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My Best Home Business Ideas or Are They?

Some of the best home business ideas are closer than you think!  Try looking at you.  A lot of people find that the best ideas can come from something they are passionate about and love doing.  Funny how that goes.  Most of us at one point were looking for what we thought had to be the best home business, don’t you agree?   But they also had to be the easiest we could find, and sometimes the fastest, and OH, they had to be Legit!!  So, then what is it that you are saying?   There are no best home business ideas out there?


what are the best home business ideas?

I appreciate you asking that by the way.  It is hard to know what Really is the best, and which ones to avoid.  The real truth is there are lots that are really really good.  You have to know a couple of things before you begin your search or at least narrow it down a bit.


I know I have fallen into that ‘Dream World’ before and the truth of the matter is it Sucks!  Big Time in fact.  Why?  Because we are told by everyone they are/have the Best Home Business Ideas and you need, no you have to have whatever it is.  Don’t ask questions just sign up and let us show you how.  Show us you are sincere and we will reveal everything on the inside.  We promise!


legitimate home biz offers


First let me say, yes there are certainly some of the best home business ideas that are better than others.  AND it is not necessarily mine or yours.  It is whatever fits best for the individual who is looking.   What works for me, what is comfortable for me may not be the same for you.

I have online friends that I see excelling in their chosen home business and I am so happy for them, but is it for me?  No, it may not be the best home based business for my situation, just as it may not be for you.

On the other side of the coin, not all of them are the best home business ideas you might be proud to share.  Again, something personal, but for a lot of individuals I know, it is the same agenda.

SO Here It Is.

IF you can share what you believe to be, is the best way, for anyone, an honest home business……..and you can stay focused and away from all and any of the thousands of distractions online, then you should come out on top.  It is one of the only ways to achieve success.  You must believe in:

  1. YOU
  2. Your products or service

I don’t care which of the best home business ideas any one of us try.  If we don’t have the focus, I mean a bit of tunnel vision here, and if you are not passionate about your product or service then success will be difficult to achieve.

stop dreaming and get focused on your best home business ideas

You have to do Whatever it Takes.…… got that right?  WHATEVER it takes.  You must believe, learn as fast and as best you can and Run with it.  Put yourself out there and you don’t give a thought to what others think.  Do Not be willing to sell and convince others that this is what they need.  Their thirst for success is possibly just not as strong as yours, so you move on.  That is how it is done!  Stop with the convincing tactics!  Stop thinking everyone wants and needs YOUR product!  They don’t.


The Best Kept Secret

Most think they have to have computer knowledge to do a home business but you can be taught everything you need to know.  And the best-kept secret?  Drum-Roll Please!!!  It’s not difficult.  It is not anywhere as difficult as some want you to think!  It is just usually in their best interest to keep you in the dark.

Now for a different kind of Legitimate Home Biz you might just want.  One that could fit your lifestyle and your budget better than others.  <Kind of a novel idea.>  A business you Love doing and that the only rules are put in place by you.  A business that is a perfect fit for YOU.  Not everyone, just YOU.

Others might like the concept behind your home business but theirs would be for them and what they love to do.  “Sounds a little off the wall…,  how do you make money then?  I am not an inventor or crafty kind of person.”  Not a problem, you don’t have to be.  That is what is so cool about this kind of a home business concept.  You can be that person, or you can be you.  Simple.



I am a little confused.  I don’t get it!   How I can make money if I’m not selling stuff to anyone and everyone that I believe needs it?  Great Question.  That is the cool part of this.  You don’t have to do that Hustle!!  Not required unless that is your nature.  You know, ⇓Selling the ‘Dream’ ⇓to anyone who will listen.


Trust me Dude. Just trust me!


legitimate home biz


What you will do instead is to get a WordPress Site, & a paid or free theme.  You will choose a Niche which is really a group of people looking for what you have that they DO need.  Here is an example that might help.  Let’s say you love gardening and you have hundreds of ideas to share.  That is what you would do.  And No, you don’t need to be a copywriter or writer period.  Just be you.

Site Rubix FREE!

Now, this is really something to think about.  You can get a free Site Rubix domain ( actually you can get 2) over at the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.  This is just the best part of everything.  You see you can also learn everything you need to learn to get started and build your own site FREE.  Yup.  Actually, you can stay free as long as you like, and keep your free domain forever if you like.  This is for real


So much fun to get free and the best home business ideas




I know!  How much fun would that be?  Then once you get your site going with pictures and information you can go to Amazon, Commission Junction etc. and become an affiliate.  You put a logo(s) on your site which is embedded with a special code so when someone clicks on it and makes a purchase you get paid!  BOOM!     legitimate homebiz









Simple like learning your ABC’S.  Yes, it really is and that is the part I loved!   See, I am sharing with you something I love doing.  The truth is when U have been stung so many times, hung out to dry, or left on your own to figure things out it is not fun.  Sometimes we just make a mistake and join something that was not what we thought it was.  I want to be sure I might be able to save someone else from all that.

I hope this might help someone else find what is their ‘fit’.  You can find out more information below and by the by……….FREE is FREE here.  NO CC to sign up!

legitimate home biz



The owners are active and present through the training and the community is there to welcome you and help you figure things out.  Is this the real deal?  Yes, it really is and you can research it, google it and what you will see is mostly top 5 rankings anywhere.



Kyle and Carson⇓ are Co-owners and they live in beautiful Victoria B.C. Canada.  I was ready to give up until I googled looking for a legitimate home biz.  I am so over the moon happy I did!

legitimate home biz training

legitimate home biz training


Oh, hold up a second……….Did I tell you WA is Free?   You can upgrade if you want, but I suggest you test the waters first, then upgrade if you choose.  Okay?    Right, the link so you can see it with your own eyes.  



Over to you now for your thoughts or more questions.  I always check in so will see your questions and will get back to you asap.  You can also share some love via one of our social icons as well.  The choice is always yours.  Let me know in my comments below.  It really Does make my day better when you do.  OR, click on one of the social icons and share some love with others.

Thanks and have an awesome day!

Merry C






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