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  Blogging Platforms Where U Learn to Earn 


Are you kidding me?  A blogging platform where you can learn and earn?  Yes, they exist, but the biggest drawback is finding a Program that will honestly guide you, teach you, and not cost you a boatload of cash and still allow you to earn.  I found more than one blogging platform, but very few gave you the option to learn to earn Free.  

My biggest pet Peeve is the outlay of cash most ask for upfront. Does it have to be this way?  For the majority of any training we see teaching a blogging platform there ARE Good Guys, but only a few and there are even less that do not require an investment upfront.blogging-platforms


I searched and I searched….

My experience with MLM wasn’t a GO as I had a hard time recruiting people.  I mostly “bothered” my friends, colleagues, my family members and people I found on Facebook to sell my high-end products too. It got to a point where people started avoiding me or giving me the famous lame excuses. There is nothing louder than ‘Silence’ to let you know where you stand.  I started to feel like a complete loser.  Not Fun!!  And I was still no closer to finding a blogging platform!

Then, when I was at a low I did a google search looking for a legitimate way to work from home. It was to be my last effort and it needed to cost me very little of the green stuff if any!!  I had my priorities, and I had an idea of what it was I wanted to do.

When I found information on affiliate marketing, then the Wealthy Affiliates training and their FREE blogging platform, I was getting pretty excited.  Oh crap, I was really excited!!

so excited to have found my blogging platform

A few days in I realized that this is where I should have been all along. I was over the moon now!  It was pretty easy to get started, the training was easy to navigate and so far the blogging platform was still free and all under one umbrella.  Could it get better?  Yup!  I could learn and earn at the same time!  Whaat??



This Blogging Platform Just Gets Better!


  1. No registration fees
  2. no products to purchase monthly on auto ship
  3. no stock to carry

I made my decision and affiliate marketing turned out to be the best decision I could have made.   Did I say I was over-the-moon happy?  This has turned out to be more fun than I could have ever imagined.  From beginner to now!  Go ahead click the boots……………………⇓ and join me at Boot Camp!

affiiate marketing for beginners bootcamp


If there is a downside to learning affiliate marketing it would be:

⦁  patience will be required before you begin making some money
⦁  you do need to do some work (at the least 10 hrs a week)
⦁  can you follow instructions?

affiliate marketing & beginners

The Upside to Affiliate Marketing and Blogging Platforms

⦁ Zero upfront costs to get started and learn the ‘how to’ before any final decisions.
⦁ No website to build from scratch….WordPress has free themes you can choose from
⦁ Anyone can do this. Anyone!  Old or Young and both are succeeding.
⦁ Perfect if You can have health issues which keep you from working out of the home at a Job-job
⦁ No recruiting, no cold calling, no harassing friends or family necessary to earn an income
⦁ In affiliate marketing, you’re in control of every aspect of your business.


My Best Offer

affiliate niche marketing


For anyone who is interested in affiliate marketing and needs free blogging platforms to get started, Wealthy Affiliate takes anyone step-by-step to building an online business. If you follow the training that is provided, and you keep working at it every day or at the very least 10 hrs a week, you could start to see income within 6-9 months. It is happening for others, so why not you?  Why Not?  Why not be the exception?

Blogging platforms are for MLM marketers looking for a new way, anyone with their own products, or Affiliate Marketing Programs available for you to share someone else’s products.  Do your homework and you will see there is a difference and there are incomes being generated in affiliate marketing for anyone who wants to try.  I can tell you, I wish I knew just how affiliate marketing worked, what a niche was and that this was doable by anyone, anywhere, any background or age a LONG time ago.

But the good news is, I did find my way and I am loving what I get to do now, sharing with you.


I Love comments and getting to know you, my readers better.  So please leave a comment or question and I will be sure to get back with you.  Maybe you are a clickable kind of person and you love to share the love with your friends via social media.  It is all set up for you to click!    Have an Awesomely awesome Kind of Day!

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