What is the Best Free Website Builder for Internet Marketing?

Finding the Best Free Website Builder is crucial to Sales Online

It is not going to be anything like ‘they’ have told you!   Nope!  No friends and family lists of 100’s+ and no cold calling or making friends on facebook just so you could sell them something.  I know you don’t mean to intentionally do that, but it happens when the pressure is on!  And isn’t it always on in Sales?

Alright, so you have already started a home business in Direct Sales or MLM (pretty much the same) and you have run through your warm market ( friends and family) like a hot potato in your glove-less hand!
NOW, WHAT?   You need to find the best free website builder, that’s what!

Oh, you think social media should work?  Right, everyone else is doing that, you should give it a go too! Wrong!!  Every direct Sales company and MLM can be found on Facebook.  I guarantee that, so your ‘standing out from the rest’ would be how again?  Yes, that is my point.

Doing it the same way that didn’t work for you before needs to be done with.  You need to have your own website.  Do I?  Yes, you do and you can find the best free website builder that is easy to use so no more excuses accepted by you.

You know that social media won’t work much better than your warm market and now you know what you can do to change that.  And if chatting it up with strangers is not quite where you are at yet…….yup, you can fix that as well.

I have the best-free-website-buider
There is something so crucial that everyone, well almost everyone, is missing. It is NOT your product you should be ‘putting front and center’…..It is NOT your company either.   It is YOU!   Yes, you need to be branding you. And that is why it is imperative for you to find the best free website builder.  Do you think for a minute it would be easier to sponsor others into your business if you could show them alternate methods of getting sales?   Hmmmm…….could be a YES!

Why Should I find the best free website builder?


There are a couple of good reasons for the free builder.  One, you could already be paying for that site the company has for you and the back office.  You kind of need the back office so if they are separate that might make this easier for you, but most are hooked together and the cost does not change for you.

I know, You may think because you have a company website you don’t need anything else but that would be incorrect.   You DO! Simple as that. How can you brand you through your company website?  How can you be seen as the expert or the go to Guy or Gal?

You are in a business with thousands of other reps and while having a nice website all done for you, it doesn’t change the fact that you are among the thousands of others using the exact same one.  What is it that will make you stand out from the rest?  YOU!  Branding YOU!


Whew, glad we got that cleared up.  So how are you going to go about this?  I hear you…….little money left for the extras, which makes finding the best free website builder with more extras than anyone else Huge!!

You don’t know how to even begin setting up a website, and you have a company M.L.M site you already pay for….. I have a couple of solutions you can try and the FREE is real. No strings attached. No CC required.   So if you choose to have a look, you can relax on those money worries.  Take a test drive right here ⇓ if you like.

 Let’s look at Social Media.…….

You are already there so let’s make it better. You need to create a business page on Facebook and stop using your personal profile.  Your business page is where you can post information that your readers can benefit from.  Depending on your Niche ( that would be your product in this case or what you have to offer a group of people who are looking) EX: Age Defying Skin Care.  Who is your audience?  If you know this before you create your page your set up will be that much faster.

Creating this page is easy and you want to be sure your name is something close or relevant to what you will be sharing information on and that people will remember. I am going to talk about your second option next and your page name should if possible, be related to this as well.

Other than Facebook you want to look at Twitter for sure and even Instagram if you are good with the picture thing. If not, YouTube is another hot option. Add a video to your biz page or to your second option coming up.

#2. Here it is

Probably 10 times more effective than facebook and other social media outlets. Partly because you are going to be able to link to your social media right from here and your posts will show in your feed for your business site.
What in the world am I talking about? I am talking about setting up that website or blog we talked about earlier, where you can build on YOU. Where you can Brand YOU and people will know who you are and respect what you have to say.

learning how to blog comes with the best free website builder

I didn’t know how to do this either.  I actually thought it was really HARD!   I even thought my M.L.M Company website I was paying for was good enough.  But when I started learning that it was Me I needed to brand and then finding what I think is the best free website builder, it started to come together.  That feeling I had about it being hard was leaving my mind and I started to see things in a new light.

learn at the best free website builder online





Here is where you can set up your blog or website………and free means free…….unless you see the potential in an upgrade.


I am getting ahead of myself but what I want you to see is that it is easy to do and whether you have your own product or someone else’s this is the best way to get noticed.  You can be an affiliate marketer or you can be in M.L.M or Direct Sales.  Here it is all the same.

The Wealthy Affiliate University Changes Lives

The training is first class and they make it so easy to follow and implement. What I never thought I could do, I am doing.  I struggled for so long in M.L.M the other way, the make your list way, and I know there are so many others still struggling so I wanted to suggest how to do it better.  A way where the struggle got lost and it became fun for me.
I also took a lot of training courses over that time period but nothing was as profound as Wealthy Affiliate University. My biggest shout out goes to these guys.  And I don’t think that is going to change anytime soon.team of experts helping with the best free website builder


This little button below says more than I can.  If you want You to be your most precious real estate, then here is where you want to learn how to put you front and center.  Click and Go…………..

best free website builder is here.


The keyboard is yours to play with as you wish.  Like and share?  Oh, that would be awesome or leave a comment, ask a question?  You are really safe I hate spam as much as you do, so shall we do this?  Okay, go be awesome and then have yourself an even awesomer kind of day!


Merry C



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12 thoughts on “What is the Best Free Website Builder for Internet Marketing?

  1. Irma says:

    Thank you for posting this Merry!
    I started out with a free website from Wix, but it was complicated getting it to look right. The choices for themes was minimal and while it may have been a breeze to set up by someone familiar with web design, it was not like that for me.
    So I went to WordPress dot com, which i did not realize at the time was NOT the same as the WordPress.org website. As soon as I got my website set up, I could see the ads and it was ugly. I got the code from the dot org site, but did not know what to do with it!
    I was very frustrated, and was then considering whether I could get by with a basic web design course, but of course there are no basic courses that are not expensive! I just wanted a blog, just to see if I really wanted to do blogging!
    Enter SiteRubix! I really did have a website built in no time flat. A REAL website. Nothing cheesy, but a very professional looking website! I get compliments on it all the time, and it is FREE!
    I recommend SiteRubix to everyone!

    • Merry Conner says:

      I know!!! I love it and I too love sharing about ways to help ourselves help each other. It truly is one hefty tool we have at our fingertips. Wishing you all the best

  2. Lucas1337 says:

    Hi Merry, this was a really good read thanks a lot. Your points about building your own brand was an eye opener to me haha. It does seem like those who make it big would have somewhat of a fame to their name. With all that said I can see how a website can help this as well. It’s cool that you showed us a free website builder too ! I’ll try it out since I don’t have to pay 😀

    • Merry Conner says:

      Thank you for your kind words today and taking the time to leave them. At some point, when you know you are committed and that you have found your own online business you will have learned what it really takes. ( And I am not talking money yet.) So many people have it backward and that is an easy thing to do. Wishing you the best in all your endeavors.

  3. Norman Richards says:

    Hello, and thanks for sharing, wealthy affiliate is so awesome the program that we have at our finger tip is simply the best. I am so happy that I am a part of this community that has a such an amazing program. Thanks again for this awesome information.

    • Merry Conner says:

      It is awesome and that may sound cheezy but at least our cheez is real!! Anything worthwhile comes with a lot of work and once we get that handled, we are doing what we need to be doing. Thanks for your visit!

  4. Sarjan says:

    Hi great post thank you !!!

    I’m right now in the online marketing and have been and still are in the MLM, so your post gave me a few ideas for my MLM and how to connected with my online business, thanks a lot!!! That was help full !!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Sarjan it is always nice to know you gave someone an idea they can use. Please feel free to share with any of your team.

  5. Henry says:

    I always had a dream to own my very own website.
    Got all the desire in the world to make it happen.. but I had no idea how to start one.

    My initial plan was not even to monetize this website but to simply have one.
    Then Wealthy Affiliate happened..
    Now I have both of these!

    Thank you for introducing Wealthy Affiliate, it’s just incredibly beginner friendly.
    Free website, free hosting, free training..
    Can it get any better than this?

    • admin says:

      It doesn’t get any better Henry. Thank you for sharing today. I want as many people as possible to see what Wealthy Affiliate offers compared to so many other programs that cost you 4 and 5 times more. Stop by again……it is great to have visitors.

  6. Emmanuel says:

    Great review,

    Owning a website is no brainer, I call it your personal asset and Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start and create your own for sure.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for confirming that Emmanuel. It really is a personal asset and so many in MLM miss it entirely and just keep spinning their wheels. I know I did for a long time then I found THE Better way Wealthy Affiliates. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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