What is The Best Stuff To Sell Online in 2018?


best stuff to sell online


What is The Best Stuff To Sell Online?

How awesome would it be to just pick the best stuff to sell online and then do it?   That’s it.  That is All you have to do!   Well, they say that part is easy so let’s go and do it.  Make a website on WordPress and click save.   Sit on the couch and wait for it all to happen.  Yes, it can!  They said it could on the Internet so it must be true!  Right?  Everything they tell you is the truth online…oh, okay.  Sure.

We get so excited and we are so full of promises and big bank accounts and then……..something happens.   Things fade to grey and the real struggle begins.  There is way, way MORE than just finding the best stuff to sell online!!

The most real thing about online marketing that you will see is that it IS a struggle.  It WILL require all your effort and your focus must be practical and tangible as you push thru.  Sounds a bit daunting, doesn’t it?  Well, It should. This is the part ‘they’ forget to tell you about, and probably with good reason. There is so much more to marketing other than I want to sell stuff online.  If you knew how hard it was going to be, would you have been as eager to get involved so quickly?

Maybe if your Why was big enough, but, only you can know the answer.

I jumped first before finding I want to sell my stuff online

I did that jump!   With both feet and then I checked on the way down to see if there was even water in the pool.  Oops!!  Sold by all the glamour and stories and making money while I slept. YUP, you sure are not alone on this one.  And that is why I like to be a little more transparent.  Sharing the truth Not just what you WANT to hear.

It Gets Easier…I Can Promise that…

I keep on trying cause I want to sell stuff online


If you follow some of the basic and fundamental rules that are part of this learning curve you will come out pretty sparkling clean on the other side.  It is understanding what, where, how and why of it all that is crucial. Just having an understanding of what some of the jargon used on the internet means is important to your understanding how to set things up.

I am not sure if you are just starting out looking for a way to earn some extra money online or if you just came up with the idea that you want to sell stuff online.  Seeing what others are doing is one thing, knowing what to do and how they did that is going to help you get off to a better start.

Having spent a lot of time and dollars trying to figure this out led me to share with you today. I saw so many people, blinded by that shiny headlight syndrome…….the Glitz and the Glam and the promises of money coming your way quickly… only to be disappointed. The costs involved can be huge if you do not know what you are doing.  A lot of places count on the fact that you are new and do not know what to do next.  In order to find the best stuff to sell online, and getting set up can be both easy and difficult.

I think I read somewhere that you could sell baby stuff online and T-shirts were huge but I never thought I could make it work.   It can work and it does work.  But you do need to find the right products and the best place to get them.



That’s it!  Set up a page on FB and I can call it ‘I want to sell my stuff online’.  Others can come and do the same.  Garage selling online! Whoop whoop!! FaceBook pages.



If the curiosity bug has got you thinking there has to be more than those garage sales keep reading.  One of the best things I can tell you about selling anything online is that the costs to get started are minimal. However, if you’re like a lot of people, you’ll be on a shoestring budget so finding the best is a must.  (unless the Garage Sale was hugely profitable )

Best Marketplaces Today

Let’s Look at other platforms to make money online and do a comparison.  Anyone can implement either of these and do well.  We have affiliate marketing and Drop shipping to compare today.  In affiliate marketing the range is wide but your commissions will be lower than in Dropshipping.  That is because the company supplying or carrying the products and shipping them has to be paid as well.  When drop shipping you have 3 entities.   The supplier, you and the customer.

Not in Random Order:


  • Bonanza, a  fast-growing marketplace
  • eBay another well known major marketplace
  • Amazon: A Major Marketplace like eBay, but Cheaper
  • Etsy (as well as Ruby Lane) The Artsy-Crafty Platforms
  • Craigslist The World’s Largest Online Classified Website
  • Shopify and Oberlo
  • Alidropship

I am adding Shopify and Alidropship to our list because they are the most trusted and easiest to understand.  They are very up-front with support and guides for you to learn from.  Think and remember ‘storefront’ and ‘Woo commerce’.  You need to find a trusted source for the suppliers of the products you want to sell.  That is what Shopify and Oberlo, as well as Alidropship, offer you.

Really FREE Marketplaces you can use

Facebook other people’s pages that sell items either personal or any of the others listed above.  Also noteworthy is anyone doing Direct Sales or MLM this is for you as well.  As a matter of fact, anyone doing any selling of anything online needs to

  1.  Have their own website
  2.  Have a Facebook Business Page
  3.  Know how to Brand themselves first, product second.


Local Newspapers online is another great way to get the word out about your products.  Usually, this is a means for selling your own personal items or if you have had a store, you may be selling inventory.

Facebook pages ( your own) call it I want to sell my stuff online if you like or name it as close to your website or storefront as possible.  You want to have your brand stand out and be remembered.

The owner of the ‘page’ on any social site has set rules for you to follow.  Also, a really nice feature for any local or those close by is the purchaser will pick up the item being sold and pay you at that time.

Do you know that some people do the ‘Garage Sale’ type of selling as a business?  Yes, and that can be a good thing for you if your items are priced right.

*****If you are using any platform or online classifieds make sure you have the costs worked out for shipping or let the buyer know they are paying for shipping costs.  This is the totally FREE way to go.  If you are a seller of other items and you do this all the time, ( Dropshipping) I highly suggest your own page so people can view your items clearly.  Make sure you are reachable and cross all your T’s and Dot all you i’s!


This is where it becomes crucial to understand the what, how and why of it all. You need the ⇓best help⇓ getting there.  Here is where myself and a few thousand others have found the knowledge we can use immediately to start selling online.

learn how and I want to sell my stuff online gets easier.






Looking forward to seeing you on the inside of your new future!  You are going to love this journey.   Thousands cannot be wrong.  I almost forgot….comment box is below and I love hearing from readers so feel free to leave a thought or two. Or do the click and share on the social side of things.

Have an Awesome Kind of Day



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