell you the training is done so well you can implement it after each lesson and get a website up and running ASAP.
Don’t Believe Me? Hmmmmmm, well then may I suggest you go and look and see for yourself. If it is not what I am saying is true you can come back and leave me a nasty comment.  Deal? Okay…………good. Let’s get this underway!  The video below is going to show you how to create that website.  Enjoy.

video image


Building Your Website & Home Biz

Building your very own website is SIMPLE within Wealthy Affiliate. The foundation of your business which will ultimately lead to a successful venture.  If you are in Direct Sales, MLM, or you have a product or interest that you love to share, this is the venue for you.  And if you have none of those but need a way to make extra income…………gotcha covered.  Wealthy Affiliate has an Affiliate Program and they even teach you in the Affiliate Bootcamp just how to do that from A-Z.

Would love to hear from you, questions or comments are welcome and I check in often so will get back to you right away.  We are here to help and trusting someone you do not know is huge so take your time but check this out.  Or share some of your love with your friends at, FB or twitter.  Just one click on any of our social icons.

See you there!    Just click here if you like and head on over to the main site for WA.  Prepare to be impressed.









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