Making the Change for a Better Internet Experience

Are You Ready To Make The Change for a Better Internet?


Internet experiences can be scarey.  You are seeking out an Online Work at Home Opportunity using the Internet,but who do you trust?  Is the Internet getting better or safer for anyone who wants to make a living from home using this ‘venue’?

Would you want to sign up to an Opportunity AND THEN  find out you need to get another program and then another in order to get websites/hosting, themes, or you need more tools like an auto-responder and others right away?  You just keep ‘needing’ to get more and more to succeed.  Ever noticed this?  Sure doesn’t make it into the best Internet home biz category for many, does it?

It also doesn’t mean that you should not ever think you won’t need the ‘extras’ because you will….but that should be when you are ready. Not in the beginning phase, so you have little to no funds left to continue with.  It is time to change the way the Internet Offers home business.

What Do You think Of Programs that dwindle your money away?

A perfect example is a program my two friends were involved with. I respected them, so thought okay, I will try this. To my horror, I was having to jump hoops like a basketball in training and spend upwards of $150.00 a month when I still didn’t have my feet wet. You Feel Obligated to keep trying but the real truth is…When this happens, panic sets in and you want to flee. Too many stay too long and I think you need not do that. There are better-suited programs for beginners or those that don’t have the extra funds to keep up the pace.

Is It Wrong or Illegal?


No, It does not mean it is wrong or illegal, it just means it is sneaky and scammy and does nothing for you except drain your wallet. Pretty easy to lose focus and get discouraged when this is happening. The sad thing is, it does and still is happening and those poor unsuspecting people who are seriously looking to find more income are the ones getting that rotten taste left in their mouth.

What Can Be Done? What Role Can you Play?

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Don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd and do what feels right for you! Don’t be afraid to say NO THANK YOU. And don’t EVER be in too much of a rush. There are a lot of home biz ideas and even more internet marketing home business’s you can do, so slow down to go fast! Be honest with your readers and offer what you know can help.

If more people started doing what is right for others that are looking to improve their finances things would be a lot different. Do You want to be the one to help others by offering the truth? I do.

I Hope I can Make A Change for Someone Someday!

What I found to be the one that works best for me, my personality, my wallet, and for where I live, is an affiliate marketing home business. I chose this type of business mainly for two reasons.
1. Passive sales
2. Costs are minimal to get started
My biggest cost so far has been my training and hosting which is combined. The training, that I suggest everyone does will save you time, frustration, and money later! One of the best features is the FREE or Member upgrade. Only one upgrade too.  Not five like so many seem to have.  Just the ONE!  If you are just starting out in marketing or blogging and having your own website for any of this, I suggest you find some honest guidance.

What Will Be Your Choices?

It is by my own choice not to stock or carry products, or sell personally to friends and family. I love that I have no pressure and no push to advance to the next level or sponsor others. I just love doing it for me, by me and sharing with you. If you want to learn affiliate marketing online there is a program I highly recommend and it is free to get you up and running with all the training you need to learn how to do affiliate marketing online.

My # 1 Shout Out Today and Everyday is Right Here!  Click here and see for yourself.

I Am Dead Serious!

I am serious about the competition! You will be like a fish landing on a beach at low tide unless you have help that comes along. In the case of the fish, you can throw it back into the water. In the case of YOU trying and trying, it would be for me to direct you to the best places you can learn and grow. You see, this is all real. It is all possible and people just like you ARE in fact making a living from the comfort of home! No, not overnight. No, not from 0 to $10K in 5 days and certainly not while you do nothing. None of that works.
( Ever had one or 10 phone calls about “How you can make thousands of dollars in just a few weeks”? Yup, you have it. A system that is pure nonsense. Just click 9 and hang up.)
It will take work, and patience not to get ahead of your britches, Online Internet BootCamp because you do have to learn! But the best part is if it is right for you, it will be more fun than work. That is what it is supposed to be about. Are you ready to learn?  Are You Ready to Trust Me?  Join me here for your FREE Start.

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8 thoughts on “Making the Change for a Better Internet Experience

  1. Luna says:

    An excellent post, I can see that you intend to make a difference in someone’s life. I am hoping that your readers will see the need to sign up with an honest program and try to avoid the many scams online. Wealthy Affiliate offers dynamic training, the best online.
    We can all benefit from authors like you who go all the way out to present the facts.
    Good Read!

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Luna. I do really intend to help others and show them there is a way to do this. And thanks to finding WA it makes it so much easier. Thank you again.

  2. Andrew says:

    Hey, nice post. Gotta agree that Wealthy Affiliate really is the perfect starting point. There’s no such thing as getting rich quick. It all comes down to hard work and effort.

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much Andrew. It is always nice to hear from your readers. And you are so right. Hard work, effort and one more, Patience.

  3. Nikos says:

    There are so many work from home programs out there that promise to much but deliver almost nothing. They only require from you constant upgrades and to spent more money so in the future you might earn something. Wealthy is a great place to start if you are a beginner and the training is awesome.

    • admin says:

      thank you for sharing your thoughts with us Nikos. I can see with people like you, we might get to see a change in the Internet after all.

  4. Norman Richards says:

    Thanks for shraring your post, your website is well put together and well detailed. Your visitors well benefit greatly from your website. I like how you break it all down and make it same so easy. Thanks again for sharing and have a good day.

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