Best Online Marketing Tips in 2018 are Here!

best online marketing tips

The Best Online Marketing Tips Are Simple

The best online marketing tips that make money are not what you are told!   You can market just as well as some of the best ‘guru’ types if you have

  • knowledge
  • use affiliate marketing
  • have a product or niche first
  • get on board with Google
  • people looking for what you have

The trick is, you need to learn how first.   What You don’t need is some fancy ‘Automated Traffic Machine’ to trick your visitors into joining you nor do you need a lot of money to get started.  You don’t even need some hot-shot ‘funnel system’ that takes your contacts for a real spin then spits them out in the end.  Nope.  Not at all.   You just don’t need any tricks.  I think being honest is your best policy, but I have been told that is not one of the best online marketing tips to follow.

Whaa’t??  You see, it goes like this.  We, you and I, have been told these silly stories for so long that we expect to be told how easy it is, how anyone can do it and you don’t even need a website, and the best is how much money you will make in your sleep.  I fell for it.  I thought that was the way of the Internet!  Wow, did my eyes get opened up in hurry…well, actually my bank account got ‘it’ first!!

So, perhaps being honest is not what you want to hear, but you need too.  I didn’t find my way until after the damage was done.  Wouldn’t you rather see the truth and some transparency before failing 100 times?  Let’s do the ‘assume thingy’ and I will give you the best online marketing tips I could find and then YOU make the decisions.  Sound fair?

My Best Online Marketing Tips in Random Order:


  1.  Traffic
  2.  Products or an idea
  3.  A website.
  4.  Keyword knowledge
  5.  SEO ( you don’t need to know this to use it properly)
  6.  Social Media

It does not have to be complicated or automated when you first start…….maybe not ever.  That depends on your budget and time!  You do need some type of Strategy but we can simplify that here and now.  The other truth is in Affiliate Marketing your budget will stay intact.  Time will be your biggest cost.  Just follow what is the best for you in terms of learning and cost.

Strategy Part A.    (Who) = Traffic 


  1.  WHO to Market to or who you want to attract to YOU
  2. Identify their Needs and how you can address those
  3. How you will Be Mr.or Mrs. FIX IT to offer a solution to #2

By the way, all of the above #1, #2, #3 are called a niche in the simplest form to understand.

Strategy Part B.    (Keywords)

easy marketing makes money

This is one awesome tool and is available to anyone as well as using the Google Search and what I love using as well is Squirrly SEO.  Click and you will see a post on this topic if you would like more verification.

How Do You Use Keyword Tools?

  1.  Use Keyword research phrases similar to what you offer.
  2.  Google, Ubersuggest, and Jaaxy Jaaxy will offer you 30 searches for free then upgrade.
  3.   Use 10 of the best search phrases and do posts that relate
  4.   Your target market will find You!

When writing your posts or articles do not use keywords just anywhere.  Make sure they fit into your post in the proper places.  Your keywords are really important in your Title or Heading and in the first and last paragraph according to SEO advice.  You can use other keywords throughout your post which may relate as well.  Also, use any external links sparingly.  Your readers nor Google wants to see ‘sales y’ links all over your post or keywords that do not fit with your topic.

Linking to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest can do a lot for sharing USEFUL INFORMATION as well and bringing people back to your site.  Just remember it can be quite the distraction no matter how focused you think you are.  When doing this you should have a business page set up so you won’t be annoying or end up in Facebook Jail!

Use in a Positive Way

Keeping You Visitors Attention

You want to catch your reader’s attention and keep it throughout your post so find some good images that relate to your post and make it a little more fun.  Also, do not use too many links to your affiliate site if you are promoting one.  As an example, my choice for marketing information and training is Wealthy Affiliate.   I would put a link perhaps in the middle of my content and another at the end.  If you crowd your page with too many links and banners it is going to look like spam to any visitors.

You will know when it is a link if it is highlighted.  That is the norm but then again you can also use pictures or banners.  The red Wealthy Affiliate is indeed a link to the best place on the Internet to learn and grow a successful business.

As much as we are led to believe that we need a high converting ‘LEAD CAPTURE PAGE’ it is not always necessary.  It is used to capture information for leads or visitors.  Necessary perhaps for some things just not something to worry about at the beginning of your Affiliate Marketing.

You would be probably be paying for these types of pages if you don’t know how to set it up yourself and then you need a contact form and an Autoresponder to go with it. This is all extra $$ and entirely not necessary as you get up started.  Remember simple is key and the budget has to be there so don’t get more than you really need to start.  This is very important information and can save you time and money.  Starting small saves you $$ later.

Who are Your Readers/Visitors to your Site?

how to find the best online marketing tips

These are the people looking for what you have to help them make a decision or a purchase.  Concentrate more on who your market is and your content.  You want to capture their interest and help them to solve a problem.  This is what affiliates do.  You do not pay or purchase products and it does not cost you anything to become affiliated with a company.  You will want to review a product (s) and compare prices.  Offering this type of personal touch is always better than an automated SYSTEM!  Think about how you felt the last time you landed on a big fancy capture page, no real information just that hard sale!!



Below is where I found the most help from within the community, an opportunity to test for free, and training that was easy to implement and understand.  Everything is laid out in black and white for you.  What you see is what you get!  After trying several others before I found this I do know this is one system the owners Kyle and Carson should be very proud of!  Boom!

easy marketing makes money

It is FREE to try without the required CC first.   No time limit like most have for the FREE to End.  You can stay free and you even get two free websites.  Pretty darn awesome if I do say so myself.  I am pretty happy to be there……….Actually, a LOT happy!!  There is one awesome feature/gift that is offered in your first week only.  It is a choice that only you can make but trust me, it is worth doing.

I have seen and met people from all over the globe who are making steady affiliate incomes.  Some as high as $5,000.00 + a month.  When this is happening, and there are thousands of members something is being done right opposed to the others.  Longevity = success.


I Would love to hear from you!  Do you have a question or a thought to share?  I check in often so will be sure to get back to you.  And guess what?  I don’t have an automated system so you will hear from me and only me.  Looking forward to sharing more and offering help should you need some.

Have an Awesome Day!

Merry C.

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