The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs are Not Always on Amazon

affiliate marketing programs

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs Today

stop listeneing to the wrong people in affiliate marketing programs

Knowledge is power and without it, success will not be on the horizon anytime soon.   Yes, many of those guru guys with the fancy sites ( called capture pages) will tell you how easy it is, but they are just looking for your money.  They are not helping you find the best affiliate marketing programs or how to go about learning how or where.  How long have you been trying to do an online business?  How’s that going for you?

Let me ask you this, If you had a place to learn everything you needed about marketing online businesses would you still be where you are today?  Do you know where the best affiliate marketing programs can be found?  I didn’t but now I do.

best affiliate marketing programs

As more and more Big Box stores enter the online marketing trend they offer some of the best programs to people like you and me.  And I am not talking just Amazon anymore.  What do you think is going to happen as this trend continues?  I see a couple of things taking place and some have already made the front page!

Three categories  I have noticed more of or perhaps I should say stood out more than the rest are ‘Online Gaming Anything’ ‘Fashion & Jewelry’ ‘Health & Anti-Aging’.   And digital is also HUGE!

What Is a Niche in Affiliate Marketing Programs?

Those trends above, are called a Niche market.   A niche is a target audience looking for a particular product or service.  An example would be one of the above.  Say, Anti-aging products.  That would be a pretty broad market but you could break it down.   OR you could leave it broad and target more types of products for different needs.  Your niche should also be something you love to share or chat about with others or is just a passion you have and are somewhat knowledgeable in. If not, no fear here as you can do some research and share different products within that Niche Target.   It is a process that can be learned easily with the right guidance.

affilite marketing training

It is really simple and the best explanation I have ever heard was from Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate.  ” A niche is simply a group of people looking for what you have to offer”  Not nearly as difficult as some would have you think.


What is seriously epic and missing in Affiliate Marketing is learning how to do it properly and for the best value, you can get.  I have tried several marketing programs thinking it was what I needed but I was wrong………that is, until I came across one that is seriously solid.

That shout out goes to Wealthy Affiliate!   The costs are 0 to under $50.00 and you can remain Free as long as you need too.  You will still learn all the basics and can have, not just one, but two websites.   Yup, Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best online program with everything you need to learn for less than anything I have seen yet.

Not only does the Wealthy Affiliate University teach you everything in a step by step easy to follow training program but they offer you an opportunity to earn some money as an affiliate of their program.  It actually pays one of the higher commissions online.  PLUS an added benefit is, they have two other resources you can be earning from as well.


Where Are the best affiliate marketing programs?

Most people who come online in search of a home business are not familiar with smaller company’s they become associated with and earn decent commissions.  Most think Amazon.  Nothing wrong with that thinking!  Amazon is well known and you can easily get a link to share products.

If there is a downside to Amazon or any other large company, Wayfair is a good example.  You need a lot of traffic for those like Wayfair and even Amazon.  If you have no sales in 90-180 days you will lose your affiliation.  I see this happening a lot more than you would think and that is because you are encouraged to use Amazon over smaller companies.  Makes sense to me…all the advertising is done for you…

I strongly encourage you to do a bit of your own research once you have a product or products you want to market.    See if you can find companies you can become directly affiliated with.   Trust your own instinct and do your own homework rather than just listening to what others tell you to do.

Questions you might be asking are is it a load of Dung, or can I really make the extra money I am looking for?  And if it is the truth ( it is  ) I don’t know how or where to do this, can I make it work?  
What is the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners and who can be an affiliate marketer?  Can I, me, the newbie really make money?

The other thing I see all over the internet and social media sites are those headlines telling you that you can make 10’s of thousands of dollars in affiliate marketing!   You actually can, just not Every Day of Every Week without knowing anything!

I know, everyone claims they are the best thing since sliced bread, they will do it all for you, ……and that you will be making a boatload of cash from your computer in just days.  Not gonna happen!   That is more than a slight over exaggeration!!   Would you believe that I live in an igloo and I have WiFi and T.V.?  Then don’t believe everything you see on the Internet.  Well, with one exception…ME!  You knew that was coming, didn’t you?  I am telling it as it is and even after being informed that I should not tell the truth.  You want to hear that it is easy and you can do this in your sleep.

If you still want to believe them, I have a freezer to sell you for your igloo with WiFi!phone talking to guy
You can make a decent living in affiliate marketing but you are not going to be earning $10,000.00 in a week.  It does not happen that way.  You are not going to be that little unknown person writing blogs who becomes an overnight sensation!   It takes time, learning, and dedication.  Then and only then it can work!  If it was as easy as they tell you it is and you can do this in your sleep don’t you think everyone would be successful?

affiliate marketing training platforms



You could eventually make $10,000 a month. That is reasonable.  It will take focus, patience and a little help from your friends.




The Big Fairytale

The TREND part here is telling the fairy tale! Big Shot Marketers from Prior Big Shot Company’s teaching you to do the same Big Shot kind of Stuff.  Affiliate Marketing is becoming VERY well known, and yes it really works but be very cautious of these bad boy types as they try and jump on the gravy train.   Caution is Advised!

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most real and down to earth ways to make a living online.  Today, more so than ever before we are seeing people who are retiring soon, are retired, or due to health issues cannot work outside of their homes looking for ways to earn some extra money.   I didn’t like being led down the garden path that led to nothing but empty pockets and I sure don’t want that to happen to you or anyone you know!

It is hard enough to come to terms with the fact that there is not enough money in the living longer part due to circumstances or poor planning without having more added on.  You may have had your career snapped out from under you due to unforeseen health issues.  There are a number of circumstances that could be why you are searching for a way to make that money.

I have had a desire to help change that for as many people as possible.  To guide you away from those people that I swear would throw their grandmother under a bus if it meant another dollar in their pocket.

If I sound mad or angry or frustrated it is because I am.  The good news is more of you are seeing the truth and actually making a real living now.  No more chasing dreams.  It is a reality.  Your reality.

I want to say thanks for stopping by today and if you are in a sharing kind of mood I  would love to hear from you.  So how about you make my day better than it already is with a share or a comment.  I can turn the keyboard over to you if you would do that.  I check often and I promise I will get back to you.  Heck, you can even put in your comment you would like to touch base via email with questions if you like.  The comments box is just below and my social icons are somewhere about on my site.  They are usually found off playing somewhere.  Behavior issues you know. 


Have an Awesomely awesome kind of day!





Merry C

What is The Best Stuff To Sell Online in 2018?


best stuff to sell online


What is The Best Stuff To Sell Online?

How awesome would it be to just pick the best stuff to sell online and then do it?   That’s it.  That is All you have to do!   Well, they say that part is easy so let’s go and do it.  Make a website on WordPress and click save.   Sit on the couch and wait for it all to happen.  Yes, it can!  They said it could on the Internet so it must be true!  Right?  Everything they tell you is the truth online…oh, okay.  Sure.

We get so excited and we are so full of promises and big bank accounts and then……..something happens.   Things fade to grey and the real struggle begins.  There is way, way MORE than just finding the best stuff to sell online!!

The most real thing about online marketing that you will see is that it IS a struggle.  It WILL require all your effort and your focus must be practical and tangible as you push thru.  Sounds a bit daunting, doesn’t it?  Well, It should. This is the part ‘they’ forget to tell you about, and probably with good reason. There is so much more to marketing other than I want to sell stuff online.  If you knew how hard it was going to be, would you have been as eager to get involved so quickly?

Maybe if your Why was big enough, but, only you can know the answer.

I jumped first before finding I want to sell my stuff online

I did that jump!   With both feet and then I checked on the way down to see if there was even water in the pool.  Oops!!  Sold by all the glamour and stories and making money while I slept. YUP, you sure are not alone on this one.  And that is why I like to be a little more transparent.  Sharing the truth Not just what you WANT to hear.

It Gets Easier…I Can Promise that…

I keep on trying cause I want to sell stuff online


If you follow some of the basic and fundamental rules that are part of this learning curve you will come out pretty sparkling clean on the other side.  It is understanding what, where, how and why of it all that is crucial. Just having an understanding of what some of the jargon used on the internet means is important to your understanding how to set things up.

I am not sure if you are just starting out looking for a way to earn some extra money online or if you just came up with the idea that you want to sell stuff online.  Seeing what others are doing is one thing, knowing what to do and how they did that is going to help you get off to a better start.

Having spent a lot of time and dollars trying to figure this out led me to share with you today. I saw so many people, blinded by that shiny headlight syndrome…….the Glitz and the Glam and the promises of money coming your way quickly… only to be disappointed. The costs involved can be huge if you do not know what you are doing.  A lot of places count on the fact that you are new and do not know what to do next.  In order to find the best stuff to sell online, and getting set up can be both easy and difficult.

I think I read somewhere that you could sell baby stuff online and T-shirts were huge but I never thought I could make it work.   It can work and it does work.  But you do need to find the right products and the best place to get them.



That’s it!  Set up a page on FB and I can call it ‘I want to sell my stuff online’.  Others can come and do the same.  Garage selling online! Whoop whoop!! FaceBook pages.



If the curiosity bug has got you thinking there has to be more than those garage sales keep reading.  One of the best things I can tell you about selling anything online is that the costs to get started are minimal. However, if you’re like a lot of people, you’ll be on a shoestring budget so finding the best is a must.  (unless the Garage Sale was hugely profitable )

Best Marketplaces Today

Let’s Look at other platforms to make money online and do a comparison.  Anyone can implement either of these and do well.  We have affiliate marketing and Drop shipping to compare today.  In affiliate marketing the range is wide but your commissions will be lower than in Dropshipping.  That is because the company supplying or carrying the products and shipping them has to be paid as well.  When drop shipping you have 3 entities.   The supplier, you and the customer.

Not in Random Order:


  • Bonanza, a  fast-growing marketplace
  • eBay another well known major marketplace
  • Amazon: A Major Marketplace like eBay, but Cheaper
  • Etsy (as well as Ruby Lane) The Artsy-Crafty Platforms
  • Craigslist The World’s Largest Online Classified Website
  • Shopify and Oberlo
  • Alidropship

I am adding Shopify and Alidropship to our list because they are the most trusted and easiest to understand.  They are very up-front with support and guides for you to learn from.  Think and remember ‘storefront’ and ‘Woo commerce’.  You need to find a trusted source for the suppliers of the products you want to sell.  That is what Shopify and Oberlo, as well as Alidropship, offer you.

Really FREE Marketplaces you can use

Facebook other people’s pages that sell items either personal or any of the others listed above.  Also noteworthy is anyone doing Direct Sales or MLM this is for you as well.  As a matter of fact, anyone doing any selling of anything online needs to

  1.  Have their own website
  2.  Have a Facebook Business Page
  3.  Know how to Brand themselves first, product second.


Local Newspapers online is another great way to get the word out about your products.  Usually, this is a means for selling your own personal items or if you have had a store, you may be selling inventory.

Facebook pages ( your own) call it I want to sell my stuff online if you like or name it as close to your website or storefront as possible.  You want to have your brand stand out and be remembered.

The owner of the ‘page’ on any social site has set rules for you to follow.  Also, a really nice feature for any local or those close by is the purchaser will pick up the item being sold and pay you at that time.

Do you know that some people do the ‘Garage Sale’ type of selling as a business?  Yes, and that can be a good thing for you if your items are priced right.

*****If you are using any platform or online classifieds make sure you have the costs worked out for shipping or let the buyer know they are paying for shipping costs.  This is the totally FREE way to go.  If you are a seller of other items and you do this all the time, ( Dropshipping) I highly suggest your own page so people can view your items clearly.  Make sure you are reachable and cross all your T’s and Dot all you i’s!


This is where it becomes crucial to understand the what, how and why of it all. You need the ⇓best help⇓ getting there.  Here is where myself and a few thousand others have found the knowledge we can use immediately to start selling online.

learn how and I want to sell my stuff online gets easier.






Looking forward to seeing you on the inside of your new future!  You are going to love this journey.   Thousands cannot be wrong.  I almost forgot….comment box is below and I love hearing from readers so feel free to leave a thought or two. Or do the click and share on the social side of things.

Have an Awesome Kind of Day



Best Online Marketing Tips in 2018 are Here!

best online marketing tips

The Best Online Marketing Tips Are Simple

The best online marketing tips that make money are not what you are told!   You can market just as well as some of the best ‘guru’ types if you have

  • knowledge
  • use affiliate marketing
  • have a product or niche first
  • get on board with Google
  • people looking for what you have

The trick is, you need to learn how first.   What You don’t need is some fancy ‘Automated Traffic Machine’ to trick your visitors into joining you nor do you need a lot of money to get started.  You don’t even need some hot-shot ‘funnel system’ that takes your contacts for a real spin then spits them out in the end.  Nope.  Not at all.   You just don’t need any tricks.  I think being honest is your best policy, but I have been told that is not one of the best online marketing tips to follow.

Whaa’t??  You see, it goes like this.  We, you and I, have been told these silly stories for so long that we expect to be told how easy it is, how anyone can do it and you don’t even need a website, and the best is how much money you will make in your sleep.  I fell for it.  I thought that was the way of the Internet!  Wow, did my eyes get opened up in hurry…well, actually my bank account got ‘it’ first!!

So, perhaps being honest is not what you want to hear, but you need too.  I didn’t find my way until after the damage was done.  Wouldn’t you rather see the truth and some transparency before failing 100 times?  Let’s do the ‘assume thingy’ and I will give you the best online marketing tips I could find and then YOU make the decisions.  Sound fair?

My Best Online Marketing Tips in Random Order:


  1.  Traffic
  2.  Products or an idea
  3.  A website.
  4.  Keyword knowledge
  5.  SEO ( you don’t need to know this to use it properly)
  6.  Social Media

It does not have to be complicated or automated when you first start…….maybe not ever.  That depends on your budget and time!  You do need some type of Strategy but we can simplify that here and now.  The other truth is in Affiliate Marketing your budget will stay intact.  Time will be your biggest cost.  Just follow what is the best for you in terms of learning and cost.

Strategy Part A.    (Who) = Traffic 


  1.  WHO to Market to or who you want to attract to YOU
  2. Identify their Needs and how you can address those
  3. How you will Be Mr.or Mrs. FIX IT to offer a solution to #2

By the way, all of the above #1, #2, #3 are called a niche in the simplest form to understand.

Strategy Part B.    (Keywords)

easy marketing makes money

This is one awesome tool and is available to anyone as well as using the Google Search and what I love using as well is Squirrly SEO.  Click and you will see a post on this topic if you would like more verification.

How Do You Use Keyword Tools?

  1.  Use Keyword research phrases similar to what you offer.
  2.  Google, Ubersuggest, and Jaaxy Jaaxy will offer you 30 searches for free then upgrade.
  3.   Use 10 of the best search phrases and do posts that relate
  4.   Your target market will find You!

When writing your posts or articles do not use keywords just anywhere.  Make sure they fit into your post in the proper places.  Your keywords are really important in your Title or Heading and in the first and last paragraph according to SEO advice.  You can use other keywords throughout your post which may relate as well.  Also, use any external links sparingly.  Your readers nor Google wants to see ‘sales y’ links all over your post or keywords that do not fit with your topic.

Linking to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest can do a lot for sharing USEFUL INFORMATION as well and bringing people back to your site.  Just remember it can be quite the distraction no matter how focused you think you are.  When doing this you should have a business page set up so you won’t be annoying or end up in Facebook Jail!

Use in a Positive Way

Keeping You Visitors Attention

You want to catch your reader’s attention and keep it throughout your post so find some good images that relate to your post and make it a little more fun.  Also, do not use too many links to your affiliate site if you are promoting one.  As an example, my choice for marketing information and training is Wealthy Affiliate.   I would put a link perhaps in the middle of my content and another at the end.  If you crowd your page with too many links and banners it is going to look like spam to any visitors.

You will know when it is a link if it is highlighted.  That is the norm but then again you can also use pictures or banners.  The red Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a link to the best place on the Internet to learn and grow a successful business.

As much as we are led to believe that we need a high converting ‘LEAD CAPTURE PAGE’ it is not always necessary.  It is used to capture information for leads or visitors.  Necessary perhaps for some things just not something to worry about at the beginning of your Affiliate Marketing.

You would be probably be paying for these types of pages if you don’t know how to set it up yourself and then you need a contact form and an Autoresponder to go with it. This is all extra $$ and entirely not necessary as you get up started.  Remember simple is key and the budget has to be there so don’t get more than you really need to start.  This is very important information and can save you time and money.  Starting small saves you $$ later.

Who are Your Readers/Visitors to your Site?

how to find the best online marketing tips

These are the people looking for what you have to help them make a decision or a purchase.  Concentrate more on who your market is and your content.  You want to capture their interest and help them to solve a problem.  This is what affiliates do.  You do not pay or purchase products and it does not cost you anything to become affiliated with a company.  You will want to review a product (s) and compare prices.  Offering this type of personal touch is always better than an automated SYSTEM!  Think about how you felt the last time you landed on a big fancy capture page, no real information just that hard sale!!



Below is where I found the most help from within the community, an opportunity to test for free, and training that was easy to implement and understand.  Everything is laid out in black and white for you.  What you see is what you get!  After trying several others before I found this I do know this is one system the owners Kyle and Carson should be very proud of!  Boom!

easy marketing makes money

It is FREE to try without the required CC first.   No time limit like most have for the FREE to End.  You can stay free and you even get two free websites.  Pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself.  I am pretty happy to be there……….Actually, a LOT happy!!  There is one awesome feature/gift that is offered in your first week only.  It is a choice that only you can make but trust me, it is worth doing.

I have seen and met people from all over the globe who are making steady affiliate incomes.  Some as high as $5,000.00 + a month.  When this is happening, and there are thousands of members something is being done right opposed to the others.  Longevity = success.


I Would love to hear from you!  Do you have a question or a thought to share?  I check in often so will be sure to get back to you.  And guess what?  I don’t have an automated system so you will hear from me and only me.  Looking forward to sharing more and offering help should you need some.

Have an Awesome Day!

Merry C.

The Best Secrets To His or Her Rags to Riches Story!


her rags to riches story

His or Her Rags to Riches Story

His or Her rags to riches story are only real if you listen to the wrong ‘Guru’ type marketers!  Riches being the keyword!!  And Absolute Success of course, if you have the real goods and the best training platform.  These guru types and certain marketer ‘types’ who have developed these secret programs, the ones that can do all the work for you, for the cost of your left arm!  These are the ones who want you to believe her rags to riches story!

I met a few of them, wanted to choke a few when I really found out what was going on and was devastated at how people could so blatantly lie to you.  Recently I saw where one of the ‘so-called’ famous rich and happy respected guru types had just fallen off her proverbial cliff!  You would think I would have felt happy and would be beaming with that big “HA”!! but I wasn’t.  I was relieved in a sense to know that I was right.  That my instincts still worked and relieved that he/she was no longer singing the high notes that come with deception.

If you do a little bit of your own research you will find out that his or her rags to riches story are nothing more than fables and it is not nearly as difficult as they want you to believe.  Why do they want you to think it’s hard?  I can only come up with one concrete answer for that. 

They have something they want to sell you! 

You know the one that makes it so easy a 4-year-old child could do it if you have the money!  First, they show you how hard it is and use some of the internet ‘chatter’ that only seasoned marketers would know and then, they show you the most sought after stunning website that has you falling over your own feet trying to get to it.  Yeah, then they drop the ‘sucked you in’ bomb.



We know that story only too well.  There isn’t enough money left at the end of payday so what do you do now?  Problem is, the only easy button is YOU. The one who can choose to make it hard or easy. Or, make it FUN or just a job.  You, yes you, the one who is going to learn & apply what you have learned to make it easier so you can earn an income much sooner.

Problem is, we buy into their silly programs when really the only easy button is in your mind.  You are the one who can choose to make it hard or easy. Expensive or free.  FUN or just a job.   Stop falling for his or her rags to riches story nonsense!  The only way for you to really win is to show them who is smarter.  You are going to learn & apply, rinse and repeat, so you can finally earn an income with your own online business.


The Glitter Behind Her Rags to Riches Story



Without the Glitter, her rags to riches story would be non-existent!   But if there were a story, it would be that Wealthy Affiliate, also known as WA or the Wealthy Affiliate University is the real story!  Affordable & honest and does exist!  You will not see any of the  ‘in your face’ hype and promises they can’t deliver on in this platform.  Just truth and honesty and learning how!   None of the glitter.  What you see is what you get The most refreshing place I have ever encountered.

They are not drawing you in with fancy lead pages, ONE Time only or Time Sensitive deals.  WA Uses a tactic almost of unheard of by many.   One that is not recognized by those searching or by those who have tried programs and are still spinning that wheel of fortune. The tactics used are:

  • Honesty
  • What You See Is What You Get!
  • No B.S. and have been around since 2005
  • sincere support and caring from the community of thousands of members
  • rules in place so you know the community has no underlying reason to help you

Am I trying to convince you?  Yes, Yes I am.  You see, it’s in your best interest to look at this program and stop paying hundreds of dollars spinning your wheels searching for the secrets to success that don’t exist!  Unless you are really happy doing that of course.  I wasn’t.  I had had enough.

I can honestly say that I wish I had known about this a lot sooner than I did.  Of course, if I had, I guess I wouldn’t have the first-hand knowledge of who and what to avoid.

It is merely a suggestion, and should you choose to wait, it will still be there for you.  Only thing is you will probably want to give yourself a slap upside the head for not looking sooner.  That is a Fact.  Yeah, once again, I know that one!!



 How Do You Make the Money?

You might be wondering how exactly do you make any money?  How do you monetize a blog or website?  The first few times I visited blogs, and saw links or promotions to products I wondered how the heck do you do that?  You must have to be really really good at this blogging thing or you are well known in certain circles. It must be one of those secrets that are hard to learn I keep hearing about.

And because I had no idea what you called it, off the thought went, to the back of my brain where I store ‘stuff for later’.  Well, LATER came and I found out how and where and who you can monetize your blog with.  After, I might add making a decision that this was going to be my last, my very last attempt at any of this!

I think I have Angels.

The coolest thing EVER is the PASSIVE SALES!  Affiliate Marketing IS Passive!  Sales are generally not Passive!  Most sales are what I call AGGRESSIVE.   Party Plan Sales, Recruiting in order to make any really good money, and monthly products you have to buy! Costs that add up to more than you are making.  That is not what I wanted anymore.  And maybe you don’t either.  Only you can answer that for you.


Shall we get down to it?  FIRST THINGS FIRST

Here are a few things for you to consider.  It is an option, as Wealthy Affiliate offers you two FREE websites so you need to have a domain.  A domain if you choose to buy your own is an address where your blog or website resides.  Much like your physical address so people can come and visit.  This is not an absolute must, but it is suggested if you are serious.   Keep it simple and as close to your niche as you can. Like choosing your business name.  Something perhaps that tells people what it is before they even open your page.  EX:  GlutenFreeCupcakes or TheCakeSTore…………. keeping it that simple is what you could call a success secret.

Remember, You can create this with a free site or with your own domain.  Your options are plentiful once you are inside.



It is Called learning

You have to walk before you can run!  You will need to learn how to share content on your pages, articles you have written for others to read.   Facts or interesting finds your readers will enjoy.  Something they are looking for that could help them. 

Recipes, or information on being gluten-free.  Reviews on cooking utensils, muffin tins, your favorite coffee makers.  How to make money online?  How to set up your own blog/website.  I think you probably get the big picture.  You become the Helper, and sharing gets to be so much fun!

Are we on the same page yet?  If not I am going to redirect you right over to my WA site where you can join for FREE ⇐ yes right there and learn these things first hand.  Once again, no damn secrets, no hidden ‘you need to buy this and this and more of that’ either!   As a result, you will learn to earn the right way.



Earning a living with Affiliate Marketing requires that you find affiliate partner programs.  This is where you have the opportunity to monetize your site and set up your home business.  Consequently, every time one of your readers clicks on a banner, text link or photo you have shared on your site and they make a purchase, the sale is yours.   Therefore, calling this outcome, an affiliate marketing sale.  This is really how simple it can be.



The point is, whatever Niche ( something others are looking for) you choose to build your business around, you can find products.  And, with so many companies offering affiliate programs now you can’t lose.  Think about Amazon or Clik Bank.  Even WalMart!   So, you can become an affiliate with them and share products related to your business.  What is especially relevant is that you will be learning how to do this.  It sounds complicated but as you move thru the training, it will become very clear.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Journey in Learning so you can Earn.

Don’t let the big words like ‘Niche’ or Partner programs, building a website or any other technical term scare you.  Once you begin this amazing journey you will smile at your own fears because now YOU will get excited about sharing with others like I am doing with you.  

Final Thoughts and then over to You

In conclusion, I would love to have your thoughts shared in the comments below or perhaps you have questions?  What are your preferences….passive or aggressive Sales?  Have you given any thought to a home business?  Do you know how to get started?

Comments are below and waiting for your eager fingers to start typing AND we love shares and likes and +1’s on Google.

Merry C

“Wishing you an awesome journey in your endeavors.”




Fast Easy Money Online is Yours Today!

fast easy money online

If you believe this ⇑I have A bridge 4sale

I know that seems a little harsh but I keep seeing this kind of nonsense all day long and the only fast easy money online is the green stuff those people behind all the false headlines are making!!

Yes, it is a pet peeve of mine…you guessed that right on the nose.  That probably means you are no stranger to this or you are new to finding an online business that you could do that is the real deal and not some made up fast easy money online story.

I was in both of those situations and believe me I know how easy it is to get ‘sucked in’ for lack of a better way to say it.  We all want to believe these people.  I mean their words seem so sincere…awesome copywriters…and the Internet is fast paced so why couldn’t you earn just as quickly.


The Truth to Fast easy Money online today

Here is the truth.  Some people have genuinely made money pretty quickly online so that is not unheard of.  BUT, those people have a lot of knowledge about how to build a website, do a landing page, SEO, marketing, social media and the list goes on.  Do you have that knowledge?  The majority do NOT.  I didn’t and I fell hard and lost more than I had to spend.  Same story, different day for way too many of you!

And that is why what I would like to do today is be a guiding hand that shows you the best routes to take to find success.  But, before we begin, so much will depend on your knowledge of:

there is no free easy money online

  • The computer
  • Building a Website
  • Finding a Niche

And those are just some very basic things.   SO EVEN having some knowledge will help because you have that basic understanding, but what I am talking about is being just a teensy bit more knowledgeable than that.  And you know, if you think about it, this is what those people rely on so heavily.  The fact that so many do not have the knowledge they need is how they sell you on the fast easy money online routine!

What happens here is so many get lost very quickly and realize they are in way over their heads!  Not only does this play a huge roll in self-confidence flying out the window, but trying to get your money back and cancel any memberships can be a tedious affair.  Most sites are pretty good about that now as their reputation with the e-commerce providers is higher and more at stake than their public reputation.  But it is still a pain while you wait and see if they will honor their word.


What You need to be on the look-out for


I am going to keep this simple and direct as that is the best way I have found when it comes to a trust thing.  

#1.  Are there more ‘shiny objects’ ( this is a syndrome so many of us have had) than simplicity.  Is the page you landed on going on and on and on like Uncle Lester does about his war stories?  Are there stories of loss and failure and living on the street until they were rescued?  

#2  They offer a trial period for a low price of say $7.00 or free for a time period BUT and this is huge my friend…they want you to put your credit card information in advance!!  

#3.  As you move thru the purchase cycle you are offered one, two, and then three more options to spend more money, because you need this to really succeed at a higher rate of speed!  This is what is called an ‘Up-sell’.  

Your role in the online home business arena

Yes, you do play a huge role in all of this and you do have to be responsible.  I know, we don’t like to be hauled up on the carpet but if you want to see some sort of success or find where you can learn this is *****important!

Really pay attention to what you are reading BEFORE you make any decisions.  One you could possibly miss something that is crucial to you having success.  I see this every day where people who are new to this online business world have missed some key points.  

This tells me they are either ‘skim reading’ or not paying attention to what it is that is required of them to be successful.  I am part of a community and training platform where the training is not only very clear and concise but also points out what you will need to do and the steps you need to take to get started.

Once you know you cannot cry foul play or anything when it comes to fast easy money online

If you miss the target folks, especially when it is crystal clear on what it is you get and for what and how much you need to do to reach that level of success you need to take responsibility for the part you played or didn’t play if that fits.  

I know that feels harsh but please trust me here.  If you can take responsibility for your role in your choices and actions or lack of, you will be that much closer to success and be saying goodbye for good to easy fast online money ideas that just don’t work.  The truth is they never did and they never will.  Are there ways around this?  You bet.

Set your goals higher

There is a really fun saying that some of you may know or have heard before.  It is “Go Big or Go Home” and that certainly applies to setting goals and dreams.  The first thing you need to do is ask yourself how much money would I be happy earning monthly?  How much money would I be over the moon happy earning?  

NO!!  Don’t even think that!  Just think about what might be and what would you be seriously happy with.  I like to set my goals a little higher than I know I could reach right away, but not so high that it would be insanely impossible to do!  Here is an example of what I mean:

You have just started training for a new career in sales and marketing.  You know you are good in sales but you do not know your new market yet.  You set one lofty goal of $2,000.00 a week and those over the moon happy goals are triple that!  Remember, you are new to this market and you have a lot to learn.  You Do Not Know What is Involved.

Can you honestly say that you believe these goals are going to be reachable in a short period of time?  Probably not.  Sorry   I know, I know!  All those books tell us to just put out the biggest goal targets ever!  Don’t worry about whether you can achieve this or not, just write it down!   

Here is where it gets interesting.  If your goals are too low there is no challenge to push yourself to higher ground.  If your goals are totally unattainable, you risk quitting on you and your dreams.  What about a more modest goal to start out with and then when you achieve that first goal you set it one step higher?  

To back this up here is another goal target and this was mine so I can tell you honestly it did work.  I was working on a monetary goal for this one but it can be any kind of goal.   On my day sheet calendar, I wrote down in very small letters for only my eyes to see, $100.00.  My target goal was $3,000.00 a month.  Did I expect this to happen right away?  No, most definitely not.  Did I expect it to work at some point?  Yes, I most certainly did.  And I just kept writing it down.  Once I started to see my daily goals being reached I then and only then increased that daily goal to $150.00.

Can you see where and how this can work for you?  Can you see how this could lead to more rather than less or plain just giving up?  I hope so because it can and does happen and not just for me.   When you believe in you and when you have a dream that yes, is bigger than you, and you set realistic targets you can make it happen.

take it to the next level because easy fast money online does not exist

Your Goals are done so what comes next?

Here is where once again you need to be responsible. Nine key points to address.  

  • How much knowledge do you have about getting started online?
  • Do you have enough to set out on your own and build an online business?  Awesome if you do! 
  • Do you have a niche all picked out?  ( WHAT IS A NICHE??? )
  • Do you have enough money set aside for at least 6 months? ( no free is not forever )
  • Where will you host your site? 
  • Is this going to be an authority post with you as an affiliate? 
  • Or, will you be doing a drop shipping style business? 
  • Who will host your website? 
  • Do you have your own domain name?

We have reached a crucial point in deciding which way to go.  Up, down or sideways.  Up would be recognizing what you don’t know and finding out where to learn.  Down is over and out and I am so sorry I scared you today.  Sideways is yup, you have the basics down and you want to choose a different path.  One that still has a learning curve but width basic understanding is being done every day.

It once again comes down to you and your choices.  Here is a post which opens up another possibility for anyone going sideways!    It is a clearer understanding of Drop Shipping and the costs which could be incurred.  There are other routes but this shows two of the most popular as far as researching goes.

Now let’s address that first one.  Up!  When you don’t want to go anywhere else this is where you go.  Don’t let your fears get in the way of action.  Sometimes in life, we just have to dig in and go for it.  Simple as that and here is where you can make that happen.  No, it will not be overnight and it will not be easy money…but it is happening for many so I encourage you to have a look.  It will be worth every minute.

Straightforward and simple approach to what works and the steps you need to take to make it happen.  Doesn’t get much better than this!  Here is what you can expect to see.

  1.  No CC required to join
  2.  2 Free Websites 
  3.  Free is a forever free choice.  Yes, it will be more difficult but it is being done.
  4. One only upgrade offered EVER and all for less than $2.00 per day ( by choice )
  5. Free hosting with your upgrade and up to 25 websites
  6. Training and community support is 24/7 members extra training for you.

What I loved the minute I stepped foot into this platform’s backend was the obvious sincerity of every member.  With rules in place, you can rest assured there are no underlying reasons people reach out to welcome you and offer help and support.  I have been on many and I always found that there was another reason people were saying hello.  Yes, it was to promote their own business to me or their MLM or direct sales offers.  That will not and does not happen here.  What a breath of fresh air.

And of course, as we all know, or should know by now when you come online to do a home business it is about making money.  So why would we even think for a minute in time that there would be no costs involved for us to make a boatload of cash?  Why do we expect others to do all the work for us for Free?  Oh, I know!  It is because for as long as I can remember we have been told that it is free easy money online for anyone!  Wrong.  

You have to put food on the table for your family, correct?  And so do those people who have gone the extra mile to teach us everything they know so we can see success too.  Yes, I agree 100% that some of these people are over-the-top expensive, and that is sad.  But, not everyone is like that.  Here is where I am offering you the perfect opportunity to do a test run and make your own choices based on your needs.

Are you ready to see where this awesome opportunity for you to learn is?  Good.  If you should choose to follow your instincts and have a look I will be sure to welcome you and offer you one more priceless gift should you want to continue on.  You won’t believe this and it goes to show you that not everything that appears too good to be true is!  



Comments and shares are something I look forward too.  Please take a minute and say Hi or share your thoughts, even ask a question or two.   Even better for some who are shy is the quick share via one of our social pages.  Just do a click and go but either way, know you are appreciated.

And that’s all she wrote!     The keyboard is now in your hands.


Merry C.